Finding onsite support becoming difficult and time-consuming?

  • Repeated visits for the same problem

    Repeated visits to the same issue not only adds to the overall personnel cost, but also takes away your resources and time for other customers, resulting in deteriorating customer experience.

  • Long device downtime

    You often need to wait hours or even days before a technician is able to travel onsite, causing customer complaints and impacting business operations.

  • Limited remote control

    You can't remotely control a device without someone helping you on the other side. The lack of unassisted remote access is affecting your productivity.

Save costs and time spent on in-person troubleshooting


Black Screen Mode is a privacy-centric technology and the first in the industry to enable a privacy mode during a remote control session on Android devices. When the mode is turned on, the remote screen will be darkened and the device will be temporarily blocked. This will ensure your sensitive data stays private to you and your company only as well as a smooth remote operation for your IT admins.

This is a proprietary technology owned by AirDroid Business; an application for patent has been submitted to US and EU countries.


AirDroid Business supports flexible setup options for Android remote control, giving you unattended remote access without needing to root your devices. This makes troubleshooting unattended devices a lot easier as you don't need to send someone onsite.


When vending machines, kiosks or digital signages are down, it could mean a loss for your business. With AirDroid Business, you can put devices into groups for easy discovery, use the built-in dashboard to monitor real-time status, and have full remote access to any devices.


Having real-time voice communication or audio feedback makes every remote session so much more effective. Problems can be better described and more complete information can be acquired to make more accurate and timely decisions even if you're at a remote location.


No longer do you need to maintain a large team of on-site technicians. With the remote control, one person can now support remote devices without leaving the seat. Your business gets to support more devices using the same amount of time while reducing overhead costs.

Key Features

Easy remote control

We offer different options to help you set up the remote control, so you can get unattended remote access to your devices with little efforts.

Remote view

Remotely view your Android device's screen and actions in real-time for provisions.

Remote Camera

Take control of a remote device's camera to be onsite virtually.

Real-time voice chat

Use voice chat while controlling a device for better communication.

Adaptive video quality

Always get a smooth video quality even when the network connection is unstable.

Robust controls

Remotely control Android phones and tablets with other tools like virtual keyboard for remote input, volume adjustment, screen capture, recording, and more.

Black Screen Mode

Black Screen Mode is a privacy-centric technology. Once an IT admin activates it during a remote control session, the remote device screen will be darkened, and a "This device is under maintenance" hint will be shown. The dark screen, however, will not affect the IT admin operation.

Making IT support easier across different industries

IT managers, customer support teams or even small business owners can all benefit from AirDroid Business' powerful remote access tools to make the day-to-day operation easier and efficient.

  • IT service & support

    Being efficient and effective is the goal for every IT team especially when the number of devices are always growing and problems come in everyday with different forms. Being able to troubleshoot any devices remotely without being on-site can reduce overhead and travel costs, and in turn greatly improve customer and user satisfaction.

  • Retail

    In today's retail landscape, devices like mPOS systems, kiosks and digital signage all play a big role in consumer experience. Retail staff who operate these devices aren't always tech savvy, which could result in bad experience and waste of resources. Being able to provide remote troubleshooting with AirDroid Business can greatly minimize downtime to protect your bottom line.

  • Security & Law Enforcements

    Industries that rely on making accurate and timely decisions can benefit greatly from AirDroid Business' remote camera capability. HQ support staff can get first-hand video and audio feed and react fast.

Unrestricted and unattended remote access for Android