[Don’t Miss] Top 10 Screen Share Websites in 2022

"Yesterday I received a message from my boss regarding the presentation. He requested me to share a product presentation in the live meeting which I created on the phone".

"I got nervous and anxious because, at that time, I wasn't aware of how to share my phone screen with other PC to give presentations. But thanks to my friend who told me it's easy to share screens with screen share website".

In this article, I enlisted the top 10 screen share websites and will tell you which screen-sharing website you have to use.

1 What is Screen Sharing?

Screen sharing means giving access to your device screen to another device, for example sharing a phone screen with another phone/tablet or PC. In this way, other people can watch the real-time activity of your device like what you are watching, typing, searching, listening to, and creating presentations.

This feature is considered the most useful feature for virtual presentations, online meetings, online classes, etc. It helps the user to save their time because, via screen sharing, many people can see the same content, documents, presentation, etc., together without wasting time.

what is screen mirroring

2 What are Screen-sharing Websites?

The websites which are specially designed to share screens are called screen sharing websites. These websites do not require any installation. The users can easily share their screens with co-workers without wasting time on the long installation process.

In addition, these websites help to share screens and support videos and audio calls, which are very helpful during an online presentation.

The most loveable thing about these Share screen website is that they don't occupy space; you can share a screen by using these websites on your browser.

3 Top 10 Screen Share Websites in 2022

There are a lot of screen-sharing websites. I mentioned the top 10 screen-sharing websites, which I tested personally. Here are details of those 10 screen-sharing website.

1. AirDroid Cast Web

Compatibility: with any device with web browser

Time needed: Maximum 2 minutes

Price: Free version is available

AirDroid Cast Web is a most powerful screen-sharing website that allows the user to share the screen with others in a few seconds. The users don’t have to download or install any appp on their received device.

It works fine on the browser. It connects devices locally and remotely and doesn't require any cable for connection. Additionally, It casts one side audio.

How to use AirDroid Cast Web?

The usage of AirDroid Cast Web is the easiest. You can share the screen of your PC with other PC by following these mentioned steps:

  1. Download AirDroid Cast Application On Your Sending Device, after installation, launch this app.

  2. Open a web browser on receiver device where you want to receive a shared screen, go to webcast.airdroid.com. After opening the website, you will see a QR code and casting code.

  3. AirDroid Cast Web overview

  4. Now, enter the cast code or scan a QR code from the receiver device onto the sender device, after a successful connection, the screen will be shared.

airdroid cast web

2. Whereby

Compatibility: with any device with web browser

Time needed: Maximum 3 minutes

Price: $6.99 per month

Whereby is one of the best browser-based screen sharing and video conferencing website. This screen sharing website works smoothly with Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi, safari, opera, and Edge but its features are limited on Safari and Edge. This website is perfect for teamwork, and a user can easily share their screen with all other team members quickly.

If you are thinking of sharing a screen with other members to discuss the presentation of the project, you can easily do this.You just have to sign up on this website.

3. Crank Wheel

Compatibility: Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Internet explorer, Black Berry

Time needed: 5 minutes

Price: $75 per month

Crank Wheel is a famous screen-sharing website with which you can share your screen with your clients and colleagues. It offers an intuitive user interface. Users can join via a link, email, or an msg. By using this app, you can make a conference call.

This screen sharing website provides you a live preview of the screen. You can share monitor screens for a specific purpose or the entire screen. Additionally, It enables you to show your products to clients in real-time.

4. Zoho Meeting

Compatibility: Windows 7, Mac 10 and above and Linux with all latest Chrome.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Price: Free

Zoho Meeting is software that works online for collaboration and remote work. You can do online meetings with your team and can share documents or presentations. You can deliver your presentation online to your team or audience.

You can share the screen for desktop or mobile and it is a reliable and secure screen-sharing software. The best thing about Zoho Meetng is that It gives you remote access and It is a user-friendly website.

5. Service Bell

Compatibility: Chrome,Firefox, Safari, Edge

Time needed: Maximum 2 minutes

Price: $500 per month

Service Bell is a screen sharing website, and with this amazing website you can share screens, and do video chat for sales. With the help of this app, you can also analyze your team's performance.

By using this website, you can go live and video chat with clients. You can get notifications when your clients enter high-value pages. This website works on Chrome, firefox, safari Microsoft, etc.

6. Adobe Connect

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

Time needed: 2 - 3 minutes

Price: $50 per month

Adobe Connect is a famous screen-sharing website with the help of which you can do online webinars, meetings, and training. You can also customize your room's aesthetics with logos, lights, And Images.

