How to Read Whatsapp Messages from Another Device

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You can read WhatsApp messages from another device, whether your chat or others' messages. With over 100 billion messages being sent daily on the instant chat app, they include contents that beg scrutiny. Hence, software developers have device means to read WhatsApp messages, especially from another device. That way, when you are reading WhatsApp messages, the other device is not affected, and the owner may not know.

read WhatsApp messages from another device

There are three ways in this article that you can use to read WhatsApp messages from another device. These methods are primarily based on WhatsApp features; hence they work for Android and iPhone devices.

Method 1. Read Other’s WhatsApp Messages on Android via WhatsApp Sync App

AirDroid Parental Control is a WhatsApp and social media syncing app for parents. They can use it to read WhatsApp messages for free on their Kids' devices. Furthermore, you can use our third-party software to monitor your kids' and family members' physical and online activities.

AirDroid Parental Control

These incredible physical and online features and benefits of AirDroid Parental Controls are highlighted below.

  • Sync WhatsApp incoming messages to another device
  • Show the live screen of another device to read WhatsApp messages in real-time
  • View your daily phone activities on WhatsApp and make a sensible schedule
  • Remotely monitor Your Kid's Phone Surroundings
  • Find your loved ones whenever your need

Method 2. Check WhatsApp Messages with QR Code

Every WhatsApp has a unique QR code. This code is how you can transfer information about an account from one device to another. For instance, you can set up WhatsApp Web on your PC with the QR code of your device. Here is how to use this method.

Step 1. Open the WhatsApp profile on your device. For iPhone, it is at the bottom-right corner of the screen. For Android, it is the hamburger icon at the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 2. Click on WhatsApp Web/Desktop on the settings screen.

Step 3. Go to your Mac or PC and launch the website on your computer web browser.

Step 4. Scan the QR code on your computer screen with the camera feature on your WhatsApp mobile device screen.

Read others WhatsApp messages with QRcode

Step 5. Adjust the phone until it scans the QR code. Then, WhatsApp will load on your PC, and you can read WhatsApp messages from it.


It is a free method.

WhatsApp media download is pretty easy from different devices.


You need the phone where the account is active to set it up on other devices.

It is restricted to only PC.

Method 3. Restore Other’s WhatsApp Backup

Depending on your WhatsApp setting, your messages are backed up. By accessing this backup, you can restore it as readable messages on your PC or a mobile device like Android or iPhone. Hence, you must ensure that your account has cloud and local backup. Follow this path on your account to confirm that the cloud backup feature is on; WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.

Once there is a backup, you must install WhatsApp with the account's phone number on another device. WhatsApp will automatically restore the messages of that account from cloud storage.

restore others WhatsApp backup

However, if you are using Android phone, you can copy the local backup to the new phone if there is no cloud backup. That way, WhatsApp will automatically restore the messages from the local backup.


It has no limited number of places where it can be restored.


The process is longer.

It can only work when the other device is offline; else, it will override it.

Should I Read Other’s WhatsApp Messages

Reading others' WhatsApp messages will help you watch out for them. For instance, kids are prone to social vices like bullying, addiction, scam, etc. Additionally, you can read spouse or employee messages to find out a secret about them.

Final Thoughts

Reading WhatsApp messages from another device will help parents get a hold of what their children her doing on the app. Also, an employer can find out how the company's top secrets are leaking by reading employee WhatsApp messages from another device. There are many other instances and importance of reading WhatsApp messages from another device. To do so, you can use our sync app, AirDroid Parental Control. You can also scan the unique QR code of the account or restore the backup of the account.

Hottest Question Related to Check WhatsApp Messages 

Q 1. Can You See WhatsApp Messages on Another Device?
Yes, you can see WhatsApp messages on another device. There are three methods in this article that allows you to perform this function.
Q 2. Can Someone Read My WhatsApp Messages Without My Phone?
Yes, if they have access to your WhatsApp local or cloud backup. With your WhatsApp backup, they do not need your phone to read your WhatsApp messages.
Q 3. How Can I Read WhatsApp Messages Without the Other Person Knowing?
You can read their WhatsApp messages without knowing when you install a sync app on their device. You can also link their WhatsApp account to your device. Lastly, having access to their backup works very well.
Q 4. How to See My Partner's WhatsApp Messages?
You can see your partner's WhatsApp messages with our sync app. AirDroid Parental Control lets you see what your partner sends to others on WhatsApp.
Q 5. How Do I Link Another Person to My WhatsApp?
Using the unique QR code feature, you can link another person to your WhatsApp.
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