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How to Transfer Files From PC to PC?

Elsa Updated on Mar 14, 2023 Filed to: File Transfer

Whether you're switching from one PC to a new one, want to share files with a colleague or friend, or want to transfer large volume data across PCs, you want a fast and reliable solution. You need to transfer files from PC to PC without suffering a long time, data privacy threats, and corrupted files. Therefore, we have listed the best methods about how to transfer files from PC to PC without any hassle.

Part 1: Direct File Transfer

Method 1: Transfer Files From PC to PC With External Storage Media

PC-to-PC file transfer is easier with the External Storage Media, and it doesn't take much time depending on the speed of external storage media. A hard drive, SD card, mobile phone, or USB Drive is usually considered external storage media to transfer files from PC to PC.
external storage

Here is the step-by-step method to transfer files from PC to PC using the first method:

Step 1: Connect External Storage Media To Transferring PC
You will connect it to the first PC depending on the type of external storage device. It will be the PC from which you want to transfer files to another computer.
Step 2: Copy and Paste Files to External Storage Media
Once connected, go to the folder where the files to be transferred are located. Select and Copy the Files or Folder. Go to the External Storage Media from My PC, open the folder, and paste the files.
Once done pasting data, disconnect the device from the first PC.
Step 3: Connect External Storage Media to Second PC
Now connect the same storage media to the second PC where data has to be transferred.
Step 4: Copy Files From External Storage Media
Go to My PC > External Storage Media (USB C/B/D) and copy the files if you want to copy all files, press Ctrl + A to select all and then Ctrl + C to copy files.
Step 5: Paste Files to Destination Folder
Go to the destination drive and folder of the PC where you want to paste the data. Press Ctrl + V, and all copied files will be transferred from one PC to another PC.

Method 2: Transfer Files From PC to PC Via Transfer Cable

You can also use the transfer cable for file transfer from PC to PC. Data transfer over cable is usually much speedier than the external media. All you need is a Transfer cable that can be connected to both PCs. The data transfer speed for PCs with 3.0 ports is even faster. Here is the step-by-step guide to transferring files from PC to PC using the transfer cable.

usb drive

Step 1: Connect PCs Using USB Cable
Connect the two PCs you want to use for transferring files with the help of a USB cable. Wait for both PCs to recognize the USB and start the installation wizard.
Step 2: Choose Installation Type
Once the process begins, you will be asked about the installation type, and you have to choose USB Super Link Adapter and hit Next. Moving forward, you will select High-Speed Data Bridge from the drop-down menu of Mode.
Step 3: Run 'Devmgmt.msc"
Go to the start menu, select Run, type devmgmt.msc, and hit enter button. Expand System Devices and double-check that the USB cable has been selected to HI-Speed USB Bridge Cable as you did in step 2.
Step 4: Install Transfer Software
It's time to install transfer software on both PCs. Insert the installation CD in the CD ROM of your first PC, follow the installation instructions, and you will install it on your first computer. The same process must be repeated on the second PC to transfer files from PC to PC.
Step 5: Launch Program On Both PCs
After completing the installation, launch the transfer software on both computers. Your PC screen will show a side-by-side window.
The right-side window will show the remote computer to which you want to transfer data. The left side will show your own PC from which files are to be transferred.
Step 6: Move Files From One PC to Second PC
Simply drag and drop files from your PC to the remote PC to the desired folder. Once you complete transferring files from one PC to the second, disconnect them by unplugging the USB cable.

Method 3: Transfer Files From PC to PC Via Email

When you are asked how to transfer files from PC to PC, it's probably the simplest way to transfer files. Here is how you can transfer as many files as you want from one PC to any PC.


Step 1: Log Into Your Email Account to Transfer the PC
Firstly, go to the email application of your PC, or log in to your email address from a web browser. You can use Gmail, Yahoo, or any email service provider you are a user of.
Step 2: Send Files to Email Address of Remote PC Owner
Create a new message, enter the email address of the receiver PC owner, select the files to be transferred, and send.
Step 3: Log In Receiver Email on Remote PC
log in to the receiver email on the second PC using an email application or web browser.
Step 4: Download the Files to PC
Open the sender's chat, download the files to your PC, and that's it!

Part 2: Transfer File From PC to PC Via Transfer Software

Using AirDroid Personal

We have the best solution for you if you want a wireless, hassle-free, and fastest way to transfer files from PC to PC. Although it doesn't support a direct connection between 2 PCs, Android can be used as a bridge to transfer files.

