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2023 Best 7 File Sharing Apps for Android/iOS/PC

Charudatta Updated on Nov 8, 2022 Filed to: File Transfer

If you have an Android smartphone, you are aware that you will require a driver. This will make it a lot easier for you to move your files from one phone to another. Data transport is usually a time-consuming process. All of these difficulties may be prevented by just using a trustworthy file-sharing app such as AirDroid Personal. This article will be covering the best file-sharing app.

Part 1. List of the Top 7 File sharing Apps

1.AirDroid Personal - Best cross-platform file-sharing app 

There are a variety of file-sharing apps available for all major platforms, including Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Web online. You can find a variety of programs with a fully functional app store at your disposal. You can find a list of the top cross-platform file-sharing apps to help you get the most out of your devices. AirDroid Personal is a must-have program for everyone looking for the simplest and smoothest way to wireless share or transfer data from one device to another.

AirDroid, unlike other programs, also allows you to check and respond to phone notifications from your computer. It is, without a doubt, one of the best file-sharing apps for PC, Web, Android and iOS.

airdroid file transfer

Key Features

  • Cross-platform compatibility that supports Android, Mac, iOS, and windows.
  • Wirelessly transfer and manage files on the phone/PC with ease.
  • Provides file backup and synchronization services.
  • Support transfer of multiple file types: video, music, excel, words, ppt, pdf, pics, etc.
  • Transfer files with original quality, without losing quality or compressing files.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is a no-brainer program that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the company's productivity tools and apps. Google Drive's file-sharing features include the ability to share photographs, videos, presentations, recordings, contacts, spreadsheets, and more.

google drive

It's probably the safest place to save all of your essential files and share them with friends and family with a simple link. For starters, it provides 15 GB of free storage space. As a result, it is the most effective file management and sharing software for individuals.


    • Link file sharing used
    • Easy Access files with cloud storage anywhere
    • Work seamlessly and simultaneously together


  • Limit the file size you can upload in a day
  • Internet connection is necessary for real-time sharing

3. ShareIt

Shareit is probably the most popular file-sharing app on the iPhone, and it has proven to be reliable time and time again. It also functions as a music player, in addition to standard file sharing functionality like video, audio, and document sharing.


The newest version is of ShareIt compatible with iOS 7.0 or later versions and supports 29 different languages.


  • It can wirelessly transfer your data between other cellphones
  • The basic version of SHAREit is free
  • It also has other entertainment options, such as the ability to watch movies and listen to music.


  • The method of connecting both devices can be hard
  • It can only transmit a handful of data kinds and most of the content will be missed
  • To use its premium version, you must pay $9.99.

4. Zapya

Zapya is one of the p2p file-sharing applications. You may need to transfer huge documents and files from your device to another mobile device on occasion. The issue is that sending huge files via cellular data can be exceedingly expensive.


Zapya is a file-sharing service that has gained a lot of popularity among its users. Zapya is racking up brownie points with features like AirDrop for file sharing between iOS and Mac devices and QR Code Sharing for quick file sharing via QR codes. Zapya supports 6 languages and is compatible with iOS versions 7.0 and higher.


  • It's easy to use and doesn't necessitate any complex setup.
  • Allows you to connect several devices to a wireless network.
  • Provides file transfers that are both quick and free.
  • Allows for unlimited file transfers.
  • It has a built-in media player as well as a gallery.


  • HD videos must be supported by the media player.

5. Xender

It's never been easier to share files. With a single click of the button, Xender may share anything from documents to photographs to videos. It delivers files to devices other than iPhones in a matter of seconds without using the internet or Bluetooth. Its most recent version includes 'Phone Replicate,' which enables switching to a new iPhone simple. You can use this capability to transfer all of your data from one iPhone to another. It works with iOS 8.0 and higher without issue. Xender is number one on our list of the Top 10 File Sharing Apps for iPhone because it supports 17 languages.




  • Xender offers a wide range of functions in a single software.
  • Data may be transferred across platforms (iOS, Android, and PC).
  • The original quality of your data is preserved.


  • In the free version, there are a lot of annoying adverts and pop-ups.
  • There are challenges with connectivity across different models.

6. Slack

Slack allows you to easily share files with your team. Slack files are not only searchable, but they also provide context for your team's conversation about the document. Share files with your team to obtain feedback and collaborate on decisions.


