How can you benefit from AirDroid Personal's file transfer & management?

  • Enjoy cross-platform support for file transfer

    As one of the most popular file transfer applications, AirDroid Personal has gained many affirmations from users worldwide.

    AirDroid Personal not only allows you to transfer files across different platforms without using cloud storage but also lets you share files to your friends and even people nearby. Fast and secure.

  • No more frustrations from network type

    AirDroid Personal isn't limited to the local area network, it can also be used under different Wi-Fi or hotspot networks.

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Start from $2.75/Month

Limitation of 200MB remote data quota per month

Remote data is required when using AirDroid not under local area network

Limitation of 30MB per file when transferring not under local area network

Auto-backup only photos from smartphone to PC

2 Android devices as maximum

Unlimited remote data usage

Large file is acceptable

Auto-backup both photos and videos from smartphone to PC

Increasing more Android devices is available

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AirDroid Business allows you to transfer files to multiple Android devices in bulk, which makes managing commercial devices hassle-free.

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