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Recognized by G2 as a Top 50 IT Management Product in 2024

Recognized by G2 as a Leader Product in 2024 Spring

Partnered with Google Android Enterprise for optimal integration

Comprehensive device management solution

Streamline deployment with automated enrollment & configuration

Automated enrollment and configuration tools designed to enhance productivity and ensure compliance throughout your enterprise.

AirDroid Business bulk deployment easily

Enhance IT operations with advanced remote access solution

Maximize efficiency, minimize downtime, and ensure top-tier performance across all devices in your enterprise.

AirDroid Business advanced remote access solution

Integrated 360° device management for peak performance

Boost operational productivity, streamline daily tasks, and maintain seamless control over your enterprise devices.

AirDroid device management solution

Security & Compliance

Uncompromising security for corporate devices

Device Security Protection

Safeguard sensitive information with encryption, remote wipe, password management, and data loss prevention.

Data Encryption Enforcement

Utilize TLS and 256-bit AES encryption to secure all device data.

Meet Enterprise Compliant Need

Achieve compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulations by managing data use, storage, and sharing.

Supported Platforms

Ensure smooth operations by managing Android and Windows devices, guaranteeing seamless functionality, compatibility, and peak performance across diverse platforms within your enterprise.

Android Management

Effortless control of all Android endpoints, ranging from smartphones, POS to dedicated devices.

Windows Management

Efficient management and support for devices running Windows 10 and higher.

Trusted globally by SMBs and enterprises

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Efficient and flexible deployment for any enterprise

  • Cloud Deployment
  • On-Premises Deployment
  • Cloud-based software and data deployment

    Utilize AirDroid Business device management and remote control solutions in the Cloud for secure, rapid deployment and adaptable growth.

    • Avoid upfront costs of hardware and server installations.
    • Flexibly expand plans according to your budget and usage demands.
    • Quickly and easily access your data from anywhere.
    AirDroid Business cloud deployment
  • In-house software and data storage

    With high standards for data security and ample local infrastructure, on-premises deployment is the best option for AirDroid Business projects, ensuring total control and privacy.

    • Run your projects on-premises for full control over data security and privacy.
    • Achieve greater control over servers and hardware, managed by your team.
    • Lower network bandwidth costs by avoiding shared customer resources.
    AirDroid Business on premises deployment

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