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Stay Involved in Child’s Digital Life

Get Summary of Online Behaviors

  • Screen Time Usage

    Allow you to view detailed information about your child's daily and weekly screen time usage from the dashboard/emails, with access to switch dates (up to 30 days).

  • Cellular Data Usage

    Help you monitor if your child is spending too much time on certain applications or games, and avoid unexpected high data charges. You can intervene in abnormal activities when necessary.

Screen Time Usage Cellular Data Usage

Monitor Frequently Used Applications

  • Track and Control App Usage

    Monitor social media, entertainment and game apps to limit usage and prevent addiction and danger.

  • Check the Frequency of App Notifications

    Easily view the frequency and details of app notifications to spot potential threats, that's how you put out the fire before it spreads.

  • Grasp App Info

    Learn more about the most used apps, such as categories, and age ratings, making sure that your child uses appropriate apps and stays away from malware.

Track and Control App Usage Check the Frequency of App Notifications Grasp App Info

Effortless Digital-age Parenting

Effortless Digital-age Parenting

  • Anti Addiction

    Help your child reduce screen time, spend more time with their family and develop healthy sleep habits.

  • Good Parent-Child Relationship

    Gain a deeper understanding of your child's online activities to better comprehend their interests and develop more common topics for conversation.

  • 24/7 Online Protection

    AirDroid Parental Control provides all-around protection for child's digital use at any time, avoiding any potential online dangers.

How to Get Insight of Kids' Online Activities

Hear Voices from Parents

AirDroid Parental Control is like the Swiss Army knife of my parenting toolbox. I find a new benefit of having it constantly. It's the most helpful tool I have in keeping my teenagers safe and helping me stay in the know with their crazy world of technology.

Everyone at least once should try this app AirDroid Parental Control because this is the best app I used ever. It provides a real-time location for your kids, and you can check if they are studying or using the phone. You can set the time limit, and after the time is over, the phone will get locked. It is possible for busy parents to gain peace of mind and save time.

My son used to be addicted to playing games after school each day. And I found AirDroid Parental Control by accident, and I use it to set a specific time for game playing on my son's phone. He now will do some outdoor sport before going home, I'm so happy about that!

This is the best app I've found so far, it has everything I need and has features that even allow me to remote into the camera and microphone of the devices I control. It helps ensure safety from all angles.

The experience was outstanding. With AirDroid Parental Control app, I can easily monitor my child's activity no matter wherever I am. Very flexible with easy GUI and advanced tracking options. To put it simply, I love AirDroid Parental Control.

Wow! Really delighted I found this app. Had been looking for ways to effectively monitor my boys' activities on their phones, and this app has made it easy. Kudos to the developers.

What I loved most about the app is the ability to set up a geo-fence which immediately alerts me when my son goes to a region that I have marked as a no-go-zone.

You don't need to be tech-savvy to operate it, the process is super easy. I have been using other parental control apps but I was always worried as the icon is easily visible. However, when I opted for this app, I realized the icon is 100% undetectable on the home screen after you have installed it. So nice!

My daughter has fallen victim to cyberbullying on several occasions. I came across this app and my daughter's life changed for the better. I can now keep an eye on her, check the message she receives, and advise her accordingly. She can't now keep any information from me. The app helps me monitor files from WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and many more.

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FAQs & Hot Topics

FAQs Hot Topics
How many hours should kids spend on the phone a day?
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children aged 2 to 5 should have no more than 1 hour of screen time per day, while those ages 6 and up should have consistent limits placed on the time they spend using electronic media. It is important for parents to consider the age and needs of their children when making decisions about screen time usage.
Is it ok to monitor my child's phone?
"It's 100 percent your right to check your minor children's devices," said Bill Wiltse, President of Child Rescue Coalition. If you do decide to monitor your child's phone, it's important to have open and honest communication with them about it and to respect their privacy as much as possible. It's also important to make sure that any monitoring you do is legal and ethical.
What are the symptoms of cell phone addiction?
The following signs may indicate that your child is addicted to his or her cell phone: 1) Being excessively glued to their phone. 2) Becoming anxious or irritable when separated from their phone. 3) Interrupting conversations or activities to use their phone. 4) Neglecting responsibilities or tasks because of phone usage. 5) Loss of interest in other activities, such as sports or hobbies. 6) Experiencing physical symptoms like headaches or eye strain from excessive phone use. 7) Not spending time with family or doing chores on a daily basis.
How much does AirDroid Parental Control cost?
AirDroid Parental Control is so affordable. Premium is $9.99/month, $19.99/quarter, or $59.99/year. Only $0.16 per day for the yearly plan, is way less than the price of your daily coffee! See pricing >>>
Will children know I am tracking and monitoring their cell phone usage?
AirDroid Parental Control would be pointless if kids noticed the tracking and disabled it freely, right? No app icon and notifications on kids' devices after setting. You'll be invisible and monitor your loved one without ever knowing.