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What's Apple Version of PowerPoint and How to Use it?

Elsa Updated on Feb 6, 2023 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Do you have a job or school work that requires you to regularly create PowerPoint presentations? Having an extra program installed on your computer takes up space and often has a monthly cost that you may or may not use regularly. Luckily for Mac users, Apple has an app that allows you to create professional, well-organized presentations. The Macs version of PowerPoint or the Apple version of Powerpoint is Keynote.

Keynote can also be used to present an idea or topic during a meeting. In this article, you'll learn the benefits of using Keynote and how you can use it for school or work.

Part 1 : What Is Apple's Version of PowerPoint?

Keynote is an Apple-original app designed to help curate presentations and pages. The program is similar to PowerPoint, including many of the same features as Microsoft's program. Unlike PowerPoint, Keynote is free and comes pre-installed on Mac computers and laptops.

This program is great for students or anyone with a career to create a presentation to easily and effectively present your ideas. Unlike other presentation programs, like PowerPoint, Keynote doesn't necessarily contain many intricate design elements but just enough tools to create a professional presentation. Keynote has a variety of themes and styles for you to choose from.

Each theme contains a different layout structure and certain design elements, such as color and background. You can include different forms of media throughout your presentations, such as pictures, videos, and audio recordings.

Keynote allows you to create charts and stables to organize your data in a strategic way. There is an animal element that allows you to add a touch of personality to each project you create through Keynote. Once you've finished creating your presentation, you can play it like a slideshow or a movie,

Part 2 : How to Use Apple Keynote?

  1. Turn on your Macbook.
  2. Open the Launchpad and locate the Applications folder.
  3. Scroll through the applications until you find the app labeled Keynote. It is a blue icon with a white stand in the center.
  4. Double-click on the icon to open Keynote.
  5. The "Choose a Theme" Window should appear. Here, you'll find many themes to choose from.
  6. Browse through all of the different themes and find one that works for the project you're working on.
  7. Double-click a theme to open it. The theme will open once it's been successfully downloaded. There may be a delay, as not every theme is pre-downloaded onto your computer. So if your theme doesn't open right away, give it some time to finish downloading.
  8. Once it's open, you'll be presented with the theme's default layout; if you want to change the layout, select Format in the upper right-hand corner. Then, select Edit Slide layout at the bottom of the format window. Select the layout you want for this slide. You'll see a new selection of layouts to choose from on the left-hand side. You can also change each slide's layout once you are further into your presentation.
  9. Select the Add Slide button at the top of the toolbar to add a new slide.
  10. Each slide should have a designated area for you to add text. Double-click the designated area and begin typing your information. You can edit your text by highlighting it and changing the features on the page's right side.
  11. If you want to add an image or a video, simply find that image or video on your computer and drag it over your presentation. Letting go of the mouse will drag the media into Keynote and allow you to format it.
  12. To preview your Keynote presentation, select the Play button. When you're happy with your project, click File, Save, and name your presentation.

Part 3 : Is Keynote Compatible With PowerPoint?

Since Keynote is the Apple version of PowerPoint, you may wonder if the two projects are compatible. If you're trying to open a Keynote app, but you only have PowerPoint, you must first convert the Keynote project to one that is compatible with PowerPoint. There are many ways to do this, and the easiest way is to open the PowerPoint in Keynote and convert it. If you're trying to open a PowerPoint and only have Keynote, you're in luck.

The Apple Keynote presentation app allows you to open PowerPoint and other file types so you can use it as a universal program, no matter the type of project you have. If you create a document in Keynote and plan to send it to a co-worker or teacher, it may be helpful to first convert it into a PowerPoint document, as this program is still most widely used today. If they are using a PC, there isn't an Apple Keynote for windows, so, they may not have a compatible program that will allow them to open a Keynote file until it's converted.

How to Convert Your Keynote Presentations into PowerPoint Files?

Converting your Keynote presentations into a PowerPoint file is simple and easy. If you've made previous presentations and are wondering if you can convert these files as well, yes, you can.

  1. If you have a previous Keynote presentation, you can find it in your Launchpad, double click on its icon, and that should open the project in Keynote. If you don't have a previous project and want to create one, or you're currently working on one, simply open the Keynote app.
  2. Review your presentation and ensure you've added your finishing touches.
  3. When you're ready, select File in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.
  4. From here, you want to select the option that says Export To.
  5. When you export a file, this allows you to save it in a format that is outside of the default formats for the program.
  6. You should now see a list of export options labeled as PowerPoint. Select Next
  7. Now you can name or rename your presentation and choose the desired location to which you wish to save it.
  8. 1.After that, you can find your file in your chosen destination, and it will be in a PowerPoint format.

