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How to Screen Mirror on MacBook/iMac? [2023 Updated]

Elsa Updated on Sep 15, 2022 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring is a popular way to share your device screen on your Mac. The larger screen allows you to browse images, stream videos, watch movies, and do anything that you do on your phone. There are multiple ways to screen mirroring on Mac from other decives.

The article explains how to mirror on a Mac and a comparison of all screen casting methods. While talking about the best method, AirDroid Cast offers premium screen-sharing features and high-quality infographics. Its ease of connectivity and browser compatibility has made it the best choice for a screencasting app.

1How to Screen Mirror on Mac?

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to screen mirror to MacBook. It allows users share pictures on a big screen without uploading them first. Or perhaps you need to give a presentation quickly while your PC is connected to a projector. Here are a few effective methods to share your Android/iOS/Windows screen to Mac.

AirDroid Cast - Wirelessly Mirror All of Your Devices to your Mac

If you need a seamless screencast to MacBook experience without compromising on data security, look for a reliable third-party application. AirDroid Cast is a free app that allows users to cast devices across multiple platforms. Users can, however, purchase licenses of its paid version to utilize premium features. 

Its simple user interface and multiple features are making it a big hit in the last few months. It has fewer memory requirements and offers the majority of screen casting options for free.

One of its most useful features is that it can provide smooth streaming without any loading or errors. Using AirDroid Cast, you can share your screen between devices via a local or remote connection. 

How to Screen Mirror Android/iPhone/iPad to A Macbook?

Follow these steps to mirror your Android/iPhone/iPad screen to Mac using AirDroid Cast.

  1. Step 1. Download the app on both your devices
  2. Follow the link and you’ll be redirected to the AirDroid Cast download page. Here, you can download the app for both devices. Alternatively, the app is also available on the Android/iOS app store. 

  1. Step 2. Connect Android to Mac
  2. Launch the AirDroid Cast app on both Android and Mac devices. On the Mac screen, you’ll see a WLAN option, click on it.
  3. Now, you'll see two casting options: QR codes or 9-digit casting codes.
  4. Scan the QR code from the mobile AirDroid Casting scanner or manually enter a 9-digit code on your Android phone.
  5. Click on “Start Casting”. If you’re connecting for the first time, AirDroid Cast will ask for audio recording permission.
  6. When you click on start casting, a pop-up will appear on the Mac screen asking for permission for the Android device to mirror on Mac. Grant permission for casting.
  1. Step 3. Start screen mirroring
  2. Now screen mirroring android to MacBook process is complete, you can view the on-screen display of your mobile device on your Mac. You can control your Android/iOS phone on Mac by tapping on the hand icon at the left of the box.

How to Cast Windows/Mac to A MacBook?

  1. Download the AirDroid Cast App on both devices.
  2. On the main interface, select WLAN.
  3. Click on Share this computer screen. A pop-up window will appear asking to enter Cast Code.
  4. Enter your remote computer's AirDroid Cast 9-digit Cast Code, and your local screen will be displayed on the remote computer.
  5. Upon entering the code, the connection will be initiated immediately

AirServer - Turns Your Mac into a Universal Mirroring Receiver

AirServer allows users to stream HD content on their desktop computers. With this software, you can sync audio, video, and virtual reality so that all participants can access it in real time. You can mirror PowerPoint presentations, Keynote slideshows, Windows apps, HTML5 videos, and Unity games on your Mac display.

If you want to cast the iPhone screen to MacBook wirelessly, you’ll need a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. When it comes to casting Android screens to Mac, AirServer offers a simple method to connect devices. Here is a guide on how you can connect your iOS or Android to MacBook using AirServer:

How to screen mirror iPhone to Mac using AirServer?

To cast the iPhone screen to Mac, you need a Bluetooth-enabled device and AirServer. 

  1. Download and Install AirServer on Mac. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on both your iPhone and Mac.
  2. Choose "Search for devices" on your Mac to find your iPhone.
  3. Select your iPhone from the list of available devices and then tap Pair.
  4. Once all steps have been completed successfully, your iPhone screen will appear on your Mac computer.

