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Yubo App Review: Is the Social App Provides Better Connection for Teens

Elsa Updated on Jan 11, 2023 Filed to: Parent Control

In a fast-paced world like the one we live in right now, many of us hide behind a computer screen and don't get the time to sit, connect, and mingle with people in person anymore. Mostly because of the nature of most digital-savvy work or the fast-paced life, there is not much time an individual can enjoy in libraries, cafes, or events mingling with strangers and making new friends.

Like many other aspects of life, the internet and digital platforms have also taken over this aspect of our life. Now we don't roam around galas or sit alone in libraries to make friends in the 21st century. Still, we pick up our phones and hop on a connectivity app to mingle with people from all across the globe.

Yubo app

One such app is the Yubo App, highly praised and loved by teenagers who are devoid of real friendships and relationships in their real life and depend on the internet to find like-minded and like-favored people. Yubo is an online entertainment application that urges youngsters to track down new companions by permitting them to swipe left or right to interface and live stream.

What Does Yubo App Contain?

So, what is Yubo App in reality, and what is Yubo used for? Yubo is a virtual entertainment application made in 2015 by French design understudies. Initially called Yellow, it was a Snapchat buddy application to assist clients with tracking down companions before turning into its application. It currently has 60 million clients around the world.

Yubo app review

Its social disclosure includes supporting fellowship with individuals from everywhere in the world. Clients swipe among profiles, and live recordings spilled to meet new individuals with comparable interests. There are discrete networks for those aged 13-18 and those beyond 18 to protect teenagers on the application. Many also think, is Yubo a dating app? Then why not? Yes, it is if you want it to be.

The 'Yuboverse' allows clients to live stream with up to 10 individuals, play virtual games, and offer screens.

Who Are Avid Users of the Yubo App?

Yubo App is generally famous among 13-25-year-olds, which make up an expected vast majority of clients. It acquired notoriety as of late, particularly over the coronavirus pandemic that saw more cooperation on the web. For example, from December 2019 to November 2020, the client base expanded from 25 million enlisted clients to over 40 million. In 2022, it flaunted 60 million clients, showing mind-boggling development lately.

How Does the Yubo App Work?

You cannot go ahead when you download the application without making an account and logging in first. That's what to do, then. To finalize your account, you must enter your birthday, transfer a new image of yourself and enter your telephone number. Photographs of pets are not acknowledged; they should be a photograph of yourself. Clients then undergo personality and age confirmation before utilizing the stage.

Live streaming: Like other applications, clients can live stream continuously through the application. Anybody on Yubo will want to see their live transmission and send messages, in addition to their companions. The client real-time the video can pick whether to add watchers as new companions interfacing with companions.

live streaming on Yubo

The live streaming element is the application's center component and contacts individuals with comparative interests.

Get to know new Individuals: Yubo's plan urges clients to befriend individuals from everywhere. Individuals can demand others to be their companions by associating through Swipes and live streams. Clients can set channels for the age, orientation, and area of the substance they need to see.

What Is the Age Limit of the Yubo App?

Yubo clients should be somewhere around 13 years of age to utilize the application. When registering, you should give your date of birth, name, orientation character, portable number, and a photograph plainly showing your face.

The Yubo application checks your age through age assessment through photographs. Be that as it may, if you seem more established than your expressed birthday, you should give your ID to demonstrate your age. Yubo does this, to some extent, to restrict undesirable contact from grown-ups.

Safety Features of the Yubo App

As a parent, many might think, is Yubo App safe? As Yubo changed from a Snapchat sidekick application into its foundation, the makers have tracked down various ways of guarding its clients. They do this through:

Age and personality confirmation: when a client joins, they should finish a vigorous age and character check that demonstrates they are whom they say.

Separate networks: under-18s and grown-ups can't speak with one another; they each have different networks.

Block and report capabilities: Yubo clients can obstruct or report different clients and content conflicting with local area rules.

Muffled words: Clients can set quieted words for 'everybody' or 'everybody aside from my companions.' It assists them with assuming command over what outsiders can tell them.

Content control: Yubo checks profiles, screens live streams, and screens direct messages to assist with forestalling hazardous ways of behaving and guilty parties

Spring-up cautions: If a client is going to share something private like their telephone number or where they reside, a spring-up will assist them with reconsidering.

Custom Swipes: clients can tweak who comes up in their Swipes. For example, a 14-year-old could need to see content from others their age to set that as the situation.

Are There Any Risks of the Yubo App?

Underage Users

While joining, clients should enter their birthdays. On the off chance that it shows they are under 13 years old, they get the accompanying screen:

While an underage client can't get to the application, they can retry with a phony birthday to get to the application. Be that as it may, extra age confirmation processes make it more challenging for underage kids to utilize the stage.

The age check process likewise makes it more challenging for grown-ups to imagine they are more youthful than they say. If the selfie they take doesn't coordinate with the age they inputted, they need to give extra recognizable proof.

Yubo age verification

At long last, separate networks exist for under-18s and grown-ups to forestall extra damages. In any case, it's essential to assist your kid with understanding the reason why these limitations are set up, so they don't go over unseemly substance or associate with some unacceptable individuals.

Location Sharing

Even though you don't have to share your area to utilize the application, it is a basic mostly application is utilized. If you have areas empowered, you can find companions close by. Your area is then displayed to other potential 'companions' alongside your name and age.

Be that as it may, clients can pick which data is public and can conceal their area.

Inappropriate Content

Like any web-based entertainment application, the improper substance is a gamble on Yubo, particularly with the fundamental live streaming element. Show kids how to report and hinder improper substances, assuming they run over it to get it brought down.

Hate Speech and Bullying

Additionally, tormenting and disdainful discourse might show on Yubo like other internet-based stages. Once more, the live-streaming element might make it harder to channel such language. Showing your youngster when they need to report or impede somebody, including what harassing and detesting discourse resembles, will assist with guarding them and the stage.

Exploitation and Grooming

Notwithstanding the security highlights Yubo sets up, there is dependably a gamble online of preparing and double-dealing. In live-streaming situations, these dangers might increment. What's significant is the discussions about how these things could show up. It's also critical to note that prepping and double-dealing occur among youngsters and not simply among grown-ups.

exploitation and grooming on Yubo


Tricks are wild wherever on the web; however, virtual entertainment offers significantly more choices. Whether it's through virtual entertainment phishing assaults or NFTs and crypto tricks, your youngster could be focused on. Remain mindful and train your youngster to think before they click on something new.


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