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How to Play Mobile Games on PC

Charudatta Updated on Mar 22, 2023 Filed to: Remote Control

Playing games by casting on bigger screens is quite exciting. In this article, you will learn how to play mobile games on PC using sophisticated programs from the digital space. You would have come across surplus programs in the online environment choosing the right one without compromising the quality factors is challenging.

This article helps you to explore the best ways to play mobile games without using Emulator. Here, you can find the simplest methods to cast the mobile games on larger screens to obtain a real feel of the in-built graphics. Get ready for an enlightening discussion on the perfect tools to play your favorite mobile games on PC.


Part 1: Play Mobile Games on PC without Emulator.

In this section, take a quick look at the two efficient programs that help you to stream mobile games on PC effortlessly. Connect with these applications and enjoy your game on bigger screens with added fun and excitement.

1.1 AirDroid Personal

The AirDroid Personal is a stunning program that offers a complete management suite for your gadget. You can perform a wide range of activities on your phones and mirror them on your PC for bigger visibility. It sounds interesting and enhances your gaming experience beyond limitations. Magnify your joy on any big screen like PC.

There are millions of features in-built with this program to make your work and life effective. It is easy to use and you do not require any special skills to work on this platform. It offers a complete solution for your phone needs. You can rely on its functionalities without any hesitation. Here are some incredible features of this application for better understanding. It is worth mentioning that, you can also access and control your android phone from PC via AirDroid web without installing software, that's means you can play mobile games on a PC without any software.


The Key Functionalities of AirDroid Personal
  • No need to install an Android emulator, you can directly control and play mobile games on your PC. Bigger screen, better gaming experience.
  • Effortlessly screen mirror from gadgets to any bigger display devices on PC.
  • There is a remote-control option to establish a control on another gadget precisely.
  • Transfer files between the electronic devices without any data loss.
  • This app has a web version to enhance compatibility on all devices.
  • AirDroid Personal also helps in remote monitoring by using the remote camera feature.

These are the incredible features of the AirDroid Personal application and you can perform a wide range of controlling activities on your gadgets flawlessly. The stepwise procedure to study how to play mobile games on PC using the AirDroid Personal app. 

Step 1.Download the program
Based on your phone's OS version, download the AirDroid Personal app on your device. Then, sign in to the AirDroid Personal account. If you do not have an account, then try to create a new one by visiting its official webpage.
Step 2.Sign in to your account
Next, on your PC sign into your web account of AirDroid Personal to establish connectivity between the two devices.


Step 3.Play mobile games on PC using AirDroid Remote Control Features
Finally, in your AirDroid Personal app tap the Remote Control to control your android phone from PC.


1.2 ApowerMirror

Another interesting screen mirroring app that is widely used by enthusiastic gamers globally is the ApowerMirror program. It is a simple app that helps you to cast the mobile screen on any display device like PC and Smart TV. According to your needs, you can perform the perfect clicks to obtain the desired outcomes. Follow up the below instructions to mirror the screen content on PC.

Step 1.Despite the gadget OS, connect your phone and PC with the same Wi-Fi network.
Step 2.Then, download the ApowerMirror app on your phone from the respective store. If you have an Android phone, then step into Google Play Store else App Store for iOS gadgets. Install the application by following the instruction wizard.
Step 3.Hit the Mirror button on the app interface and wait for the other electronic device's name to display. From the listed items, choose the name of your PC and proceed with the mirroring feature.

apower-mirror It is high time to play your games on your phone and enjoy them on bigger screens for desired results. These are the two efficient methods to play mobile games on PC flawlessly without any data loss. Surf their instructions carefully and enjoy your fun time at bigger screens.

Part 2: Play Mobile Games on PC With Bluestacks

Here, you will be learning how to play mobile games on PC using the Bluestacks. It is a cloud-based gaming platform where you can access games and play them in any environment flawlessly. This Bluestacks offers a wide range of games available in its cloud space where you can connect with it using the web app, PC client and Discord bots. Download the Bluestacks app on your device and start playing your favorite games using the PC client connectivity. Establish efficient access and play the games uninterruptedly for long hours without any issues.



Thus, this article enlightened me on how to play mobile games on PC. You can use the above discussion to play your favorite games on PC effortlessly. Use the AirDroid Personal app to connect your gadget with a PC and screen mirror the content to view the display on bigger screens. It is a reliable screencast tool to play games comfortably on a PC and Smart TV. Stay tuned to this article to explore the insights on the best ways to screen mirror the gadget on PC.


What is BlueStacks? Is it worth it to install BlueStacks?
BlueStacks is a gaming hub that carries a wide range of fun-filled games in the cloud space for quick access using your Android phones. Enthusiastic gamers would love to install these BlueStacks because it helps to enjoy gaming anytime.
How do I download mobile games on a PC?
To download the mobile games on PC, use the respective emulators to overcome the compatibility issues with the system requirement parameters.
What are the benefits of AirDroid remote support?
The AirDroid remote support is useful for screen sharing and live chat. It has AR cameras to support the customer needs efficiently.
Do AirDroid is helpful in remote working?
Yes, the AirDroid cast app helps in remote working by sharing your screen to any device irrespective of its OS. It meets the remote working and entertainment needs.
Is it possible to use the AirDroid app to transfer files?
Install AirDroid personal app to transfer files between gadgets. Establish a remote connection and attach the desired documents to complete the transfer using this AirDroid personal app.
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