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[Answered] How to Use Remote Control on Zoom?

Elsa Updated on Apr 27, 2023 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Do you know how to use the remote control on Zoom? There is good news for you, you can easily access another screen via Zoom because it has a pro feature "remote control", which allows you to control any device screen.

This feature enables you to get full access to the other’s screen, keyboard, mouse etc., and you can even copy text etc. from the screen of another Zoom user.

In this article, we will guide you on how to use remote control on Zoom.

1 What Is Zoom?

Zoom is a tool for video conferencing with inbuilt screen sharing feature. According to tech experts, one of the best video conferencing apps for team meetings, webinars and sale demos is Zoom.

Additionally, up to 50 people can join a room on the free plan, and up to 500 people can participate in paid plans. You can have multiple hosts. It is a very reliable app and this is considered the best for screen sharing under all circumstances.

If you have a poor network connection, you need not worry because Zoom handles the video connection by adjusting the quality. Zoom take control of remote screen quickly.

It is also compatible with non-Zoom users as it has a lightweight installer for all operating systems, Linux distribution, mobile OS etc.

2 Why You Should Remote Control on Zoom?

Reasons for using remote control on Zoom vary from person to person because people use this application for different reasons.

I remember during the COVID-19 the Zoom application was the most used application for online classes.

During the classes, the teacher usually used the remote-control feature to check kids' assignments and worksheets because, at that time, people were not able to submit papers physically.

During meetings, the employees use the remote-control feature of Zoom to grant screen sharing to the boss's computer or meeting room PC. In this way, they can show the work details and all files without wasting time on delivering files to each other.

Moreover, the remote control on Zoom is beneficial for checking your loved ones' laptops and computers to fix issues like the internet not working, software downloading issues, file transfer etc.

Additionally, my office software management team also uses this remote-control feature to fix all employees' PC issues quickly.

3How to Remote Control on Zoom?

Sometimes you feel it is more comfortable and easier to demonstrate than to explain. You need Zoom's remote control or remote support features in such circumstances. They enable you to have a varying degree of control over another user's screen.

The remote control enables you to have desktop control, app control, and computer restart. Remote support does work for both Windows PC and macOS computers.

While having a meeting, you can request remote control of another participant's screen, or they themselves can give control to another participant, but the method is almost the same.

How to Request Remote Control on a Zoom Desktop Application?

If you are attending a Zoom meeting on the computer and want to remotely control other participant devices to check files or something else, you can easily send a request to that person to remotely control that device:

  1. First of all, both devices should have Zoom application, join Zoom meeting.

  2. The one whose screen you are willing to control must share their screen by tapping the share screen present in the bottom toolbar.

  3. Tap the View options present on top of your in-meeting window.

  4. Choose “request remote control” and tap request in the pop-up window. The participant will receive a notification if they want to give you control of their device.

  5. If they click approve option, you will be able to control their devices.

  6. Tap inside the screen share to control the participant's screen.

  7. If you want to stop the remote control, tap on give up remote control option.

How to Give Remote Control Access on Zoom to the Desktop?

In different situations, we have to give access to our screen to someone via Zoom remote control. But the majority of us are not aware of how to do it. If you are interested in giving remote control access to someone on Zoom, here are some steps to do so:

  1. During the screen sharing on Zoom, tap on the remote-control option of Zoom and next tap on the given mouse and keyboard control option and choose a participant to whom you want to give full control of your device.

  2. After choosing the person, the participant can fully control your screen.

  3. If you want to stop that person from controlling your device screen, you can stop him by clicking on the option to stop sharing and abort control.

How to Use Remote Control on Zoom Mobile Devices?

If you are a mobile user and use Zoom on a mobile device to attend meetings or classes, you can still control another participant's screen easily. In this case, only the Zoom desktop participant can send you a remote-control request, and they can ask you for remote control access by sending a request.

  1. First of all, join the Zoom meeting on your Android device.

  2. After joining, ask your other participant to send your request about whom screen you want to control or want to share full control of your device.

  3. When he sends a request, accept his request and start controlling that person's screen.

4Alternative to Remote Control on Zoom

Are you thinking of controlling an Android device from a Windows PC? Screen mirroring and controlling Android screen from a PC is easy by using the AirDroid Cast screen mirroring app.

How to Use AirDroid Cast to Remotely Control Android Devices?

  1. Download and install AirDroid Cast on both devices (Android phone and computer).

  2. After installation, open AirDroid Cast desktop client on your PC; here, you will see three different options, but for remote control-click on the “Wireless” option.

  3. Here again, you will see two different options cast code or scan QR code, but for remote control, you have to use a 9-digit casting code.

  4. Copy this code, take your mobile device and open AirDroid cast , add this 9- digit code to initiate casting. After adding the code, click on start casting .

  5. You will receive a casting request on your PC, allow this by clicking on allow option.

  6. After accepting the casting request, your Android device screen will be shared on your PC.

  7. After successful casting, click on the control button in the AirDroid Cast left menu and initiate the remote-control request.

  8. Accept the control request on your Android phone, click on the Ok option, clicking you will be able to control your Android phone on PC.

5Usefult Tips for Remote Control with Zoom

Sometimes hosts want to enable multiple users to share Windows PC simultaneously, side by side with each other and do interaction by using a mouse and keyboard in a single attempt.

  1. For this, you will need to download the CO-screen in parallel to Zoom.

  2. Download and install the CO-screen app.

  3. Create a CO-screen account.

  4. Paste this link to CO-screen in the Zoom chat.

  5. All participants will join you in CO-screen.

6 Share Screen and Audio with the Zoom on iPhone or Android

If you want to share your screen with audio during a Zoom meeting on your phone, then you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Start or join a meeting.

  2. Click on share content button.

  3. Choose screen.

  4. Swipe up or press Home.

  5. Select “Start broadcast”.

  6. Tap on share device audio to turn it on.

  7. Swipe up or press the home button and open the app you want to share.

7 Conclusion

Zoom is an amazing application that assists with screen sharing or remote control. It helps in different ways like getting classes, sharing files, videos, etc. you can fully control any device with Zoom, but if you want to share an Android screen and remotely control it on PC/Mac, AirDroid Cast is the best choice for you.


Is the Zoom Remote Control Free?
Yes, the Zoom remote control feature is available free of cost; you can use this feature in the free version of Zoom. You don't have to spend money on this feature.
Is It Safe to Use an AirDoid Cast to Remotely Control Android on PC?
Yes, it is 100 percent safe to use AirDroid Cast for controlling android devices on pc because it does not state or share your data with anyone else.
Is Screen Sharing with Audio Available through Android with Zoom Application?
No, screen-sharing audio via Zoom is not yet available on Android.
Can I Talk While Screen Sharing to Audio on Zoom?
Yes, you can talk and screen share audio simultaneously.
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