Additionally, It engages your audience by creating unique virtual experiences. You can do audio and video conferences. Moreover, you can take breaks during the session. You can further divide your classroom into different sub Classes. You can customize meeting rooms of your own choice.

7. Join.me

Compatibility: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and MacOS

Time needed: 2 - 3 minutes

Price: $9.62 per month


The join.me is another online screen-sharing website that allows users to arrange a customized meeting and share a screen with one click. The most amazing thing about join.me is that you can share screens for up to 250 people at a time.

That's it is mostly used for big company meetings because it saves time, and all employees can attend the online meeting simultaneously without hesitation. Additionally, you can change the background and add your company or brand name in the background.

8. Deal Simple

Compatibility: Windows PC with Chrome or Firefox extension

Time needed: 10 minutes

Price: $18 per month

The Deal Simple is screen sharing via a web browsing platform that doesn't require any installation. It just uses Firefox or Chrome for sharing screens. The users can share the screen with a maximum of 4 participants. its basic plan includes screen sharing and audio sharing, but the premium plan supports screen sharing, audio, and video conferencing with up to 150 people. It's the best screen share software for those who are working with a big team.

9. Mikogo

Compatibility: Windows PC with Chrome or Firefox extension

Time needed: 5 minutes

Price: $156 per year

Mikogo is one of the best free screen-sharing websites that allow users to share the screen with a single person in the free version. It doesn't only share screens on the web but also shares documents too. A free version allows the users to share the screen and do voice conferencing for 14 days in trial version. Through this website, users can add up to 25 meeting participants.

10. ScreenLeap

Compatibility: with any device with web browser

Time needed: 5 minutes

Price: $15 per month

The ScreenLeap is the finest website that quickly shares your screen with another user with a browser. Its free version is available, but it only supports screen sharing. But video conferring and audio features are not available in the free version. In the free version, you can add eight participants, and it works for 40 minutes. In the premium plan, you can contact more people.

4 Why Do People Need to Share Screens via Screen Sharing Websites?

There are different situations where people need to use screen sharing websites like in online meetings, presentations, conferences, training, online classes, etc.

People prefer screen sharing websites over other screen sharing tools because there are a lot of benefits of screen sharing websites such as:


Imagine your boss asked you last minute to share your screen on the office PC. What will you do? Will you waste downloading screen-sharing tools? No, when we have a short time, we try to choose the fastest way of screen sharing.

That's why people admire screen-sharing websites because these websites do not need any installation. Additionally, these websites allow you to connect both devices remotely and take a few seconds to share your screen with other PC.

Improve communication

When you share your screen and start giving presentations online, It boosts your communication level. Because in this way, you are interacting with multiple people at the same time. Explaining your project and answering their questions online boost your communication level. Additionally, this way, you can learn how to communicate better.

Save money

The screen-sharing websites indirectly save your money. as you know, a lot of people work from home in a company. They don't have to travel to submit files or attend meetings because they can share documents by sharing screens and attend meetings via these screen sharing websites. So indirectly, it saves your travel expenditures.

Boost productivity

The screen-sharing websites play a role in boosting productivity. You might know multiple members work on the same project, and by sharing their device screens, all members can discuss the project.

They can give suggestions to add or remove things from presentations or demos. In this way, all members can make a successful project, and productivity level increases.

No Dongle 

The major benefit of screen-sharing websites is that you don't need to use any dongle or cable because these websites work remotely.

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5 Which Screen Share Website is Good? – AirDroid Cast Web

If you want seamless screen sharing without the tension of USB cables and dongle, then AirDroid Cast Web is the best choice for you. With this tool, you don't have to waste your time on installation because it works on a web browser and your network password will be safe in this way.

These powerful screen-sharing websites allow you to share the screen with high-quality voice without real-time screen latency. In short AirDroid Cast Web is best for sharing screens for watching movies, online meeting, or for other entertainment purposes.

6 Conclusion

No doubt screen sharing was a bit complicated before the launching of screen-sharing websites. But now, hundreds of best screen-sharing websites available such we mentioned above. These all websites work efficiently, but the most secure screen-sharing website is AirDroid Cast Web. It works smoothly and does not need any cable or anything else for connection.

FAQs about Screen Sharing

Is Screen Sharing Safe?
We can't say that screen sharing is 100 percent safe and secure because there are some security disadvantages of screen sharing like data theft etc. So we need to find a screen sharing website with high security factors.
How Do I Share My Screen Over the Internet?
Screen sharing is possible with screen-sharing apps, websites, and software. The most convenience way of screen sharing is a screen sharing website because you don't need to install heavy software or applications on your phone.
Which Screen Sharing Website is More Secure?
According to customer reviews, AirDroid Cast Web is a secure website because it does not steal your data and does not share it with third parties.
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