AirDroid Personal is an Android management tool that lets you transfer data across devices, remote control an android or Apple smartphone from a PC, create backups, etc. AirDroid is an all-in-one App for seamless file transfer, screen mirroring, remote accessing a device, managing notifications, etc.


Some pros of using AirDroid Personal as an answer to how to transfer files from PC to PC are as follows:


  • Fast file transfer wirelessly;
  • Multiple OS compatibilities like iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows;
  • An all-in-one data backup, file management, and file transfer tool;
  • Transfer documents, images, videos, audio, and other file formats.

Here is how you can transfer files from PC to PC using fast & lossless AirDroid Personal:

Step 1: Create Two Different Accounts
 Create 2 AirDroid accounts and login into AirDroid on both PCs. 
Step 2: Add Friends
On the PC from which you want to transfer files, open AirDroid and click on the "Transfer Files" > "Add Friends" icons. Then input the other AirDroid account's email to add friends. 
Step 3: Send Files From PC to PC
Once added, on the first PC, Simply copy files from your PC and paste them into the box. You can alternatively use the drag-and-drop function to copy files. Click on the "Send" button.
Once the transfer is complete, you can access the transferred files on the second PC.

Part 3: File Transfer From PC to PC Via Cloud Storage

Whether you use Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, or any other cloud storage, you can easily transfer files from PC to PC. It's a simple and easy method. However, you might need a good internet connection when uploading or downloading data.


Here is how to use cloud storage(Google Drive) and transfer files from PC to PC:

Step 1: Login To Your Google Drive
For file transfer from PC to PC, log in to your Google Drive account from a web browser of PC 1.
Step 2: Upload Files From PC 1 to Google Drive
Tap on Upload, and you can choose files or folders which you want to transfer from PC to PC.
Step 3: Log Into Your Google Drive on PC 2
Once files are uploaded, log in to your Google Drive account from the web browser of PC 2.
Step 4: Download Files From Google Drive to PC 2
Download the files on your second PC from Google Drive.

Part 4: File Transfer from PC to PC Via Share Over LAN or Wi-Fi

Last but not least, sharing over LAN or Wi-Fi is one of the best ways to transfer files from PC to PC. Here is how to transfer files using a LAN cable:

Step 1: Connect PCs Using LAN Cable
Take an ethernet cable and establish a connection between the two PCs by connecting through a LAN cable.
Step 2: Change Advanced Sharing Settings
Go to Control Panel > Network & Internet >Network & Sharing Center > Change Advanced Sharing Settings >
Turn on Network Discovery > Turn on File and Printer Sharing.
Turn on Sharing so anyone with network access can read and write files in the Public folders.
Turn off password-protected sharing
Step 3: Share Folder From Source Computer
Select a folder that you want to share and right-click >Share with >Specific People. File-Sharing Menu will open. Drop down menu > Everyone > Add > Share. The file transfer will start, and once it's completed, hit Done.
Step 4: Access Shared Folder on Destination Computer
Now go to your destination PC, go to File Explorer > Network(Left Pane) > Double Click Source Computer > Enter Password(if protected) > Shared Folder >Copy Files > Paste to Destination Folder.

Part 5: Conclusion

We have discussed different methods of how to transfer files from PC to PC. Every method we share has its own pros and cons. However, if we have to choose the best method to transfer files from PC to PC, it will be AiDroid Personal. It's not only a safe way to transfer files, but no internet connection is also established. It's a fast and lossless data transfer method. Above all, if you have AirDroid Personal, it's more than just a data transfer App.

You can download AirDroid on your devices and transfer files quickly.


1. What Kind of Files Can I Transfer From PC to PC?
You can transfer all types of files from PC to PC. Whether you want to transfer movies or photos, documents or audio, it’s possible.
2. Is It High-Definition Transfer Via Cloud Storage?
Usually, the transfer via cloud storage is called high-capacity or high-definition transfer, depending on the speed of the internet connection. It is also called high-definition transfer as high-capacity storage servers are working behind to transport large volumes of data.
3. Which Way Is the Fastest Way to Transfer Files from PC to PC?
AirDroid Personal is the fastest way of all file transfer apps. There’s almost no setup time. It doesn’t require wire connections or an internet connection, and it’s a safe way to transfer data.
4. Is It Available to Transfer Files Among Different Window Systems?
Yes, you can transfer files among different windows systems using the file transfer over LAN and Wi-Fi. Besides, AirDroid Personal also lets you transfer files across different Windows systems.
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