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Disney Circle Review and Its Best Alternatives

Elsa Updated on Apr 28, 2023 Filed to: Parent Control

As the technology keeps improving, so do challenges too. Managing how our kids interact with digital devices is becoming more of a concern to parents. It has, therefore, led to developments of Parental control apps that will assist parents monitor and manage how their kids use their digital devices. Circle Parental Control is one of the top available parental control tools that you can use to manage screen time across all your family's connected devices.

Circle Parental Control

It is essential to note that many activities can distract and impact your kids using digital devices. From gaming to social media, your kid can easily get addicted to poor digital habits that may negatively affect their overall behaviours or even risk their safety.

To limit all these, you will need parental control software, and one of them is Circle. And so, what makes Circle parental control tool ideal for you? Well, Keep reading to find out!

Part 1 : The Disney Circle Review: What Makes It Good?

Circle parental control is fitted with different features to enable you to get the maximum benefits possible. Some of these key features include the following:

Set Time Limits

As a parent, I would love to decide how my kids connect to their devices and when they should do so. Luckily, you can easily set these limits with the Circle parental control tool.

With this tool, you can limit the time your kids spend on screen daily using their devices. Also, you can have time limits on websites and apps and set time limits for the internet category.

set lime limit on Circle

Internet and Website Filtering

The Internet is a vast space that offers many benefits to parents, such as education and entertainment for their kids. Furthermore, the Internet can also be an outlet for your kid's creativity.

However, Internet can be a pretty scary place for your kids if you aren't careful as a parent. The Internet is full of scammers, predators, and harmful content that is not good for your kid. Such content can not be fully limited by phone settings or Tv stations when your kids use these devices. And so, these calls for proper control tools such as the Circle app/software.

internet and website filtering on Circle

Therefore, you can use this app you customize what can be viewed by your kids and which websites they should not visit.

Pause the Internet

You can pause your entire family's internet access with just one click. Isn't this powerful?

With this app, you don't have to worry about forcing your kids to stop scrolling through social media and doing homework. If they haven't completed their chores, you can cut off their internet access and let them finish their assignments first. You can hit unpause when they are done and good and let them enjoy their internet access.

Limit Screen Time at Bedtime

If you're struggling to get them off their device when it's time to sleep, install this app. With this software, you can limit screen time at bedtime and ensure that your kids get the sleep they need. What's great about this tool is that you can set custom bedtime for every family member.

limit screen time at bedtime

Schedule Focus Time

A daily schedule isn't the same, which means you can use one limit plan to limit your kid's screen time. There are days when they need to focus and study for their coming finals. During such seasons, you can schedule destruction-free focus time.

It also applies to you and other family members. For example, if you have urgent or pending work that needs to be done, you can activate the focus time setting to block all kinds of distractions from your devices.

Monitor Internet History and Usage

What applications are your kids visiting daily?

It is important to note as a present if you're to manage and care for your kids accordingly. It is essential in that it helps you prevent them from getting addicted to any social media app. You can use this circle parental control app to view each family member's internet history on their devices.

Circle Internt History

Another important factor to keep track of is internet usage. It helps you know how much time a family member spends online. By getting exact time across all of their devices, you can conveniently enhance their safety by making an informed decision about how much screen time is ok for each one.

Tracking Location

Knowing where your kids are when they are out and about is essential to ensuring their safety. Circle Makes checking your kids whereabout possible, making your parenting work much easier and much better.

Part 2 : What Are the Biggest Cons about Circle?

Despite how good this parental control tool is, there exist some pain points to using it. Here are some of the main cons of this tool:

Managing Multiple Users Sharing One Device

Managing multiple users on a shared device is impossible since Circle doesn't have a control feature for this situation. For example, a kid using your PC in their profile or sharing devices like tablets and X-box. It is one main pain point of using Circle.

It Doesn't Give a Detailed History

The Circle is good at capturing information on what's going on every device. However, it doesn't give a detailed history of what they have captured. For example, it will show or, but it doesn't show what was being searched on google or watched on YouTube.

It is, in fact, its biggest con. If you can't know exact details, you can understand how to manage situations well as a parent. Therefore, if you want to know the exact details, I recommend trying the alternatives below. Otherwise, this parental control software is great.

Other Cons Include:

  • High monthly fees
  • Poor location tracking
  • Single-user devices
  • No free version or free trial

Part 3 : Circle Alternatives

Part 4 : How We Choose the Best Parental Control Alternative

There are several parental control apps or software currently available online, and this, therefore, makes it hard to find the right one for you. Also, remember that not all parental control apps are designed similarly. Some are developed by newbies, while established software companies design others. And so, how do you ensure you choose the best and ideal parental control app?

Here are what you should look for when choosing a parental control app.

Privacy and Security

Reviewing your chosen apps' privacy and security policies is a must-do thing. Remember, you don't want to have an app you don't trust on your devices, as it may cost you a lot. So, ensure they have clearly stated that they don't share or sell sensitive data. Furthermore, It should also give you an option that you are the only one that can set and manage your kids' devices.

Ease of Use

Does it have a user-friendly interface? An interactive interface is the first thing that makes any application or software easy to use. And one of the key features to look for when choosing a parental control app is its easy use. Of course, don't sacrifice important features such as security and app performance quality.


Get an app that will give you flexible parental control that fits your family's needs. It is important to ensure you reap the full benefits of using a parental control app. For example, you will be able to set rules for each device.

Other Important Questions You Should Ask Yourself when Choosing This App Are

a) Does It Give You Real-time Data or Reports?

Remember, you need accurate data, more so if they are about location tracking.

b) Is It an Affordable App to Use?

You must factor in the cost of purchasing or subscribing to use any of the above apps. Ensure that you or you will get what's worth your money. Some applications are just expensive for nothing, be careful about that.

c) How Many Devices Can It Allows You to Pair?

Remember, you have one application that can easily pair all your devices at home. Some applications might limit the number of devices you can pair, thus limiting your use. So, check out the ones allowing pairing as many devices as possible.

d) How Does It Track and Monitor Other Devices' Activities?

Several parental applications track based on each device, while others must be paired to your Wi-Fi router to function. So, do you want that monitor via a router, the ones that monitor directly from each device, or the one that does both?

Overall, that's all about the Disney Circle review and best alternatives. You'd better read the entire review to choose which parental control app or try one such as AirDroid Parental Control for free.

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