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[7 Ways] How to Cast Your Laptop/PC Screen to TV in 2023?

Elsa Updated on Jan 26, 2024 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Quick Answer: How to Cast PC to TV?

"You can cast a screen from PC to TV using various third-party apps and wired mediums. Google Chromecast and Miracast are a source for screen mirroring from PC to TV."

My buddies and I got together for a party, and they made me take them to the cinema. None of my friends agreed to watch the movie at home. However, I do my best to persuade them.

To their surprise, they enjoyed it a lot when I activated screen mirroring using AirDroid Cast Web and played the movie on the TV. Let’s look at 7 useful ways on how to cast PC to TV in the following content.

1What You Need to Prepare before Casting PC to TV?

Casting PC to TV is quite complicated, yet it also involves some technicalities that must be verified to be perfect; otherwise, a minor mistake can lead to mirroring failure from PC to TV. That is why it is recommended to prepare yourself with all the things.

how to cast PC to TV

1. Check Your TV

Ensure you know the model of the TV you have beside you consider casting your PC to your TV. With different TV types, there are peculiarities attached to each one of them.

If your TV is a smart TV, then it would save your time and effort to cast your laptop screen to TV, as you are able to choose Miracast, Chromecast, or other screen mirroring software (especially when it is an Apple TV); if you are using a non-smart TV, don’t worry. A wired connection would help you out casting PC to TV.

2. Check Available Ports and Cables

How to cast laptop screen to TV when it is a non-smart TV? Check to see the types of port cables that are on your TV or desktop/laptop. If you have ports and cables that do not match, you might need adapters and converters to help you out.

3. Check Bluetooth

Some devices, like Apple TV, require that your Bluetooth device is turned on during screen mirroring PC to TV.

4. Check Casting Feature on TV

How to cast laptop to smart TV? You also need to check if your TV has a built-in casting feature. Nowadays, most smart TVs come with a screen casting feature. You can check that in the user manual, or you can confirm it with the vendor.

5. Make Sure the WiFi Connection

A Wi-Fi connection is required for most types of casting. This helps you wirelessly connect your smart devices together. Exceptionally, you don’t need a WiFi network if you decide to try the wired connection.

6. Latest Software and Drivers

To enjoy a fantastic casting experience and prevent any potential problems, ensure your PC has the latest software and drivers installed in them, or else it will not run smoothly. You can update your software in the Settings app.

To update Windows device driver, search “Device Manager” in the search bar on your desktop, and then open the Device Manager, right-click whatever device you wish to update and select "Update driver." Click "Search automatically for updated driver software." Simply follow the on-screen prompts to complete the driver update process.

update driver in Device Manager

2How to Cast PC to TV?

To cast Windows 10 to TV or Windows 11 enables you to enjoy the thrill of a bigger screen. The steps involved are simple and easy to follow. With the right setup, and these steps below, you will be able to cast to TV from PC with ease.

1How to Stream from PC to TV via Cable

If you are using a non-smart TV, then you can check the available ports and cables and then try the following methods.

Way 1: HDMI Cable

Using a simple HDMI cable allows you to share the screen with your TV. You must require an HDMI cable of an appropriate size to reach from the PC to the TV easily. The PC and the TV must have HDMI ports; otherwise, you must use an HDMI adapter to connect both devices.

HDMI ports are already named on the PC or TV with HDMI 1 and 2 for the user’s convenience. If you want to know how to cast your PC to TV using an HDMI cable, follow the steps detailed below:

  1. Step 1.Connect the HDMI cable to the PC
  2. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the PC. Most HDMI ports are at the back of your CPU, so just find and attach the cable properly.
  3. cast PC to TV via HDMI

  1. Step 2.Connect HDMI cable to the TV
  2. Now, attach the other end of the HDMI cable to the TV on which you want to share the screen.
  3. connect HDMI from PC to TV

  1. Step 3.TV Settings
  2. From the TV remote, click the source button and select the relevant HDMI port. After selecting the right port, you can mirror your PC screen on the TV.

An important fact about HDMI cable is that you do not require any audio cable while screen mirroring to TV. The HDMI cable will itself be the source to provide the sound.

