Provide the highest IT security

Giving a platform for medical staff to access patient data and make timley diagnosis while protecting Electronic Health Records (EHR)

  • 1

    Diversified healthcare security policies to protect data

  • 2

    Quick enrollment for large-scale deployment

  • 3

    Easy app management & control over updates

  • 4

    Compliant use of restricted mobile devices

  • 5

    Remote control & troubleshooting in place of on-site maintenance

  • 6

    Improve response time with 24/7 device monitoring

  • 7

    Real-time device location monitoring & tracking

  • 8

    Enable Healthcare to meet HIPAA compliant for patient privacy data protection

The era of digital healthcare has arrived. Time to simplify your mobile device management with a "Connected Health" approach

More useful functions designed for healthcare services

  • Publish and update apps & content

    Publish and update apps & content

    Customize the app library for internal use, stage rollout of apps to devices, and schedule automatic app updates.

  • Remotely control and manage attended or unattended devices

    Remotely control and manage attended or unattended devices

    Improve communication efficiency with patients or technicians during remote control through remote view and real-time voice chat. Activate the patented Black Screen Mode to enhance privacy and ensure the security of the troubleshooting process.

  • Real-time location tracking

    Real-time location tracking

    Track device location to ensure timely provision of treatment and services. View device location history to optimize device management strategies.

Create success with 1,000+ customers

AirDroid Business provided healthcare IT solutions for a well-known recovery center in the United States to manage a large number of tablets and helped them achieve contactless treatment in the post-epidemic era. Through the Monitor & Alerts features in AirDroid Business, warnings such as low battery or offline status are sent in advance to maintain device functionality. With devices updating the latest patients’ data and locations, IT staff can easily monitor patients' inappropriate use of applications.

AirDroid Business helped a famous Swedish company to ensure that sleep trackers worn by users in nursing homes can function normally and collect accurate sleep data. Through AirDroid Business remote access, IT team greatly reduces traveling costs for onsite maintenance across regions. Now they can remotely update applications and make sure that devices are used for proper purposes.

One platform, unlimited possibilities for digital healthcare services

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The digital age is redefining the healthcare industry, as the difficulty of recruiting medical staff and the need for mobile healthcare increase, you need an ultimate MDM medical solution to manage a large number of mobile devices.

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