Your PowerPoint recipient should be able to open the file now, and you can continue to use and open the presentation in Keynote.

5 Amazing Tools For Delivering A Killer Presentation

1 Airdroid Cast

One of the best tools for a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation is Airdroid Cast. Airdroid Cast allows you to cast your Apple device to any receiver with access to the internet and any browser. If you are using an Apple or Mac product, chances are, when you try to present your project on a TV or presentation screen, you may not be able to cast it directly.

How to Cast your slides from Mac to the presentation screen? Here are the steps to do it.

  1. Turn on your TV or screen and make sure it’s connected to the internet. From there, open the internet browser and go to and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. You should see a QR code and image that you will later use on your Apple device.
  3. Download the AirDroid Cast application from the App Store.
  4. Once downloaded, you'll open the app on your Macbook and enter the QR code you see on the receiver's screen.
  5. Once entered, the two devices are connected, and you are able to cast your Macbook's screen to the receiver.

AirDroid Cast can improve your slide presentation because it allows you to control your screen directly from your Apple device. You don’t have to send your presentation to another computer or convert it to a PowerPoint; you simply use your device as you normally would. This allows you to better control and present your slide much easier.

Pros of using AirDroid Cast

  • It allows you to cast your Apple device to just about any screen.
  • You can cast multiple screens at once.
  • AirDroid Cast has a two-way audio feature that allows you to interact with another source while presenting if needed.


Slido is a poll app that allows you to create polls within a presentation. Polls are helpful for keeping your audience engaged, collecting data, and adding an element of interaction to your presentation. If you're presenting to a large audience, polls can be fun to help break up mundane information and keep them excited for the duration of your project.

You can also use Slido to vote on topics in the office, making it a convenient and eco-friendly way to take votes rather than collecting paper ballots.

Pros of using Slido

  • Collect data with ease
  • Keep your audience engaged throughout the entire presentation.
  • Receive feedback to help you better understand the audience’s reception.


iPresentee is an app that contains themes, layouts, and elements that can be downloaded directly into your Keynote app. Within iPresentee, there are video timers that you can include in specific signs. These timers are great if you are presenting a quiz or test as a presentation and have to allow a specific amount of time per slide.

You can also use presentation timers if you have designated break times. A large timer on your screen can help remind the audience when it's time to circle back and rejoin the presentation.

Pros of using All-In-One

  • Use creative layouts to elevate your presentation.
  • Record time throughout your presentation to help you stay on track
  • Their timer options allow you to create timed events throughout the presentation.

4Toolbox for Keynote

Toolbox for Keynote is an app you can download directly from the App Store. This app contains a variety of useful themes that are more advanced than the themes preloaded into Keynote. Once you download the app, you can download the different themes and open them in Keynote.

If you're looking for a more advanced way to present your ideas or want to add a more creative tone to your project, you can surely find the right one in Toolbox for Keynote.

Pros of using Toolbox

  • Provides professional templates not found in Keynote
  • Pre-made infographics to help inform your audience
  • Creative elements that add a touch of personality to your slides


Doodly is a high-tech video creation tool that adds a personalized touch to your presentations. In minutes, you can create a video illustration for any niche. Doodle videos are great for education, marketing, and helping your audience remember more intricate details of your presentations.

You can create your doodly video based on the topic of your presentation and then insert it into one of your Keynote slides. If you have your own images, music, and props, you can upload these into Doodly’s software and create a video animation that illustrates your specific needs.

Pros of using Doodly

  • You can choose between different backgrounds for your animation.
  • A variety of different video types allow you to change the structure of your video.
  • Can add background music and record your own voice directly into the video.

Part 4 : Final Thoughts

The Apple equivalent to PowerPoint, Keynote, is a fantastic alternative to create, organize, and present a topic or an idea. One of the best tools to help prepare you for your presentation is AirDroid Cast.

If you're using a Mac or Apple product, it's important to make sure you'll be able to present your project, regardless of the TV or receiver used. AirDroid Cast allows you to cast to most devices without physically hooking them up. This is a convenient and easy way to stream your presentation directly from your desk or chair, without having to carry around extra cords or worry about not having compatible devices.

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