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[2023 Updated] How to Watch TikTok Videos on PC and Mac?

Elsa Updated on Jun 8, 2023 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Q Can you watch TikTok on computer?

TikTok is an app on which people create videos on trending music and dialogues and share videos; it is currently available on smartphones only.

For using the TikTok app on your PC, you have to take help from a third-party app, software and extensions because it is not possible without the third-party app or software.

use tiktok on pc

This article aims to guide you on how you can watch TikTok video on PC/Mac.

Part 1. Does TikTok Work on PC?

TikTok doesn't work natively on PC the way it does on Android devices, iPhones, or iPads. But you may be able to enjoy the qualities or advantages of the platform through various workarounds that will be disclosed below.

how to use tiktok on pc

Part 2. How to Watch TikTok on PC and Mac?

1. The Fastest Way - AirDroid Cast Can Help You

AirDroid Cast is the best app for TikTok users because they can easily get excess TikTok videos on their computer or TV by using this app. It supports the mirroring of both Android and iOS devices to any devices. Moreover, it also allows you to control your mobile phone screen on PC/Mac.

How to Set up AirDroid Cast on Android?

Android users have two ways to cast mobile phone to PC with AirDroid Cast. Both methods are easy to connect, but WLAN is more useful when you don’t have physical access to your phone. It allows you to connection your phone and PC remotely.

First of all, download the AirDroid Cast on your phone and PC by click download button below or from the AirDroid Cast official website.

Wireless Connection

  1. For casting, scan QR code, or copy a code from PC to your Android device.
  2. Now you see a popup appear to give permission to a mobile device for casting to PC.
  3. Enable casting permission on your device.
  4. Now you can see your mobile screen on PC and watch your TikTok videos.

Via USB cable

  1. Pick a USB cable and connect your Android smartphone with PC.
  2. After connecting, you will see the option “allow USB debugging" click on it to allow.
  3. Now go your AirDroid Cast application on PC .
  4. Click on the "USB" option, select your device from the list.
  5. Now your both devices are connected with each other, and you can see your Android phone screen on your computer. You can start using TikTok on your PC, including control screen by virtual mouse.

How to Set up AirDroid Cast on iPhone?

    The two methods discussed above also supporting iOS devices. Besides these 2 methods, there is another way to mirror TikTok on iPhone to PC/Mac.

  1. After download AirDroid Cast onto your iPhone and computer, now move to the iOS device, and open control center.
  2. Click on screen mirroring, and select “AirDroid Cast- XXX”, following the instruction to finish setting, within 2 minutes, your iOS device screen is visible on PC. Now you can use TikTok on your PC.
  3. You can edit and post videos on TikTok for PC by using control feature of AirDroid Cast. By using this app, you can freely control your phone screen on PC.

2. Download TikTok for PC by Using BlueStacks

For Mac Users

Here’s the method to install TikTok on your Mac devices.

  1. Open the Bluestack website and tap on the download option to initiate downloading.
  2. Now open the folder where the Bluestacks installer is present.
  3. Search installer dmg.
  4. Now double tap on the Bluestacks icon.
  5. Search TikTok app here.
  6. Now tap on it and continue to download it.

Tiktok on computer

For Win Users

  1. After downloading Bluestackes, launch it and head over to the app center tab.
  2. Now sign in to your google account.
  3. In the upper right corner of the emulator's window, you will see a search bar in the upper right corner.
  4. You can search for the TikTok app on it.
  5. After it appears, tap on it and download it.


  • Installing TikTok Mac is a little tough. This is because the Bluestacks emulator can make your computer crash.
  • To make your device safe, you have to close all other apps and grant permission to the device to download this app.

3. TikTok Website

You can browse through TikTok videos directly from your PC's desktop browser. The main advantage is that you can use this app and watch videos without even logging in. You will automatically see the videos which are most popular in your region.

  1. Go to the browser, Search URL in the search bar. After that, the site will land.
  2. You can easily scroll and watch TikTok videos after the page's landing.
  3. If you want to sign in. tap on login in the top right corner of the web page.
  4. If you don’t already have an account, you can register and sign in to your account.
  5. tiktok desktop

  6. Signup with an email or phone number, and you will receive a confirmation email.
  7. Now your account is created, on the left side of the screen, you will see your following, suggested accounts, and top accounts.


  • You can not search your account by name.
  • You are not able to create direct videos, and choose music on the website version.
  • You can not upload sounds, effects, stickers, etc. the website TikTok users can't do live streaming.

4. Extension for TikTok

Tikpak downloader is chrome Extension for the watching and downloading TikTok videos on PC. You can download the TikTok video with one click on your PC.

Follow these steps to watch TikTok videos on PC:

  1. Open your browser, click on the three dots on the top right corner.
  2. Tap on the ore tool, now tap on extensions.
  3. Now open your chrome web Store.
  4. Go to the search bar of chrome web, search Tikpak (Chrome extension tiktok downloar.
  5. tiktok video downloader

  6. Add this extension to your chrome .
  7. Now click on the Tikpak extension, tap on the TikTok icon and enjoy TikTok videos on PC.


