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File Transfer with Ease

AirDroid Personal helps you transfer files of any format between a variety of systems (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux) as well as devices (computers, tablets and smartphones). There are no transferring limitations or data compression, anything (file, folder, video, photo, video, etc) can be transferred in its original quality.

File Management in the Right Way

AirDroid Personal helps you access files remotely or locally at the highest level. Managing your files from the phone is easier and more convenient than ever. Backup and upload your photos & videos to save the device’s storage and avoid the risk of privacy leaks.

Remote Control Android Devices

AirDroid Personal helps you remotely control your Android device quickly and with great efficiency. It's the best and easiest way to use your Android device, even when you're not in the same place. The remote control is efficient, fast and effortless, which helps deliver incredible results every time.

A Complex All-in-One Platform to Fulfill All Your Android Management Needs

Comprehensive Features
  • SMS management

    SMS Management

  • notifications management

    Notifications Management

  • Calling Management

  • mirroring screen

    Screen Mirroring

  • find phone

    Find Phone

  • remote erase data

    Remote Erase Data

  • SMS Management

    AirDroid Personal allows you to receive SMS and also reply to them via your keyboard. It’s a simple way to see and reply to messages, without even opening up your phone.

    AirDroid Personal SMS management-remotely receive and reply text message
  • Notifications Management

    AirDroid Personal makes it easy to access and manage all notifications in a single place. You can manage and read or remove notifications quickly and with great efficiency, while also saving lots of time.

    AirDroid Personal Notification management-remotely manage and access notifications on Android.
  • Calling Management

    AirDroid Personal makes phone calls from PC and manage them with ease. It gives you full access remotely to make a phone call or queue calling. All calling scenarios you need to complete tasks.

    AirDroid Personal calling management-remotely make phone calls on PC
  • Screen Mirroring

    With AirDroid Personal, you can easily see your Android phone screen on your PC. More, whether you want to record your phone screen or share it with others, AirDroid Personal provide a simple and efficient way to achieve that.

    AirDroid Personal screen mirroring - mirror Android phone screen on PC easily
  • Find Phone

    Security is crucial, and that’s why you want to have an efficient way to find your phone in case you lose it. AirDroid Personal Web version enable you to identify your phone’s location.

    AirDroid Personal Web for phone location tracking
  • Remote Erase Data

    AirDroid Personal Web allows you remotely delete the data from your Android phone without having physical access. It’s the best way to maintain data privacy and safety.

    AirDroid Personal Web for remotely data erase

Benefits that We Provide

  • Manage Mobile Devices Safely

    Manage Mobile Devices Safely

    Up to 10 devices can be connected, manage, transfer, secure backup files in various formats, and other strict data privacy management.

  • Turn Old Phone as New

    Turn Old Phone as New

    We can help turn your old phone into a camera, U disk file storage, or for other things. Finding new uses for your old phone.

  • Centralized Mobile Usage on PC

    Centralized Mobile Usage on PC

    Remotely control the operation of multiple mobile phones on your computer, while being able to manage up to 4 different devices at once.

  • Make All Manageable on Web

    Make All Manageable on Web

    Aside from getting desktop management apps, you can also have access from the browser as well.

Steps for Using AirDroid Personal

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  • AirDroid Personal step 1-launch program

    01 Launch Program

    Download and Install AirDroid Personal.

  • AirDroid Personal step 2-connect devices

    02 Connect Devices

    Sign in with the same account on PC/web and mobile.

  • AirDroid Personal step 3-select features

    03 Select Features

    Select features you would like to start enjoying.

Industry Experts Talk about AirDroid Personal

AirDroid is a great utility for accessing your Android device remotely and without cables. It allows you to wirelessly transfer files, update contacts, manage ringtones and more.
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AirDroid is our favorite tool for remotely accessing your smartphone. The app,which is free and available on the Google Play Store, uses your local Wi-Fi network to seamlessly connect your Android device to your PC or Mac.
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What makes Airdroid so unique is how it handles connecting to your phone. Unlike the others on this list, which all work with your Google account, Airdroid connects to your phone over Wi-Fi. It then gives you a desktop-like interface that allows you to control your phone remotely. It is really cool.
Cult of Mac
Tech Times

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Remote Data Usage
File Size Limit of Remote Transfer
Increase Android Devices Quota
Media Backup (Local Network)
Photos & Videos
File Transfer (Local Network)
File Only
File & Folder
Remote Camera
Queued Dialing (PC)
One-Way Audio
Find Phone (Catch Intruders)
$2.50/Mon Buy Now

System Requirements

Windows 7 and higher, 500 MB and above free space


What's New:

1. Fixed the issue of inaccurate touch response in assistant permission connection mode of remote control.

2. Added dialing functionality to contacts and call history.

3. Dial pad support contact names appearing.

4. Compatibility with OS 11 system.

System Requirements

macOS 10.11 and higher, 500 MB and above free space


What's New:

1. Fixed the input issue of remote keyboard when entering space bar.

2. Fixed the issue of no response when clicking on the system menu bar.

System Requirements

Android 7 or higher


What's New:

1. Improved compatibility with Android 14.

2. Fixed theconnection problem under lock screen.

System Requirements

iOS 12 or higher


What's New:

1. Support multi-language.

2. Compatibility with latest iOS.

3. Other bug fixes and improvements.

System Requirements

Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Yandex


What's New:

1. Remote control from mobile now supports swiping up, down, left, and right.

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