Way 2: VGA Cable

Video Graphic Array is a cable also used to support “screen mirroring” PC to the TV. Most of the latest TVs have built-in VGA ports. On TV, the VGA port is named D-Sub or PC input. For this connection, you need a VGA cable attached to the PC and the TV and an audio cable to share the audio.

  1. Step 1.Connect the cable to the PC
  2. Connect one end of the VGA cable to the PC. You will find two screws along the side of the cable; tighten them to secure the connection.
  1. Step 2.Connect the cable to the TV
  2. Connect the other end of the VGA cable to the TV using the VGA port available at the back of the TV.
  1. Step 3.Attach the audio cable
  2. Connect an audio cable to the PC and the TV. Make sure you are connecting the cable to the right port.
  1. Step 4.Change settings
  2. After turning on the PC and TV, tap on the Input button of your remote. The PC screen will be shared automatically on the TV.

2How to Cast to a TV from PC Wirelessly

If you do not have cables and parts available to cast your TV from your TV, you can connect wirelessly. To connect wirelessly, you can use Chromecast, Miracast, or AirDroid Cast. If your TV supports Miracast, then Miracast is a great option if you're looking for a quick and easy way to cast your PC's display. 

Way 3: How to Miracast PC to TV

Miracast is a wireless technology that works on peer-to-peer networking terminology. Miracast is used to connect two devices to cast one screen to another screen. All the latest devices support Miracast, and its resolution-supporting capability is up to 1080p. It also supports 4K resolution.

  1. Step 1.Connect Miracast adapter
  2. Turn the TV on and check if the Miracast adapter is connected correctly.
  3. cast PC to TV via Miracast

  1. Step 2.Connect the PC to Wi-Fi
  2. Check if your PC is connected to the Wi-Fi; if not, connect it to the Wi-Fi.
  1. Step 3.Choose the adapter to start casting
  2. Find the Network option on the right side of the taskbar and then click to choose the Cast tab. From the list, choose the adapter and perform any action if asked. Otherwise, your PC screen will be shared on the TV.

The specific steps may differ from Windows OS versions. Here we will discuss more details about Miracast in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

How to cast from PC to TV Windows 11

To enjoy wirelessly casting your PC's screen and audio to your TV on Windows 11:

  1. Step 1.Ensure that your TV has the casting feature and that your TV and Windows 11 PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Step 2.Click on the ‘Notifications’ icon on the taskbar at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and click on "Connect".
  3. cast Windows 11 to TV

  4. Step 3.Look for available wireless displays and choose your TV from the list.
  5. Step 4.You will see a message requesting that you allow the connection. Click on Allow.

Your Windows 11 PC screen is now mirrored on your TV.

How to cast from PC to TV Windows 10

To cast from a PC to a TV on Windows 10:

  1. Step 1.Ensure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Meanwhile, make sure to turn on Bluetooth in your PC and TV.
  2. Step 2.Simultaneously press down the "Windows key" and "I" key. This brings up the Settings app. 
  3. Step 3.Click Bluetooth & devices, and click Add device.
  4. cast Windows 10 to TV

  5. Step 4.Then click Wireless display or dock under Add a device pane. Then choose your TV to connect.

Your Windows 10 screen will now be mirrored on your TV successfully.

If Miracast didn't work for you, try the following methods instead.

Way 4: How to Chromecast to TV from a PC

How to Chromecast from PC to TV when you own a Chromecast device? Chromecast is one of the best streaming adapters used for screen mirroring. Google designs it, and just after buying once, it is free to use for a lifetime. It includes a USB cable connected to a TV port to start mirroring the screen from PC to TV.

Let’s discuss how to cast from PC to Chromecast in a few steps:

  1. Step 1.Attach the Chromecast device to the TV
  2. Connect the Chromecast device to the TV using the USB cable attached to the device.
  3. Chromecast from PC to TV

  1. Step 2.Wi-Fi connectivity
  2. Connect the PC and TV with the same Wi-Fi to start mirroring. Open the Chrome Browser on the computer.
  1. Step 3.Select the Chromecast device
  2. Click on the three dots menu on the browser and choose the Cast option. Select the Chromecast device name from the list, and your desktop screen will be cast on the TV.
  3. cast from Chrome browser to TV

If Chromecast PC to TV is not working, try these solutions. Or head to the next part for alternative methods.

