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Can You Play Among Us on PC? Check 3 Solutions Here!

Elsa Updated on Nov 25, 2022 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Among Us is a social game with fourteen to fifteen players. They have to repair their broken spaceship. This game is available for both Android and iOS users. This game gained a lot of popularity when a lot of YouTubers started playing it, and their followers also started playing the game.

Among Us is an exciting game and its lovers are fond of playing it on a large screen to enjoy the video quality with clear sounds and the best controls. So let's discuss how to play Among Us on PC.

1 how to play among us on pc

Method 1. How to Download and Play Among Us without Emulators on Windows PC?

Among US was later developed for Windows PC. So, you can also play the Among Us online game on Windows PC without emulators. This method is quite complicated. Downloading involves a few steps, but so many errors occur while running the game, and only a professional person can better handle the errors and resolve all the issues.

How to Set Up Among Us on Windows PC?

Step 1: Search for Among Us Game Files

Download all the game files for Among Us on your PC. Go to Upload Heaven. There you will get all the latest files for Among Us. Open the link: Among Us Free Download.

Step 2: Start Downloading the File

After clicking the download button, it may take a few minutes to download. After completing it, go to the Download folder on your PC to access the downloaded files. Copy the relevant game folder and paste it onto your desktop.

2 among us pc

Step 3: Extract the Files

It will be a zip file, and you can extract the folders. These folders will cover very little space, so you can easily manage it.

Step 4: Open the Among Us folder and read manual

Open the Among Us folder and read the manual 'How to Run Game.' Follow the steps as described in the manual. Finally, you can run the game as an administrator.

Disadvantages of Among Us PC Version

Primarily this method does not directly work and run on any PC. You have to manage the files technically to run Among Us directly on your PC. To run it directly, you still need to install Steam first.

Without Steam, the game will not run, and you will face a lot of trouble. The DLL errors are the second issue mainly caused while playing this game without Emulators. To remove this error, you must find the five files in the Among Us folder and install them; otherwise, the game will not run. It isn't straightforward to handle as compared to other methods.

Method 2: How to Play Among Us by Using AirDroid Cast?

Let's discuss another method to run the Among Us online game on your Windows PC without distraction. AirDroid Cast is a powerful tool for casting and controlling your Android and iOS devices on Windows PC without any trouble.

The connection is created within 5 minutes. AirDroid Cast is famous nowadays, especially for streaming online games, because of the HD quality results it produces. Its sound quality adds more fun to the Among Us game. Unlike other methods, AirDroid Cast setup is easy to use, and more than one mode is provided to create a connection between your mobile and PC.

How to Set Up AirDroid Cast?

Step 1: Download and Install AirDroid Cast

Firstly, you need to download AirDroid Cast application on your mobile phone where you want to cast the screen. You can get the application by click "Try It Free" button below or go to its official website.

Step 2: Create a Connection between Devices

Then, create a connection between your mobile and Windows PC. AirDroid Cast provides three commonly used methods:


Select the "Wireless" option, you will get a QR code and a Cast Code on your Windows PC. Please scan the QR Code or manually add Cast Code to your mobile device to connect them. After that, you will get a notification for allowing access to casting between both devices. Allow the permission and start sharing your screen.


AirPlay feature is only available for iOS devices.Scroll down your iPhone screen and tap on "Screen mirroring", choose "AirDroid Cast -XXX" from available list.

USB Cable

For connecting through a USB Cable, you need to connect your mobile with your PC using a cable and allow USB debugging on your Phone. Selecting the 'Cable' option from your PC and choose your relevant device from the available list.

Step 3: Start mirroring and playing Among Us on PC

After sucessful connection, to control your mobile screen on the PC, simply click the hand icon in the interface and finish some setting to active control feature, then you can start to play Among Us on PC.

3 play among us on pc


  • No errors occur while playing games using AirDroid Cast, and the connection is created within 5 minutes.
  • The video's casting result is HD quality, and the sound level is also perfect for playing games online.
  • You can also use this application for teaching online, delivering presentations, conducting remote meetings with clients, etc.

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Method 3. How to Play Among US on PC using Emulator?

To Play Among Us on PC using an emulator is an excellent option to avoid various errors. Let's discuss the best emulators for playing Among Us on PC.

1. BlueStacks Emulator

BlueStacks is one of the most popular applications that allows you to play a large variety of mobile games on your Windows PC. It is not only for playing games, but BlueStacks also enable you to access other portable applications on your Windows PC. You must be very vigilant in downloading the BlueStacks application from their official website.

BlueStacks keeps updating its versions with the advancement in technology and per the users' needs. BlueStacks 4 and BlueStacks 5 are the latest versions of BlueStacks. The latest versions are more updated and faster than the previous ones.

How to Play Among Us Using BlueStacks

Step 1: Download and Install BlueFirst

Firstly, download and install the BlueStacks on your Windows PC and launch it using your Gmail account.

Step 2: Search for Among Us

On the screen's search bar at the top right corner, search for 'Among Us' and download it for your Windows PC.

Step 3: Click to Play

Click on the Among Us play button to start playing the game.


  • It is a free application, but you can buy it if you like.


  • It sometimes crashes and detects that a virus has been found.
  • You need a graphic card. Without it, you cannot get quality results.

2. GameLoop

GameLoop is another platform to answer where do you play Among Us on PC. GameLoop is another Android emulator for PC that serves you a free-to-play opportunity to enjoy a wide range of mobile games on your Windows PC without paying anything.

GameLoop and other Emulators is the method that free for playing Among Us on PC. Although there are many other concerns, you can manage them. System requirements to sun GameLoop on Windows PC are pretty low; thus, users prefer it more.

Detailed Steps to Play Among Us using GameLoop

Step 1: Download and install GameLoop

Go to the GameLoop official web page and download the link to install the application on your Windows PC.

Step 2: Get a Login and search Among Us.

Log in with your Google account and search the Among Us game on the search bar.

Step 3: Download the Game and Start Playing

After finding the game on the search bar, download it and start playing without interruption.


  • It requires minimum specifications for a system to run on it.


  • The application may sometimes crash while playing games.

4. Final Verdict

In this article, we first read about an online social game and its basic idea of what we do in that game. Then, we discussed the question, can you play Among Us on Windows. We discussed three primary methods to play a game on Windows PC. 'Among Us' is already available for Windows, but it is challenging, and most of the time, it is not played due to errors. So, you must prefer another method to play it. AirDroid Cast is more practical and straightforward to play Among Us on Windows PC than the Emulators. This application has the best controls over the game using Windows PC and an excellent visual and sound quality.

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