Part 1: Install and Register on the Parent's End

Get started with AirDroid Parental Control by first installing and registering an AirDroid account on the parent's device.

Step 1 Download AirDroid Parental Control on Parent's Device
Directly search for AirDroid Parental Control on Google Play or App Store to download it. You can also download the app by clicking the icon or scanning the QR code at the top of the page.
Step 2 Register an AirDroid Account
Install and launch AirDroid Parental Control on your devices. You will be directed to the sign up page. If you have already registered an AirDroid account, please click Sign in.

sign up page of AirDroid Parental Control

Part 2: Tie Up Your Kid's Device

We have created a YouTube video to help you understand this guide better and faster.

Video Tutorial: How to Set Up Parental Control for Your Kid's Android Phone

Below are the detailed steps to tie up your kid's device, which will also show on the parent's device.

Step 1 Download and Install AirDroid Kids on Kid's Device
Enter the following URL in a browser on your child's Android device to download AirDroid Kids. You may also copy the URL and transfer it to your kid's mobile device.
Open the APK file to install the app. Becuase AirDroid Kids is not on the Google Play Store, there may be prompt security warning about installing apps from "unknown sources" on some devices.

prompt when install

To continue installation, tap on Settings > toggle on Downloads from Unknown Sources or something similar that contains "Unknown Sources."

search unknown in Setting

Now you can go back to the app and continue with the installation.
Step 2 Tie Up Kid's Devices
Open AirDroid Kids on your child's device after installation.


  • Please click Done and open it by click the blue "open it" on the screen in case of the Open icon is greyed.
  • open AirDroid Kids

  • You can also use the below ways to find AirDroid Kids icon and open it.
Enter the binding code to bind the child's device. The pairing code has nine digits which will show on the window of the parent's app.

pairing code

Tap OK to start parental control or click Bind next to tie up more devices. You can also tap the Add icon to bind more devices next time at the upper right corner of your dashboard.

add kid's devices

Step 3 Set up AirDroid Kids
Please follow the on-screen instructions to grant the necessary permissions.
Tap "Hide and continue" after the setup is completed. It will be better to set up keepalive setting to make AirDroid Kids keep running. Tap Done after finishing the setting.

Keepalive Setting

Cannot Find AirDroid Kids Icon?

If you can't find AirDroid Kids on the home page of your child's device, refer to the following steps to open it.

Method 1. You can enter *#*#247543#*#* on the dial pad of your child's device to open AirDroid Kids. Please note this method is only available on some devices.

Method 2. Enter the following URL in a browser on your child’s device to open AirDroid Kids.

Part 3: Start Parental Control

Ensure your kid's digital activities are balanced and risk-free with the reliable AirDroid Parental Control solution.

Activity Report


  • Check the daily and weekly phone usage details in a timeline format.
  • Receive information about the most used apps. You can also know how long and when they were used.
  • See how many notifications each app has received.
  • Learn which app has used the most data and how much it has used.
  • Free to check the activity report of any date within 30 days.


Step 1. Tap Today's Event at the top of the dashboard. 

Today's Event

Step 2. Choose whether you want to see a Daily or a Weekly report. The Daily report is the default. You can also swipe the chart left and right to check the activity report of the previous or next day.

Step 3. Scroll to view Screen Time Usage, Most Used Apps, Number of Notifications, or Data Usage.

Screen Time Usage

Check when and how long the device has been used. You will know what kinds of apps have been used most. You can also set screen time limits here.

Screen Time Usage

Most Used Apps

Swipe left and right to check the screen time usage of the previous or next day. 

Click Screen Time Limits to set screen time or timespan limits.

Number of Notifications

Check how many notifications the kid's phone has received.

Know the name of frequently-notified apps and the times they received notifications.

Click the app name to read the notifications the app has received.

Cellular Data Usage

Find out the cellular data usage of a kid's phone on a specific day. 
Check which apps have used data and how much they have used.

Usage Limits


  • Block all apps with one tap by using the Disable All Apps feature.
  • See how many notifications any app has received.
  • Set up a screen time limit for the devices.
  • Set up a time limit for an app and block the app when the limit is reached.
  • Set up Smart Schedule to block a chosen app or disable the phone during a particular time.
  • Customize the allowed apps list.

Tap Usage Limits on the dashboard. Click See More in the upper right corner to see the Screen Time Usage report. Tap the switch with Disable All Apps or Forbid New Apps to block all apps or new installed apps.

