AirDroid Remote Support is Capable of...

Real-Time Fast Support

Engage directly with users for instant support or collaboration. Perfect for IT help desks, interactive customer service, and remote learning where live participation is key.

Always-On Unattended Remote Access

Manage and support remote unattended devices anytime with black screen mode to ensure security privacy. Ideal for after-hours maintenance, server management, and accessing your work environment from anywhere.

Lightweight Remote Management

A secure, reliable, and user-friendly remote control and management solution for businesses. Gain complete visibility of all your IT assets on one dashboard. Assign roles with various levels of access rights and manage devices by grouping.

Windows Support

Securely connect to and control remote Windows devices from PC ( Windows & Mac)

Android Support

Complete remote access, control & support solution for Android devices.

iOS Support

AirDroid Remote Support provide remote support by screen sharing of iOS.

Remote Troubleshooting Features for Enterprises

Remote Control

Remotely control Windows & Android devices with secured session.

Screen sharing

Mirror the screen of a remote device to provide support.

Voice Chat

Instant and secure voice communication for remote support.

Messaging & File Transfer

Directly send text messages, documents, or images to the controlled end.

Black Screen Mode

Force a black screen on the controlled device to protect confidential contents.

AR Camera (Android&iOS)

Connect to an Android/iOS device's camera and place 3D markers onto real-life objects to troubleshoot physical equipment.

Controllable Clipboard & Keyboard

Allow or disallow control terminal to perform copy-paste and keyboard control operations.

Log Record

Gain quick access to remote session logs and stay in control of device activities.

Permission & Device Management

Assign permissions and policies for teams, individual users, and devices.

The Comprehensive Remote Support Solution to Meet All Needs

  • Quick IT Support

    Quickly resolve IT issues for employees regardless of their location to minimize downtime and maintain productivity.

  • Enhanced Customer Support

    Facilitate real-time remote device support for customers. Establish remote PC, Android & iOS access to troubleshoot faster and ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Secure Remote Work Access

    Providing employees with secure and seamless access to their office Windows desktops, ensuring they can work from anywhere without compromising on functionality or security.

  • Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

    Enable IT admins to access corporate devices and apps without leaving their desks. Check, monitor, reconfigure, and optimize corporate assets efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • And More...

Quick IT Support Enhanced Customer Support Secure Remote Work Access Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Reap the Benefits of AirDroid Remote Support

Quick and Easy to Connect

Get secure, easy & quick access to devices with just a few clicks, without the need of sharing ID and password.

Industry-leading Security

All remote support sessions secured by AES-256-bit encryption, TLS 1.2, and other industry-grade security features, such as two-factor authentication, conditional access and more.

Reduced Downtime

Help IT teams address technical issues on the air and save all the hassle of on-site supports anywhere, at any time.


Best for support a large number of devices and users, making them ideal for growing businesses across different locations.

We're Trusted by Users Globally




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Global Customers

An Acclaimed Remote Support and Control Solution

Robert Henry

We originally planned to purchase AirDroid Business, but after communicating with the sales team, we ultimately chose AirDroid Remote Support, which is a lightweight app. Our point-of-sale terminals are present in various chain restaurants, and now we can rely on it for simple device management by member and group, and for regular remote inspection and maintenance.

Brian J. Sanders

The remote connection of AirDroid Remote Support is more stable than Splashtop, which our company has used before, and I especially like the AR Camera and Tutorial Gesture features, which allow my customers to see exactly where the trouble is, saving them a lot of communication costs!

Nikolas Lee

I am a loyal user of AirDroid Business. We use it to remotely manage our digital signages deployed in major business districts. Now we are expanding our customer service team for enterprises. AirDroid Remote Support is a perfect fit for our needs! It's easy to use and helps us support our customers very efficiently!

Jason Hawkins

I selected many remote control software for my company, such as TeamViewer, Splashtop, Anydesk, etc., but I eventually chose AirDroid Remote Support because the connection speed and quality are beyond all my expectations! The interface is simple and the operation is very easy. Just find the device in the list, tap to connect, and you can access and control it remotely even when the other party is not around.

Kevin M. Reed

I was struggling with the high cost of renewing my TeamViewer subscription when I came across AirDroid Remote Support. I have to say that it has been a real solution to my problem! Now I can spend less money and still be able to remotely maintain beverage vending machines all over Europe from my office like I used to.


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