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How to Use AirServer on Your Mac or Windows Device?

Charudatta Updated on May 5, 2023 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

AirServer is the desktop app that turns your computer into an HD streaming device. It allows you to bring audio, video, and virtual reality in sync so all participants of a meeting, presentation, or training session have access to this data in real-time.

With AirServer app you can mirror everything on your Mac or PC display including PowerPoint presentations, Keynote slideshows, Windows apps, HTML5 videos, and Unity games.

In this article, you will learn how to use AirServer. We also offer the best alternative application of AirServer, which allows you to mirror your smart-phone or PC screens to other PCs.

How Does AirServer Work?

AirServer works by providing you with remote projection. It offers cross-platform screen mirroring and also supports 4K UHD resolution. It is a performance beast that is very useful in an education setting for instance; teachers and students use it for presentation and completion of other complicated projects in groups.

Features of AirServer App

Supports 4K UHD resolution

AirServer is an all-in-one app that streamlines streaming media from your computer to your mobile devices. The advanced version of AirServer can simultaneously stream four screens from a single computer and supports 4K UHD resolution, making it perfect for live streams, online gaming, and more.

Ultimate performance

AirServer app is the World's first mirroring app that supports 4k UHD resolution and 60 frames per second and stunning retina graphics.

1airserver first

Support platforms

AirServer lets you stream your PC screen wirelessly to all major devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac OSX while also supporting high definition 1080p. AirServer offers cross-platform support for Android, iOS, and Windows 10.

Receive screen mirroring over AirPlay, Google Cast, and Miracast

AirServer app is unique because it ties into AirPlay, miracast and Google Cast, so if you have devices in your house with those capabilities, you can broadcast any content without having to install yet another 3rd party application.

Wireless guest network

AirServer not only allows you to cast and mirror representations of your mobile device on a TV screen, laptop, or PC screen, but it also comes equipped with a wireless guest network that allows any Wi-Fi-capable device to connect in order to stream from the same computer or mobile phone.

How to Use the AirServer on Your Mac?

AirServer allows you to use AirPlay or Chromecast to share your mobile device or Chromebook screen with your Windows or Mac laptop/desktop. This is a great tool if you do not have an Apple TV or a Chromecast but can project your desktop or laptop.

You can mirror your Mac display or use AirServer as an extended display for your Mac. This is how to use the AirServer on your mac:

  1. Download AirServer App for Mac. After installation. Open it and choose the "AirPlay icon" in the menu bar. You can "select Mirror Built-in Display" or "Use as Separate Display" for mirroring and extending your display.

2airserver setting

  1. Now choose your desired AirServer device from the menu.

3choose airserver

  1. After you connect the devices, screen mirroring will start and you will be able to view all your screen detail on Mac.

4connect airserver

How to Use AirServer on Your Windows?

To use the built-in screen projection in Windows 10 follow the given procedure.

  1. Download AirServer for Windows 7, 8, or 10.

5airserver for win

  1. Press Windows + K to bring a side panel. You may open the Connect sidebar menu by swiping from the right on your touchscreen.

6airserver setup

  1. From the side panel, choose your server and press connect.

7press connect

What Does AirServer Cost?

The price of AirServer Windows 10 Desktop Edition, PC, AirServer Mac, and Education License is $11.99. If you buy 10 licenses, the price will get lower to USD 9.99.

The education license is designed for educational uses i.e. schools, students, and teachers. In order to purchase an education license, an educational email address is required.

Each education license is of the value of USD 11.99 and it is used with only valid one computer.

Is AirServer a one time payment?

Yes. All licenses of this app, except for AirServer for Surface Hub, are sold for a one-time fee and are not subscription-based.

Free Alternative to AirServer – AirDroid Cast

If you can searching for a screen mirroring app which is free to use. AirDroid Cast is the free alternative to AirServer. It has some wonderful features which are mentioned below.

  1. AirDroid Cast helps you cast your Android/iOS/Windows/Mac to any PC and Mac.
  2. Several connection methods,you can cast your screen anytime and anywhere as you need.
  3. It supports remote control feature, you can remotely control your phone screen on PC.

How to use AirDroid Cast to screen mirror Mac/Wins?

To use AirDroid Cast for screen mirroring, follow the given steps.

Step 1. Free download and installation
Click "Try It Free" button or go to AirDroid Cast's official website to finish download and installation.
Step 2. Connect both the devices
Run AirDroid Cast in Launchpad; then, you will see the main interface. Now move the cursor to "Cast to" and then click.
Enter your remote computer's AirDroid Cast 9-digit Cast Code and your local computer, or click on the "Clock" to connect history computers.

Step 3. Start Screen Mirroring
The connection will be started immediately after entering the code.

Cross-platform screen mirroring

AirDroid Cast Support device with different systems Cast to PC includes Casting of Android device screen, iOS devices, Windows device screen, and macOS device screen.

It supports casting a maximum of five devices onto a computer at any given moment. With this in mind, you can view all of your PowerPoint slides for a presentation or online meeting.

Multi-connection options that you can choose

For screen mirroring mobile phone to PC, there are several methods to start casting. You can scan a QR code or enter "Cast code" by AirDroid, which is simple and convenient.

Another method is to use a USB cable to cast the screen. Using a USB cable will portray clear images and it will eliminate delays in real-time transmission.

It allows casting of your screen from any AirPlay-compatible device such as an iPad, iPhone, or even a Mac.

Remote projection and control

With AirDriod Cast, you can remotely project your screen to any other connected devices. Thus, you can share files such as documents, pdf, and other files, and read notifications, missed calls, and call logs.

It provides remote control over other devices. Users can remotely control their connected devices from any PC.


AirServer is the most comprehensive AirPlay mirroring app for all situations, ranging from entertainment to corporate presentations. It's the good tool to use when you need a versatile and convenient way to cast your screen from your Mac or PC.

However, if you want an alternative app, then I would recommend AirDriod Cast. It is one of the best screens sharing apps with the capability of cross-platform sharing, and control over remote devices and offers multiple methods of connection.

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