  • You can only upload and watch videos but can’t record TikTok videos on trending songs.

Part 3. Which Method Works Better For Using TikTok on PC?

From our experience, AirDroid Cast is the best way to enjoy TikTok and all its features from the comfort of your desktop PC, due to it being able to provide the most streamlined and native experience. The beauty of AirDroid Cast is that it relies on your own mobile device's computing power, internal storage, and RAM, so you won't be going through the usual limitations and clogs that plague Android emulators.

We'll be unpacking the benefits of using AirDroid for squeezing the most utility out of TikTok and other Android applications in general.

Key features of AirDroid Cast

  • Run Android apps on your computer smoothly
  • Provide a seamless connection between Android and PC
  • Control mobile phones from PC

Part 4. Recommend: TikTok Video Downloader without Watermark

People usually love to download TikTok videos on PC from TikTok and use these videos on their WhatsApp, Instagram, and FB stories. That’s why people don't use these videos with water because with a watermark, they look copy-paste, so there are different video downloader software and applications that help to download videos without a watermark.

Here are a few suggestions for you. you can choose TikTok video downloader as per your choice.

  • SnapTik app
  • Musically down
  • SSSTikTok
  • Expert Php
  • TTDownloader
  • Downloader
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    Part 5. Tips: How to Watch TikTok on TV?

    Watching TikTok videos alone on the mobile phone is not good if your other family members have no smartphones. You should watch TikTok videos with them on TV and enjoy the family time too. But how to watch TikTok on TV?

    There are different ways to watch TikTok videos on a TV screen as few advanced technology TV have an inbuilt system for watching videos from mobile to TV direct but od version common TV need third party apps for watching TilTok videos such as:

    1. Cast TikTok Video to TV via AirDroid Cast Web

    For casting TikTok videos on TV, you need a smart TV, which has the option to use the web browser and Wi-Fi network. Some smart TVs already have a web browser installed; you can install it on your TV via the Google Play Store.

    1. Go to TV, open your available browser, visit

      AirDroid Cast Web overview

    2. Go to your mobile phone where you want to cast TikTok videos, download and install the AirDroid cast application on it.

    3. Now please scan the QR code or enter the cast codes that display on the TV screen with the AirDroid Cast mobile application.

    4. After casting the code, you will receive a casting request, grant permission.

    5. Now open TikTok on your phone, and the TikTok videos will start showing on your smart TV.

    2. LocalCast

    The local cast is an app that allows the users to mirror their mobile screen to TV and watch TikTok videos. This app is specially designed for watching videos only on TV; it does not work on PC or Macs. To install this app and enjoy TikTok videos on the TV screen with family.

    3. ApowerMirror

    ApowerMirror is the best option for mirroring screens from mobile to TV and PC. This app easily allows you to watch TikTok videos on the TV screen with your siblings and friends.

    4. AirBeamTV

    The air beam is an advanced mirroring app that helps you to mirror your mobile TikTok videos to your TV within less than 1 minute. You can enjoy TikTok videos on the big screen without any glitches.

    5. MirrorMeister

    Casting mobile videos to the TV is not an issue if you have a mirror meister app. It is easy to use just five minutes for casting TikTok videos on the TV screen.

    Part 6. Final Verdict

    TikTok is a social site that especially designs for entertainment. In this, people record short videos of 60 seconds and upload them. It is an Android app, TikTok for PC in application form is not available. But you can watch TikTok on computer with different methods. The best way is by using AirDroid Cast. The AirDroid Cast mirrors the screen of both Android and iOS, so you can easily watch TikTok videos on your PC/Mac easily.

    FAQs about TikTok

    What Are the Rules for Using TikTok?

    There are some rules, if you will not follow you will get banned:

  • Don’t share the content which threatens public policy.
  • Sharing sexual content is not allowed.
  • Don’t upload Content containing self-harm.
  • Content showing violence and domestic abuse etc.
  • Don’t Blackmail threats any one.
  • Stop posting illegal content.
  • How to Flip Video in TikTok?

    You can flip TikTok videos by following easy steps like:

  • Go to the TikTok app and select a video that you want to rotate.
  • Click on next, tap on the rotation icon on the bottom right corner.
  • It will flip your video; you can set it in any direction.
  • Can I use TikTok on PC via AirDroid?
    Yes, you definitely can use it on your PC through AirDroid, as we explained throughout this article. It's probably the best way to use TikTok on your PC.
    Do I need to take any extra steps to use TikTok on AirDroid?
    You only need to have TikTok installed on your Android device to enjoy it from your PC using AirDroid. The AirDroid remote control feature allows users to manipulate their Android gadget from the PC just as how they would on the device's screen.
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