Top 12 Free GPS Tracking Apps for Android

Human successes technologically exceed expectations from time to time. It is continually seeking to connect us all in the shortest possible time. So, imagine you are on “St. 9” while your friend or a family member is on “St. 10,” and none of you know. You probably would not even have thought to call the person because the thought of your closeness may not occur to you.

Free GPS Tracking App for Android

The same goes for all your family members, friends, and even the gadget you cannot seem to find. Hence, with a free GPS tracking app for Android, you can quickly locate your phone when it is stolen or lost.

Part 1. What Is the Best Free GPS Phone Tracker App?

Picking the most suitable GPS tracking app that is free can become challenging because there are a lot of choices. But this section helps to identify the things you ought to look out for when picking the best free GPS phone tracker app.

1How We Choose, Test, And Rate

This first category of features is responsible for judging which app is the best.

  • GPS must work in real-time tracking.
  • The app interface must be user-friendly and easy to use.
  • It must track locations accurately.
  • Data encryption and protection must be faultless.
  • Its support for tracking phone calls, SMS, etc.
  • 24/7 customer support for users.
  • Reviews from users and ratings from top online companies of the phone tracker app.
  • Its parental control features.

2Main Features It Should Have

This second category of features is what you should look out for on the app.

  • It should be able to track the phone’s browsing history.
  • It can provide an accurate GPS location of the target device.
  • It allows you to track and record phone calls on the phone.
  • For parental control, you can restrict the movement of your child.

Part 2. Differences Between Paid (Free Trial) and Free Tracking Apps

We have tested more than thirty tracking apps and find that some apps are entirely free, while many apps offer a free trial before purchasing. We will introduce five free apps and seven best tracking apps with a free trial.

Let’s view the difference between the two kinds of software first.

Paid Tracking App Free Tracking App
Whether Have Ads Fewer or no A lot
Quality Higher Average or low
Compatibility Compatible with the latest operation system Do not have guaranteed revenue
Customer Support Service Come with instant support service Usually no support service
Privacy and Security Safe Data may easy to let out

Part 3. Five Free GPS Tracking Apps for Android [Completely Free]

This section has identified five completely free GPS tracking apps for Android.

1Google Map (Location Share)

The Google map is a free GPS tracking app that saves time and money on routing plans. And with the real-time location tracking feature, users can know precisely the location of others on the map.

Google Map (Location Share)


Google Map communicates better through verbal directions than other maps.

Their visual features are superior.

Users can check battery life.


The estimated time of arrival is sometimes not accurate.

2Google Family Link

This free GPS tracking app for Android also works with the target’s phone Google account.

Google Family Link


There is a parental control feature that works through Google accounts.

It allows users to manage apps and screen time.

It shares real-time location.


It has no call or text control feature.

It does not provide geofencing features.

3Find My Device

Find My Device by Google is another innovative free GPS tracking app for Android. Provided that a phone is online and you can access its Google account, you can find it.

Find My Device


It stores personal data by strictly following legislation and GDPR policies.

It pairs devices with each other in a private network to allow you to track every moment.

Users can erase all the content from the device.

It can play sound on a device for nearby detection.

It can lock the target phone remotely.


It shows the last known location if the phone is turned off.

It features indoor maps of more significant buildings.


It works only when the phone is online.

4Samsung Find My Mobile

Samsung Find My Phone will help you track your phone. But you must first activate it. Open your Samsung Settings app, go to Lock Screen and Security, then look for the Find My Mobile option. Adjust the settings are your Samsung device will become trackable. To find your device, visit the website. To see your device, input your credentials and select your Samsung phone.

Samsung Find My Mobile


It offers an entirely free GPS tracking service.

You can use it to unlock a phone if you forget the passcode.


It has only 20 meters of accuracy.

Its accuracy can be stunned when your device is close to a wooded area, parking garage, and tall buildings.

5Live Mobile Location Tracker

It is a worldwide free GPS tracking app for Android. That means anywhere in the world where your phone is, and you can track it with this app.

Live Mobile Location Tracker


Allows users to read all SMS and MMS sent or received by the phone user.

It lets you view all incoming, outgoing, missed calls and their duration.

Helps you to view all the pictures taken and images received by the phone user.

It enables you to see the live location of the target mobile device.

Users can search the local area for amenities they need.

You can measure the distance between two locations.


It is a userfriendly and straightforward app to install and use.

