The Best Remote Camera Monitoring Solution 2022

Whether you are the parent of a newborn child or owner of a fussy pet, or even someone just concerned about your security, having a remote camera to monitor your surroundings can be handy. There has been a rise in remote security monitoring solutions. Chances are you already have a surveillance camera set up somewhere in your home.

But did you know that you can also use your smartphone for remote camera monitoring? AirDroid Personal allows you to use your smartphone's camera as a remote camera that you can use to keep an eye on your kids or pets while you work in another room. If you don't want to spend money on buying new surveillance equipment, this is the best option for you!

Part 1: What's the Use of Remote Camera Monitoring?

Contrary to popular belief, remote video monitoring services are not only useful for big companies or offices that want to take proper security measures, but they can also be helpful in your daily lives. You can use remote video surveillance monitoring to keep an eye on your child or pet, spy on someone, or even for cooking.

There are many different innovative ways to use a remote monitor. Here are just a few ways remote monitoring can be helpful to you.

Baby Monitoring

Being in charge of a child can be very hectic. They need to be under constant attention, even when they are asleep. This gives you little time to work, eat, or even shower. A remote camera monitor can allow you to monitor your baby while doing some chores.

If your baby is asleep or you have a toddler playing on their own for a while, you can use this monitor to watch them while you go to another room. If anything happens, you'll be able to see them through the monitor or hear noises. So it's a must-have for any parent!


There's also the traditional use of remote viewing security cameras. You can use them in front of your door or near your garage to detect if there's any suspicious activity going on. Depending on what kind of monitoring system you use, you can check in real-time if something is going wrong.

Or you can also check old surveillance footage after something has gone wrong to see if you can catch the perpetrator in action. Most homes nowadays have some form of surveillance system to help with this.


Another slightly questionable use of remote monitoring is to spy on someone. If you are afraid that your spouse is cheating on you, you can use these kinds of apps and systems to spy on them.

You can also use these monitors to keep an eye on your teenagers. Check what they are doing in their rooms or when you leave them home alone. Monitor if they are adopting bad habits or mixing with the wrong crowd.


This use is a little unconventional, but you can use your remote camera to keep an eye on your cooking or baking. Often it can be difficult, not to mention boring, to keep staring at a cooking pot.

You can keep an eye on your food as it cooks while you do other work. This way, you can check if it's burning, if there's smoke, or if anything has gone wrong without standing and staring at a pot for hours.

Part 2: Three Ways to Remotely Monitor a Room

There are many different ways to monitor a room or area remotely. Let's check out three other methods to use the one that works for you.

Use AirDroid Personal

If you don't want to buy new equipment or install cameras, the easiest way to remotely monitor a room is just by using your phone. As long as the AirDroid app is installed on the phone, you can use an old phone as a camera or even use the phone of someone in the room to monitor it using the AirDroid Remote Camera feature remotely.
remote camera

This feature allows you not only to look at the surroundings of the camera but can also hear sounds in the room. This is especially helpful if you're worried about your child crying in another room while you work. It can also be beneficial to spy on conversations.

If you have an old phone that you no longer use, you can use the whole thing as your remote monitor. Whether for pets, babies, or even cooking, this app can turn any smartphone into a remote monitoring camera.

This is a great remote desktop monitoring software since you can also log in to AirDroid Web to use this feature, and you don't even need to download any new apps. The web version works on Androids, iOS, and even Linus or macOS devices.

Even more remarkable is that the AirDroid app has many other features like file transfer, remote control, screen mirroring, etc., allowing you to use the app even when you aren't monitoring anything. It's a great multi-purpose tool to have on your phone. Think of it as the Swiss Army Knife of apps.

So if you are looking for the best remote monitoring software, AirDroid is pretty high up on the list!

Use a Baby Monitor

If you didn't already know, some devices are meant to monitor babies with a camera called baby monitors remotely. You can also use them as pet monitors or any other way you want. But essentially, these are like walkie-talkies. You place the receiver near the baby and take the other end with you wherever you go.

There are a lot of different varieties out there. Some let you hear the noise and only receive audio. Others have a remote camera that allows you to see footage of the baby or wherever you have placed the device. Some options connect to your phone, and you can use your phone as the viewing device while another remote camera is used as the receiver.

While baby monitors are a great widget, they do not come with many features and are mainly basic baby monitors. So once your baby grows up, you won't find much use for it.

Install Surveillance Cameras

You can also go the traditional route and install surveillance cameras around the house. Whether you need it in the baby room or want to use it for security, this method works great for long-term results.

You can take a look at the surveillance footage in real time as well as go over them later if something happens. There are software that allow you to connect your surveillance cameras to your PC.

It's much less convenient for other uses, though, as you cannot move it, and you probably need a desktop or remote pc monitoring software to check the footage. These are just cameras you install around the house, so they do not have a lot of features. Often they won't even record sounds.

Surveillance cameras are a widely used remote monitoring method that works best for security purposes. But if you are looking for something a bit more compact and discreet, then this might not be the best bet for you.

Part 3: Conclusion

Now that you know how easy remote camera monitoring is, you can find a lot of use for it in your day-to-day life. There's no need for expensive remote viewing cameras or equipment; you can install an app to monitor your devices' surroundings from another place. Whether to keep an eye on your baby or as a security measure, it's a great tool.

And remote monitoring gets much easier when you use an intuitive and easy to operate application like Airdroid.


Can you record footage with AirDroid Remote Camera?
Some people might prefer surveillance cameras as they record everything. However, you can also screen-record and take pictures with your AirDroid remote camera feature. You can choose what to record and what to monitor.
Do you need internet for Remote Camera Features?
Usually, yes, you need Wi-Fi or data to use your remote camera features. In the case of a traditional baby monitor, you might not need internet as long as the monitor only transmits sounds. These monitors use radio waves for transmission. But otherwise, most monitor systems require internet.
Does remote camera monitoring work both ways?

No, AirDroid's camera monitoring system and most other monitoring systems only transmit data one way. So if you do not want the other person to know that you are monitoring them, you can rest assured with AirDroid.

The sounds and video are only transmitted one way. The one-way audio lets you keep your ears alert and check on the baby without staring at the screen all day.

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