Reflector 4 - Powerful Tools to Mirror Other Devices to Mac

It is a multi-functional and easy-to-use mobile screen mirroring app. Reflector allows users to wirelessly screen mirror iPhone to MacBook air. With Reflector, you can mirror your screen using Google Cast, Miracast, or AirPlay. You can even block authorized users from connecting.

No doubt Reflector is a good screencasting app, but its major con is its connectivity issues. Such problems can cause loading and lags during the cast. While comparing its screen mirror quality with its pricing ($33.99/year), it doesn’t offer value for money.

How to cast iPhone to MacBook using Reflector?

  1. Install a Reflector on your MacBook. If you haven't purchased it, you can use it for free for 7 days.
  2. Set up the same Wi-Fi connection on your MacBook and iPhone.
  3. In the Control Center on your iPhone, click Screen Mirroring.
  4. You will see a list of devices on the screen of your iPhone. Tap your MacBook's name from the list.
  5. To mirror your iPhone, click the mirroring toggle below the MacBook name.
  6. After connecting successfully, your iPhone screen will start mirroring on your MacBook. 

2A Comparison among AirDroid Cast, AirServer, and Reflector 4

Here is a comparison of the most significant features and limitations of the popular screencasting apps. By matching prices with reviews and limitations, you can compare whether the app is worth using or not.

AirDroid CastBasic screen mirroring features for Android/iOS/Win/Mac and browser are available for free. Offer full smartphone accessibilityNo screenshots and video features$27.99/year5 star
AirServerVersatile and convenient way to cast your screen from your Mac or PC.Doesn’t work for android $19.99/year3.6/5star
ReflectorElegant UI design and easy integration. Supports multiple platforms.Compatibility and stability problems$33.99/year4.2 star

3 Extra Tips- How to Cast from Macbook Pro to 2013 iMac?

With AirPlay, you can stream your Mac's display signal to your second or third-generation Apple TV. However, older Macs cannot stream AirPlay video due to hardware requirements, which means that older Macs can't mirror it. But don’t worry, you can still mirror your MacBook Pro to your 2013 iMac using third-party applications.

Majority of screen mirror apps such as AirParrot costs above $10. The free browser accessibility feature of AirDroid Cast can help you. Here are a few steps to cast from MacBook Pro to 2013 iMac.

  1. Download and open the AirDroid Cast app on your MacBook Pro. You’ll see a QR Code on the Mac screen.
  2. Follow the link “” to go to the AirDroid Cast webpage on iMac. 
  3. Enter the code from MacBook to iMac manually. 
  4. It will ask for your permission to start casting your MacBook to iMac. Grant the permission to start casting your Mac screen on the iMac.

4Final Take

With the advancement of technologies, people are now opting for screen mirroring options. Multiple screen casting apps are available on the internet. Along with pros, every app has its cons, the most common of them is the compatibility issue.

The article listed a few effective methods to screen mirror to MacBook including AirDroid Cast, AirServer, and Reflector. The comparison of their pros, cons, and pricing shows that AirDroid Cast is the best way to cast to MacBook. Its easy user interface, compatibility with all devices, and free accessibility of casting features make it stand out from others.

Popular Questions about Mirroring on Mac

What is the mirror folder on Mac?
You can create a Mirror folder that syncs to your storage device. You can edit, add, or delete files in one folder and Toolkit updates the other folder automatically.
Can I mirror my Android to my MacBook via USB?
Install AirDroid Cast on both devices (Android and Mac). Open the app on Mac and connect the USB cable to Android and the Mac. Choose the USB cable option on your Mac, and then select your Android device. Now, you can view your Android screen on your Mac.
Can I mirror what's on my iPhone onto my Mac?
The iPhone can stream videos, photos, and audio to a nearby Mac. Also, you can mirror the screen of your iPhone on your Mac. (macOS Monterey 12 or later required.)
Why is mirror share not working?
Turn on your AirPlay-compatible devices and place them closer. Make sure your devices are updated with the latest software and are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If your devices are not working properly, you may need to restart them. If you're still facing an issue, try casting the screen on Mac with the AirDroid Cast app.
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