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The All-in-One Parenting Protection You Must Have


24/7 Remotely Safety Monitoring

  • Screen Mirroring

    Get the shared screen from your kids' phones, which can stop them from potential risks in real-time.

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  • Sync App Notifications

    Synchronously receiving the applications notifications from your kids' phones, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

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  • Remote Camera

    Remotely turn on the kid's rear/front camera to ensure your kids' safety without following them anywhere, anytime.

  • One-Way Audio

    Listen to the environment through the microphones of your kid's device. When necessary, you can even record the voice of the kid's side for future use.

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Screen Mirroring Sync App Notifications Remote Camera One-Way Audio

Block & Detect Harmful Content

  • Web Safe Search

    Effectively block harmful websites with our powerful filtering system, remotely monitor your children's browsing history to become their digital guardian.

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  • App Blocker

    One-click to block or restrict specific inappropriate apps and new apps. Avoid cyberbullying and online fraud, as well as stay focused.

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  • Social Content Detection

    Set up keywords on AirDroid Parental Control to detect harmful content on social media like TikTok, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, X, Snapchat, Discord, etc. It enables an alert function when your kids are potentially facing dangers and cyberbullying.

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Web Safe Search App Blocker Social Content Detection

Instant Location Tracking

  • Real-time Locator

    See your child's real-time location at any time on the map, find a lost device, or coordinate a pickup.

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  • Route History

    View kids' location history by timeline. Learn about the places your kids have been frequently.

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  • Geofencing

    Set up geofencing around the school, a park, grandma's house, etc., and get alerts when your child enters or leaves these zones.

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Real-time Locator Route History Geofencing

Time Limit Scheduling & Supervision

  • App Time Limits

    Set available time limits or timespan for distracting social media, and entertainment apps to help kids stay focused, blocking access after a set time.

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  • Screen Time Limits

    Set screen control timers to automatically disable apps when the screen time limit is reached.

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App Time Limits Screen Time Limits

Safeguard Your Kids All-Around with Ease

  • Activity Report

    Get full details of kids' daily/weekly phone usage and their favorites from an intuitive dashboard. Reasonably adjust your settings to prevent children from digital addiction.

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  • Instant Alerts

    Get real-time alerts of low battery, device offline, when your children try to open blocked apps or games, and reach/leave geofences.

Activity Report Instant Alerts
We're Here to Help with Your Concerns
Challenge of Personal Security
With 460,000 children going missing each year in the United States alone, and the rise of secretive online communication, keeping your child safe has never been more challenging. No matter how hard you try, you simply don’t have the time and energy to follow their every move. We're here to help.
Massive Online Information & Cyberbullying
Cyberbullying is an anonymous, all-consuming, and potentially deadly occurrence on the dark side of social media which can result in a sharp deterioration in anxiety, depression, and suicide in the most extreme cases. Your child may be surrounded by potentially significant risks anytime. We're here to help.
Uncontrolled Addiction & Distractions
Over 90% of children aged 7-12 are online regularly on their own devices. While this allows them to learn and have fun, it also connects them with millions of highly addictive games, apps, and other forms of content. The destructive effects of an uncontrolled digital addiction affect all aspects of their lives. We're here to help.
Worry about Physical & Mental Health
The COVID-19 pandemic and the global digital revolution have created a storm that's pushing children to sit in front of screens for hours and hours every day. Your child can be experiencing endocrine disorders, suppressed appetite, immune response degradation, and other undiagnosed issues. We're here to help.
AirDroid Parental Control helps you prevent any potential big risk around your kids anytime.

Complete Family Protection in 3 Easy Steps

Hear Voices from Parents

AirDroid Parental Control is like the Swiss Army knife of my parenting toolbox. I find a new benefit of having it constantly. It's the most helpful tool I have in keeping my teenagers safe and helping me stay in the know with their crazy world of technology.

Everyone at least once should try this app AirDroid Parental Control because this is the best app I used ever. It provides a real-time location for your kids, and you can check if they are studying or using the phone. You can set the time limit, and after the time is over, the phone will get locked. It is possible for busy parents to gain peace of mind and save time.

My son used to be addicted to playing games after school each day. And I found AirDroid Parental Control by accident, and I use it to set a specific time for game playing on my son's phone. He now will do some outdoor sport before going home, I'm so happy about that!

This is the best app I've found so far, it has everything I need and has features that even allow me to remote into the camera and microphone of the devices I control. It helps ensure safety from all angles.

The experience was outstanding. With AirDroid Parental Control app, I can easily monitor my child's activity no matter wherever I am. Very flexible with easy GUI and advanced tracking options. To put it simply, I love AirDroid Parental Control.

Wow! Really delighted I found this app. Had been looking for ways to effectively monitor my boys' activities on their phones, and this app has made it easy. Kudos to the developers.

What I loved most about the app is the ability to set up a geo-fence which immediately alerts me when my son goes to a region that I have marked as a no-go-zone.

You don't need to be tech-savvy to operate it, the process is super easy. I have been using other parental control apps but I was always worried as the icon is easily visible. However, when I opted for this app, I realized the icon is 100% undetectable on the home screen after you have installed it. So nice!

My daughter has fallen victim to cyberbullying on several occasions. I came across this app and my daughter's life changed for the better. I can now keep an eye on her, check the message she receives, and advise her accordingly. She can't now keep any information from me. The app helps me monitor files from WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and many more.

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