Any conversation can have photographs, videos, or documents added to it. Search channels for the files you require, as well as the discussions that surround them.

7. Dropbox

However, the program includes the ability to transfer files via links, which is sufficient in most cases. Dropbox, unlike the other programs on this list, is only free for up to 2GB of files.


The onboard doc scanner allows you to convert paper documents into normal PDF files, which is a fantastic function that comes in handy in a variety of circumstances. You can instantly turn your receipts, notes, and other documents into a shareable internet file by taking a picture of them. Dropbox is ad-free and contains no advertisements. An in-app purchase can be made to add more storage to the app.

Part 2. Comparison Table of The Top 7 File Sharing Apps

Depending on the factors mentioned above, we have shortlisted the best 7 file-sharing apps for you. Here is a brief overview – and comparison – of the programs under discussion.

File-Sharing App

Security Mechanism  

Ease of Use

Storage Plan


Rating out of 5

AirDroid Personal

Cutting-edge security protocol to protect users’ data.

Very easy to access and use

No size limit under the local network. Share as many files as you want.  

Universal compatibility. Works on all platforms including Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Mac, and web browsers.


Google Drive

Encryption in transit and at rest.

Easy to use

15 GB free plan.

Works on all platforms.  



The company claims advanced encryption algorithms but users often complain of missing data

Difficult for beginners

Get the premium version for $9.99/month to send unlimited data

Windows, iOS, Android



Secure, encrypted transfer

The app has a tricky interface.

No upper size limit but the transfer speed reduces significantly with larger files

Supports most mobiles and computers but shows issues with older devices



Extra secure

Modern interface

There are no file size restrictions for the premium version.

Connectivity challenges with different devices



Uses FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption standard

Can be difficult for non-technical users in the beginning

5GB free transfer.  

It is available for all platforms. But supports a handful of data types.



Advanced 256-bit encryption mechanism

Quite easy to use

2GB of data is free.  

Works on all platforms without any hassles


Part 3. How You Choose the Best File Sharing Apps

With the internet inundated with such apps, it becomes even more important to shortlist the programs that meet your requirements.

After scouring the internet, we have found that the below factors play a key role in determining the viability and efficiency of a file-sharing app. Let’s dive in!

1. File-Sharing Capabilities

Go through the notable functions and features of the app and assess if they come up to your expectations. Features like security mechanisms, totally free storage space availability, compatibility with different platforms and devices, and so on.

2. Security and Privacy

The security that your data is encrypted and privacy that no unauthorized user can access your data are also very important. Therefore, when a user selects a tool for file sharing or uses it as cloud storage, security and privacy also matter.

3. Ease of Use

No matter how great an app is, it won’t mean a thing if you can’t use it. Depending on your technical skills, go for the app you’re comfortable with using.
Some file-sharing tools are quite tech-savvy and have steep learning curve. Thus, choose the tool that has a sleek and friendly interface.

4. Price

Don’t forget checking the price of a file-sharing app. Most of these tools provide several premium plans to offer more flexibility to users. Still, there can be a visible difference in the cost of two apps that you wish to use – which depends mostly on the features they provide.
Always check the price tags and narrow down the program that can buy without putting a strain on your bank account.  


When it comes to apps for file-sharing, Android users have always had an advantage. Windows and Macs have native tools for this, and Android does as well, but only through third parties. There are many third-party programs available, however many of them are ineffective or lack capabilities. This article tried to sum up the finest file-sharing apps on the market to see which ones stood out the most including the best file-sharing app for iPhone. This post provides a comparison of them to assist you in selecting the best one for you.


Q1. Why is file-sharing not showing up on iTunes?
Click File Sharing in the left sidebar. Chose an app and see which files on your device are available for sharing in that app. If there is no File Sharing section, your smartphone does not have any file-sharing apps.
Q2. What is file-sharing android app source code?
The file can only be opened with a key. Without keys, you won't be able to open the files. It will also increase safety.
Q3. What types of files can I send and receive using AirDroid Personal?
AirDroid Personal allows you to transfer a wide range of items, including images, movies, APKs, music, documents, and more.
Q4. When transferring high-definition photos and movies with AirDroid Personal, is the image quality compressed?
No, the AirDroid file transfer is lossless, which means that the original image quality is preserved without compression.
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