Way 5: Screen Mirror PC to TV via AirDroid Cast

AirDroid Cast is one of the best methods to screen mirror PC to TV as it just takes a minute to cast the screen. It is a web tool that can play on any web browser providing a quality display for daily use. More importantly, you don't have to install the software on your smart TV using the web version of this tool, you don't have to create or sign in any account, and you don't worry about the annoying ads or watermark as it is clean and sleek even with the free version.

Airdroid Cast Web


  1. Screen mirroring requires a PC running the AirDroid Cast app.

  2. You need to connect your PC and TV to the internet for the screen mirroring from PC to TV.

  3. Connectivity to the internet may be local or remote.

  4. Your TV must have any browser where you will search for the web link and open the page to start mirroring.

2How to Cast from PC to TV via AirDroid Cast Web?

Casting via AirDroid Cast Web involves a few steps and takes even lesser time for screen mirroring than the AirDroid Cast.

Note: AirDroid Cast TV has been released in Android smart TVs, which enables you to wirelessly cast to your Android TV from any device, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, and even Linux and Chromebook. Therefore, if your TV is an Android smart TV (Android 5.0 or higher), follow this guide to mirror to Android TV seamlessly.

For casting screen from PC to TV, follow the steps:

  1. Step 1.Open the web browser
  2. Open the web browser on your TV and type to launch AirDroid Cast web version.
  3. AirDroid Cast Web

  1. Step 2.Download the app on your PC
  2. Click “Try It Free” button below to download AirDroid Cast on your PC. You can also install this app from its official website.
  1. Step 3.Start connecting
  2. Launch the app on your PC or laptop, and click "Cast to". Then enter the cast code on your PC to allow access. Soon after scanning, your PC screen will be casted on the TV.
  3. cast Windows to TV

3Video Tutorial to Stresm from PC to TV Wirelessly

4What Can AirDroid Cast Bring to You When Cast from PC to TV?

If you try it once for screen mirroring, you will realize that it provides an uninterrupted display on the TV. There are several applications available, but not all applications are perfect. AirDroid Cast Web ensures its functions are perfectly performed.

Faster Connection

With AirDroid Cast Web, no downloading is required at the receiver end, enabling screen mirroring within a minute.

Secure Platform

AirDroid Cast connection is secure, and no breach of data is possible.

Receiver Devices

It allows cross-platform sharing, so any device with the ability to run a web browser can be the receiver, including the mobile, PC, Tablet or Smart TV.

Remote Network Sharing

AirDroid Cast supports local and remote communication networks, so you can share the screen from a far-off distance.

3How to Stream PC to TV via Google Chromebit/Intel Compute Stick

Some of you may be wondering: how to screen share from laptop to TV using Google Chromebit or Intel Compute Stick? Don’t worry. We have assembled the detailed information about these tools.

Way 6: Via Google Chromebit

Google Chromebit is a device created to make your TV work as a PC. It is designed so that it does not have any power button. You need a Google account to log in to Chromebit. Plug the adapter from one end into the Chromebit while the other end to the power outlet.

cast PC to TV via Google Chromebit

Plug the Chromebit device into the TV's HDMI port and select the Wi-Fi network on your screen to enter the password. Use Bluetooth to connect the mouse and keyboard to the TV.

Most users adopt it due to two basic reasons. The first one is that it is smaller in size and easy to carry and secondly it is cheaper than other methods. It works well for YouTube videos, and the browsing speed is also fair.

User Review:

"Great product!...I do not play any games on this, as the device will obviously be underpowered. However, loading some rather buggy flash videos, mostly from TV sites, rendered dropped/low frame rates." - By Chris

However, Google Chromebit has been discontinued, which means that there is no software updated anymore. Thus we do not suggest this method unless you are tech-savvy. The outdated software can cause security risks and compatibility problems, preventing you from enjoying casting PC to TV.

