The beginning

Like many garage startups during the college days, before becoming a company in 2011, Sand Studio was born out of a vision to change the world with innovative technologies.

Mobile devices in the PC era

2011 was the turning point for the entire world to move from the PC era to mobile internet. We were inspired by the exciting transformation and the endless possibilities, but we also saw the growing chasm between PC and mobile. The world was moving towards mobile and it quickly took over many aspects of our everyday lives, including social media, photography, entertainment, and even at work. We started to have applications built only for the mobile platforms, but yet we still couldn’t live without PC, especially for productivity and in work capacity. We were forced to switch between two different platforms and had compatibility challenges. So we decided to build an application that doesn’t require us to install anything on the computer (Windows/Mac/Linux), nor do we need physical cables and drivers. Instead, people were able to use just a browser on the computer to wirelessly connect to the mobile device and perform everyday tasks like sending text messages, make phone calls, check call logs, manage multimedia files, receive notifications, and even control it remotely. This application became the popular productivity app that we know today – AirDroid, an innovative application that lets you easily manage your Android devices from a web browser.

The birth of AirDroid

We first launched AirDroid at the end of 2011, which quickly became one of the top productivity apps on the Google Play Store in many regions, averaging more than 4 stars ratings, and receiving praises and award recognitions from media around the world. Even today, we are constantly trying to take feedback and improve the experience of AirDroid to make sure that it continues to serve the needs of our users. Along the way, we saw the rising need of remote control and remote assistance that led us to create more products and solutions, including AirMirror, AirDroid Remote Support, AirDroid Cast, and AirDroid Business.

Introducing AirDroid Business

AirDroid Business and AirDroid Remote Support for Business are business solutions created by Sand Studio to serve the needs of organizations across different industries. We have seen rapid adoption of mobile devices and technologies in the last 10 years, providing businesses around the world with productivity and efficiency that dreamed for. But imagine your company having hundreds even thousands of Android devices deployed in every corner of the cities, device malfunctions and service crashing could lead to unexpected downtime for the entire business. As organizations are eager to transform the way they provide services to customers in a global environment, frequent misuse of mobile devices, apps and services has made supporting mobile workers and remote devices ever more difficult and resource demanding.

Helping businesses stay efficient in the mobile era

Different from the remote access software like TeamViewer, AirDroid Business offers a full-fledged device management solution in addition to robust remote control. Businesses and organizations need to have the capabilities of device and screen monitoring, app management and distribution, as well as restricting devices. We can’t imagine that you are only finding out issues long after they had happened and spending hours trying to find out what the root cause was.

AirDroid Business can help businesses anticipate and prevent malfunctions from happening through our status dashboard, alerts, reporting and logs to monitor in real-time. You can also lockdown your devices to allow only the necessary apps and services to reduce IT workload. When there is a new feature update or security patch, you can use Application Management Service to strategically plan your rollout in stages to secure the process and minimize risks. Everything can be done remotely without your IT team needing to be onsite or any manual assistance.

We at Sand Studio are dedicated to helping our users and customers achieve their productivity and business goals every day. Contact us to discuss your product needs, partnership, media relations, and support.