Reliable, secure and user-friendly solutions for your business

  • Expertly focused on remote control for enterprises

    A more focused and cost-effective solution for managing internal business devices remotely, compared to MDM solutions

  • Secure and stable remote connection

    Efficient and quick device deployment, with end-to-end encrypted connection to protect the privacy and security of corporate data

  • Unattended devices supported

    Like AirDroid Business, we offer solutions that enable remote control and remote management for unattended devices, but in a lightweight and simpler way

  • Flexible subscription plans

    Pricing is based on the number of licenses, rather than the number of devices

Provide services to enterprises anytime, anywhere with centralized, efficient support

Easily handle a variety of remote control scenarios for enterprises Lightweight management that allows for the orderly conduct of enterprise business Establishing security policies for the enterprise Black Screen Mode Install Apps in Bulk Mass Deployment
  • Easily handle a variety of remote control scenarios for enterprises

    We provide real-time remote control solutions & lightweight management for devices, including smartphones, tablets, and commercial devices such as POS terminals and digital signages, as if on-site.

  • Lightweight management that allows for the orderly conduct of enterprise business

    Support for viewing the status of devices on a list and adding notes and group management for devices; setting different roles and permissions for orderly, hierarchical management within the company.

  • Establishing security policies for the enterprise

    We provide customizable remote control and file transfer services with options to enable/disable and set up blockers. A dynamic 9-digit connection code is also supported for privacy protection and to prevent malicious harassment.

  • Black Screen Mode

    Black Screen Mode is a privacy-centric technology. Once an IT admin activates it during a remote control session, the remote device screen will be darkened, and a "This device is under maintenance" hint will be shown. The dark screen, however, will not affect the IT admin operation.

  • Install Apps in Bulk

    (Coming soon)

    Eliminate the need for manual installation on each device. With AirDroid Remote Support, you can install apps in bulk on devices deployed outside, greatly reducing the time and labor required.

  • Mass Deployment

    (Coming soon)

    Support for large-scale device deployment greatly reduces the time consumed by the pre-deployment process, improving the efficiency of remote control & management.

Windows Support

Securely connect to and control remote Windows devices from PC ( Windows & Mac)

Android Support

Complete remote access, control & support solution for Android devices.

iOS Support

AirDroid Remote Support provide remote support by screen sharing of iOS.

Effortlessly handle diverse challenges

Food & Beverage

Field Service

Manufacturing Industry

Retail Industry

Public Transportation

Choosing between AirDroid Business and AirDroid Remote Support


AirDroid Business is ideal for businesses with MDM needs. It allows you to control devices based on your company's policies, manage them efficiently to cut maintenance expenses, and set up alerts and workflows for seamless device operation.

Use case: Logistics company

Logistics companies require device management for in-vehicle devices to restrict non-work app usage. With alerts and workflows in place, they receive timely warnings of device malfunctions and can take action to resolve issues.

  • Quick enrollment

    Enroll and set up devices for the drivers in bulk to save time.

  • Policy & Kiosk

    Create device profiles to restrict device usage with features like password protection, app blocklist/allowlist, or single-app mode.

  • App management

    Remotely distribute, update, or delete apps on multiple devices in bulk.

  • Device monitoring, alerting, and workflows

    Receive alert emails for abnormal events on in-vehicle devices (e.g. excessive data usage). Device executes preset workflow for quick, accurate response and resolution.

  • Remote control

    Ensure business efficiency with remote control of in-vehicle devices. Quickly troubleshoot while protecting company privacy with Black Screen Mode.

  • Geofence

    Track in-vehicle device real-time location and execute preset configurations when device exceeds geofence range for improved business security.

  • Pricing

    AirDroid Business is charged by the number of devices in your deployment.


Remote Support is created for businesses seeking remote support & control solutions for their devices. It allows you to remotely access and control attended and unattended devices, assign different team roles, monitor device status and group devices for better management.

Use case: Hardware manufacturer

As a hardware manufacturer, you sell devices to system integrators or end customers and need to offer support for malfunctions. Remote support features such as file transfer, tutorials, voice calls, and remote control enable you to assist IT technicians in troubleshooting issues.

  • Quick connection

    Connect securely with enterprise customers using a 9-digit code. No on-site operator required for remote control of unmanned devices.

  • Enable security policies for the enterprise

    Customize device connection policies to meet your enterprise needs. Limit access to external parties, enable/disable features like remote control and file transfer. Ensure secure device connections as per your business requirements.

  • Install Apps in Bulk (Coming soon)

    Support for installing multiple apps to devices in bulk.

  • Ultra-lightweight management

    View conversation records and access reports, and manage devices by grouping and team members.

  • Multiple remote support modes

    Supports remote control and lightweight management of attended and unattended devices, covering a wide range of business scenarios.

  • Security and privacy protection

    Protect enterprise privacy with multi-layered encryption. Customer consent is required for connection. *Black Screen Mode is available for unattended device access.

    *Black Screen Mode is a patented feature of AirDroid Remote Support, supporting Windows & Android devices to remotely control with a black screen to protect privacy

  • Pricing

    AirDroid Remote Support charges are based on the number of licenses.

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