Way 7: Via Intel Compute Stick

Intel Compute Stick is a plug-and-play device with a power button on the side. Windows updating takes some time and causes the device to get overheated. It also runs perfectly on Windows 10. It provides quality results up to 1080p videos.

cast PC to TV via Intel Compute Stick

User Review:

"I like the form factor and it's great hidden behind a TV. The main issue is the Celeron chip is too slow for anything but basic web browsing. This struggles with 4k videos." - By Kate & Tom

Intel Compute Stick has been updated constantly, but one of the reasons that scares people from giving it a try is that it has limited processing power, which makes it hard to do video editing or gaming. On the other hand, it limited storage will also be one of the key factors that stop you from casting PC to TV, because it will be lagging sometimes.

Simply put, Google Chromebit or Intel Compute Stick wouldn’t be a perfect solution when considering screen mirroring PC to TV. However, you can still give it a try when there is no better choice.

3How to Cast Popular Platforms from PC to TV?

Some popular platforms, such as YouTube and Steam, have featured the casting feature and allowed users to cast these platforms from PC to TV.

1How to Cast YouTube from PC to TV

Most laptops have a streaming feature that makes it possible to cast YouTube videos on your television. Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to cast video from laptop to TV.

  1. Step 1.Ensure that your laptop and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Step 2.Go to the video you want to cast from your laptop to your TV and click on the cast icon. The cast icon looks like a rectangle with a Wi-Fi signal inside and it is located in the corner of your screen.
  3. cast YouTube from PC to TV

  4. Step 3.It will bring out different devices. Click your TV from the list of available devices it brings out.
  5. cast to TV from PC on YouTube

  6. Step 4.There you have it! Your laptop screen will be mirrored on your TV.

2VLC Cast from PC to TV

VLC Media Player is a media player with an in-built streaming feature that allows you to cast videos and other media from your PC to your TV. Here is a step-by-step guide.

  1. Step 1.Connect your PC and TV to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Step 2.On your PC, open your VLC media player
  3. Step 3.Navigate to the video or audio you want to cast and open it by clicking on it. At the top of your screen, you will see the menu option. Click on the ‘playback’ option.
  4. cast VLC from PC to TV

  5. Step 4.Once you click on the playback option, you will see a menu drop down. Click on the ‘Renderer’ option.
  6. screen mirror VLC from PC to TV

  7. Step 5.Finally, choose the TV device you wish to cast to.

Your VLC PC Screen will now be mirrored on the TV

3Cast Steam Games from PC to TV

Can you cast games from PC to TV? The answer is YES! Streaming games from your PC to your TV can be done with Steam's in-built streaming feature. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do that.

  1. Step 1.Open Steam on your PC, log in to your account, and click on the Steam menu in the top left corner.
  2. Step 2.Click the Settings option and press Remote Play on the left sidebar.
  3. Steam Settings

  4. Step 3.Click on the box next to Enable Remote Play and press Advanced Host Options to adjust other settings to your taste.
  5. Steam Remote Play

  6. Step 4.Open Steam on your TV and log in to the same account.
  7. Step 5.Click on "Remote Play" from the main menu and select your PC on the list of available devices.

Your PC's screen is now on your TV!

4Useful Tips to Improve Your Experience to Cast PC to TV

To get the most out of casting your PC to TV, here are some useful tips to improve your experience.

Adjust Display Settings

To get the best effect from any casting process, it is advisable to configure your display setting properly according to your customized need. This is also an important factor to consider when the resolutions of two casting devices are not the same. You can adjust the display settings for PC via the Settings app.

Check the Sound Output

Some people may find the sound not working while screen mirroring from PC to TV, thus we suggest to check the sound settings in your Windows PC. More importantly, you should make sure to select your TV as the default output device. You can do this by navigating to speaker icon > Playback Devices > select TV > Set Default.

Use a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

It is highly recommended to use a wireless keyboard and mouse, saving you from sitting in front of your desktop. With a wireless keyboard and mouse, you can sit on the cozy sofa and enjoy the bigger screen.