How to Set Screen Time Limits

Step 1. Click Screen Time Limits and then tap Add limits. Tick Available Time Limits or Timespan Limits as you like.

Step 2. Suppose you want to set the same timespan limits every day, tick Timespan Limits, type in the Limits Name and tap Enable Limits, tick Every Day, and set available time limits or the start & end times.

set screen timespan limits

If you want to customize everyday timespan, tick it and set the start & end time from Mon to Sun.

customize everyday timespan

How to Set App Time Limits

Step 1. Click App Time Limits and then tap Add limits.

Step 2. Find the app you want to limit from the catalog or search by its name, then click Next in the upper right corner.

Step 3. Tick Available Time Limits or Timespan Limits from your need. Suppose you want to set the same limits every day, tick Time Limits, type in the Limits Name, tap Enable Limits, tick Every Day, and set available time limits or the start & end times.

If you want to customize everyday time, tick it and set available time limits from Mon to Sun.

customize everyday time

How to Add Apps to Whitelist

Scroll to find the app or search the app by its name. Then click the “+” at the app's left to add it to the allowlist. 

If you want to delete an app, click the “-”and tap Delete on the right.

Real-time Location


  • Check the current location of your kid's device.


Step 1. Click the GPS icon at the bottom of the dashboard.

GPS icon

Step 2. You will see the location of your kid's device. To refresh your kid's location, you may also tap on the Refresh icon in the right top corner.

refresh location

Location History


  • Check where your kids have been.
  • View location history of the past 15 days.


Step 1. Tap the GPS icon on the underside of the dashboard.

Step 2. You can check the location history in timeline form.

location history

Step 3. Tap on "<" or ">" to check the location history of the previous or next day. Or tap on the date icon to choose the date you would like to check.



  • Set up a specific area to get notified when kids enter or leave the area.


Step 1. Click the GPS icon on the underside of the dashboard, and you will see a smaller GPS icon. Tap it and then click Add geofence.

Step 2. Enter a name for the geofence. You can choose to set the current location as the geofence or click Change and search for another place.

Step 3. Swipe the blue dot left and right to confirm the range you would like to apply to the Geofence area and tap Save.

set geofence

Instant Alerts


  • Know whether your kids are in or out of the Geofences.
  • Learn whether your kids' phones have enough battery.
  • Get alerts if there is no data update for a long time.
  • Receive a notification if your kids are trying to open a blocked app.


Click the Alerts on the dashboard, and you will see all alerts. You can also tap on "<" or ">" to check the Alerts of the previous or next day. 

instant alert

Apps Details & Activities


  • Know all apps installed on your kid's phone.
  • View what app your kid has added recently.
  • See whether the apps are safe for kids.
  • Check app usage and add time limits for some apps.


Click App List, and you will find the app recently added and all the apps installed on the kid's phone.

app list

You can also find a specific app by viewing the catalog or searching by its name, then click the app to check its usage & info. or add limits for it.

app usage status

Part 4: Exclusive Features of AirDroid Parental Control

As well as the parental control feature above, AirDroid Parental Control has many exclusive features for parental monitoring. Check these details below:

Remote Control Kid's Phone Camera


  • Remotely open the kid's phone camera and switch between front and rear cameras.
  • See the background with the cameras of your kids' mobile devices.
  • Open the flashlight on kids' phones to get a brighter field of view.
  • Enable the one-way audio to listen to the kid's phone surroundings.


Click the Remote Camera, and you can view the surroundings of your kid's phone.

You can also rotate the screen, switch the webcam, full screen, remotely open the flashlight and enable a one-way audio function.

remote camera operations

One-Way Audio


  • Listen to the environment through the microphones of your kids' phones.


Click the One-Way Audio to listen to the kid's phone surroundings. You can also make an audio recording by tapping Record.

One-Way Audio

Mirror Kid's Phone Screen


  • Remotely monitor your kids' online activities in real-time.
  • Ensure your child's digital activities are risk-free.


Click the Screen Mirroring, and then you can clone the kid's phone screen to your device.

Screen Mirror feature

Sync Notifications & SMS


  • Check your kid's incoming messages and calls online.
  • Monitor social media apps' notifications, such as WhatsApp, Line, and Facebook Messenger.
  • Stop cyberbullying and online fraud timely.


Click Notification, and you will see all notifications your kids have received on their phones.

You can also search whether there is sensitive or suspicious content by search.

app notification

User Guide of AirDroid Parental Control

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use AirDroid Parental Control to monitor kids' online activities, manage app & screen time, track location and set geofences, review daily reports, etc.

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