Its GPS location tracking is accurate.


It does not store past locations.

It has intrusive ads.

Part 4. 7 Best GPS Tracker Apps for Android [Free Trial]

This section has identified the best GPS tracker apps for Android that are paid but have a free trial.

1AirDroid GPS Real-Time Tracker

AirDroid Parental Control is the most comprehensive parental control app for families. It allows parents to manage and monitor their kids’ Android mobile devices remotely. It has incredible monitoring features like screen time limits, games and app blocking, location tracking, suspicious calls tracking, etc. Users have also said it makes connecting their phone to a PC more accessible than USB.

AirDroid GPS Real-Time Tracker


Know where your kid and other loved ones are at the moment.

View your kids’ real-time location.

Check the previous location through the location history.

Manage the phone user’s movement by setting safe Geofences.

Get instant alerts when the kid gets in and out of geofencing


Remotely manage kids’ phones (protect your kids from a harmful person, surroundings, and content)

Remotely use a kid’s camera screencast on an Android phone to keep your child safe online and ensure your child’s digital activity is balanced and risk-free.

Listen to phone surrounding live.

View notifications on your kid’s phone, including WhatsApp message notifications, messages, incoming calls.

No data alert after the kid has been offline for a long time.

2 Life360 GPS Tracking App

This app launched in 2008, and users can vouge for its productivity. It has real-time location sharing and history. The place alert feature notifies you about the spot of the phone. It updates users on what their drivers her doing behind the wheel.

Note : The app isn’t suitable for technical novice because its interface is quite complicated.

Life360 GPS Tracking app

3 Find My Kids – GPS Tracker App

It is one of the most famous children tracking apps. It helps you to track the phone’s location on the map. It sends a loud signal to the smart device if the phone’s silent mode is turned on. You can listen to the surrounding of a phone and it has a chat room where you can converse with your child and family.

Find My Kids - GPS Tracker App 


It has an intuitive interface for users.

It has numerous features.


It requires the installation of two apps on two phones.

4 GPS Phone Tracker

This app is another feature reach GPS tracking app for Android that is features rich. However, users have complained that the location does not update as often.

GPS Phone Tracker


It allows you to track the phone’s movement and location.

It records the phone’s movement for up to 24 hours.

It has an accuracy of about 30 feet.


It works on any network or signal carrier.


It has limited features compared with other apps.

It has limited compatibility with some Android devices.

5Where’s My Droid

It is a famous GPS tracking app that is most exceptional for its theft detection feature. Many users have noted that the theft detection feature has helped prevent their phones from being stolen.

Where's My Droid


Users can remotely lock their device, wipe SD card and phone data.

It offers password protection to prevent unauthorized app changes.

It gives users when SIM card or phone number is changed.

6Geo Tracker

This GPS tracking app is best for long-distance tracking.

Geo Tracker


It allows users to see someone else’s route stored in GPX or KML.

It has a feature to mark important and exciting points of your trip.

The application keeps recording even when switched off.

It provides statistics such as track length, altitude, maximum speed, slope, and other information.


It is excellent for tracking long-distance locations.


It turns off when the screen goes off on the latest Android OS.

6Family Locator

It is a helpful GPS tracking app on Android phones. But users have complained that its constant monitoring system drains the battery.

Family Locator


Users can securely monitor loved ones and prevent intruders from getting their information.

Users can set up custom text alerts to get a notification when someone arrives at the destination.


It has designed to help families.

It secures location information.

It is easy to use and has a simple setup process.


Users cannot uninstall or hide the app.

It costs more than many other tracking services


There are numerous other ways to track an Android device for free without using these free apps. The police helpline and carrier support are a few ways to track your phone. However, the apps listed above will provide you with premium services and features to track any Android device and your loved ones.

FAQs about GPS Tracking 

How to Use GPS to Track a Phone?
- On your phone, go to - Fill in your Gmail account details and password. - You will see the phone's location on the map or its last known location if unavailable.
Can You Put a GPS Tracker on Someone's Phone? 
Yes, you can put a GPS tracker on someone's phone. First, open the Google Play Store of the target's phone and install your specialized tracking solution on the phone. This installation will allow you to track the phone on your PC.
How to Use GPS to Track a Phone Number?
This process requires using the IMEI and GPS call tracker. With these two, you can even track a phone within a second. Furthermore, you can still track the phone even when the phone is not connected to the internet.
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