Consider the Casting Range

Note that wireless casting comes with a limited range. If you go beyond the range, you might have to deal with connection issues or buffering. To avoid this, invest in a Wi-Fi range extender or move your PC closer to your TV.

5What You Can Gain from Casting PC to TV?

In this part, we will discuss about the benefits of casting from PC to TV. Here are examples of casting from laptop/desktop to TV you can enjoy.

Bigger Screen

When you cast laptop screen to TV, it is always a thrilling cinematic experience to watch your favorite game, shows and movies on a bigger screen. This is what you get to enjoy with a casting feature on your device. You can study using a bigger screen for better assimilation.

Better Gaming Experience

How much gaming enthusiasts enjoy their games on a larger screen is one that cannot be overemphasized. It is highly advantageous for multiple players as they can have much space and flex while enjoying the thrill of the game. 

Better Audio

Screen mirroring laptop to TV allows you to enjoy better audio quality while casting your PC on your TV. Most TVs come with a high-quality sound system. This is mostly enjoyed during movies or while listening to music.

Multiple Use

Casting your PC to your TV is a great way to digitally multitask. You can use your TV as your second monitor, hence allowing you to have two different digital workstations at the same time and also increasing your productivity. 

Sharing Content

You can share your content with people on a bigger screen with the casting feature. Whether it is a video, picture or presentation, all these can be windows by casting your PC to your TV.

6Problems You May Have While Casting from PC to TV

Sometimes casting your PC screen to your tv may not be as straightforward as we have described in this article. You may encounter a few hiccups that'll prevent you from successfully casting to your tv screen. We discuss some of these issues below, and how to fix them.

1Chromecast from PC to TV Not Working?

If you're unable to cast from your PC to the TV, after plugging the Chromecast device into your TV. Here are the steps to take:

1. Update Chrome Browser Version: It's possible that your Chrome browser is outdated. Simply update your browser to fix this issue.

2. Start Media Sharing Service: Press Windows key and R key at the same time, and enter services.mac in the bar and press Enter. Then you will see the Windows services pane pop up. Scroll and select Media Sharing Service, and enable this service.

Windows Media Sharing Service

3. Enable Network Discovery: Make sure your PC and tv are both set to have their networks discoverable. If one of them isn’t set to be discoverable, you may have issues connecting.

4. Disable Bonjour Service: If you use a Windows PC, then it probably has the Bonjour services running in the background. This service is great because it allows easy connection between supported devices while requiring zero configuration. However, it may affect your effort to cast your pc to your TV negatively, so it’s better you disable the service.

Windows Bonjour Service

5. Reboot the Chromecast Device: This is the easiest “reset” for any malfunctioning device. And it’s quite effective too, so long as there’s no major fault on the device. 

2Cast from PC to TV No Sound?

If you successfully cast from your PC to your tv, but there’s no sound output, here are the troubleshooting steps to take.

1. Make Sure the Volume Is Not Muted on the PC and TV: It’s possible that either your TV or the PC has its volume muted. If this is the case, simply unmute and you’re good.

2. Run Hardware Troubleshooter on Your PC: Check to be sure there’s no hardware issue on your PC. if there is, take the necessary steps to fix them.

Windows device troubleshooter

3. Set the Audio Output Device to TV on Windows PC: You may need to change your audio output device on your PC. Right-click the speaker symbol on the taskbar and select Open sound settings. Under the Output section, click to select the TV as your output device.

set TV as default output device

4. Update Audio Device Driver: Your audio device driver may be out of date. Go to your Device Manager in to update the audio driver automatically, or manually.

update audio driver

5. Update the TV to the Latest Software: Your TV’s software may require an update to function properly. Go to settings and see if an update is available. Update the software,and you should be able to enjoy casting to your TV.

update latest software

7Privacy & Security Risk of Casting PC to TV & How to Address It?

1Does Casting to TV Leave History?

Generally speaking, it won’t leave the history casting PC to TV. Casting to your TV only leaves the history of the cast content on the device that is used to initiate the cast (such as your phone or laptop), but not on the TV itself. For example, you can find the history on the media player or on the web browser, but it won’t leave the casting history.

However, it is always highly recommended to clear the browsing history and cache on the device after casting to ensure privacy.

2Is Casting PC to TV Safe?

Casting a PC to your TV can only be safe if you take the necessary precautions. If you do not know about this, we have some tips for you below.

1. Only allow known and authorized casting requests

It is highly recommended that only casting requests from authorized products known to you should be allowed. Also, allow casting requests only from devices you trust so you won't put yourself at any security risk. If you get requests from devices you do not know or trust, you should decline them. 

2. Use a strong Wi-Fi password

A strong password helps you secure your account from unwanted access. To enable this, use a combination of letters, numbers, and access that would be hardly guessed by other persons.

3. Change the default password of your router's Admin

Routers usually come with a desktop username and password. Ensure you change it into something unique.

4. Hide SSID of your router

The name of your WiFi network is your router's SSID. To be on the safe side, ensure you hide it because broadcasting it makes it easy to be subject to hacking. Once it is hidden, it becomes hard to find your network. 

5. Only casting under trustworthy Wi-Fi networks

It is highly recommended that you cast your devices under trusted Wi-Fi networks like your home network or networks you have to access with a password. Casting on public Wi-Fi is not secured and it can expose your devices to security threats. 

8FAQs about Cast PC to TV

How to Cast Windows 10 to TV?
On PC, open the Settings tab and click on Devices. Then open the Bluetooth and other devices tab and select ‘Add Bluetooth or other device’. Then select ‘Wireless Display or Dock’ and select the Smart TV you want to share the screen.
How to Cast Windows 11 to TV?
You can cast Windows 11 to TV using the HDMI cable. Connect cable from both ends with the PC and the TV and select the HDMI from the TV source. Windows 11 also supports Miracast for screen mirroring wirelessly.
How to Know If My TV Supports Screen Casting?
It is simple to check on the TV. Click on the Menu button from your remote and then select the ‘Apps’ tab to see Miracast or other screen mirroring options. If you find any app, it means your phone supports screen mirroring.
How to Connect Chromecast to Your Computer?
Open the Chrome browser on your computer. Click on the three dots and then the ‘Cast’ option. Click on the Chromecast device, which will connect to your computer.
What is the Best Way to Stream Video from PC to TV?
AirDroid Cast Web is the best way to stream videos from PC to TV as it is the fastest way for creating a connection between devices with no installation required at the receiver end. The audio and video results are outstanding with this web application.
How to cast from PC to TV without Chromecast?
If you want to cast PC to TV without Chromecast, you will select the possible methods according to your situation. If your PC and TV supports Miracast, then it is recommended to cast PC to TV via Miracast. Otherwise an HDMI or VGA cable should be working as well. Alternatively you can choose third-party screen mirroring software such as AirDroid Cast, especially when your TV is a smart TV.
How to cast PC to TV without Miracast?
It is no doubt that you can cast your PC screen to TV without Miracast. Chromecast would be a go-to option if you own a Chromecast device, or AirDroid Cast can bring much better streaming experience if you want to stream your laptop screen to TV. Another possible option is to cast PC to TV with HDMI or VGA cable, depending on the available ports and cables.
How to cast from PC to TV without Wi-Fi?
It is possible to screen mirror PC to TV without WiFi, and that means to connect your PC or laptop to your TV using a cable. Since the common casting features (Miracast and Chromecast) require WiFi network, you will need to connect PC and TV to the same WiFi to cast.
How to cast PC to TV without Bluetooth?
Wondering how to cast from PC to TV without Bluetooth? You can do that via a wireless screen mirror or a wired connection, and either method need Bluetooth to work, and they just need WiFi connection.

9Final Verdict

In this article, we have concluded that both ways are appropriate for screen mirroring, depending on the requirements you can fulfill. Using a wired medium, you can use either an HDMI cable or the VGA cable for screen mirroring. You will lose the connection if the cable is damaged from any part. You can use Miracast or third-party apps for screen mirroring for wireless mediums. AirDroid Cast Web is best for screen mirroring from PC to TV as it is the cheapest way with additional features that other screen mirroring apps lack.

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