WINN Solutions has been offering package tracking and management solutions to help business enhance their mail center operations across industries for over two decades. The solution also serves as a comprehensive asset tracking system within large organizations, simplifying the receipt and delivery process.

However, with the increasing number of parcel locker installations managed by WINN, it became challenging to efficiently track and manage the Android Kiosk that controls the Intelligent Locker Solution. This is when WINN turned to AirDroid Business, a comprehensive device management solution that enabled WINN to streamline its operations and boosted its customer satisfaction.


What Challenges Did WINN Solutions Face?

WINN uses an Android-based Kiosk system to manage the Intelligent Locker Solution. This system allows recipients to retrieve items via Bluetooth-enabled lockers, enables IT admin install firmware updates and monitors the lockers' battery status.

To ensure the security of the Kiosk when installed in public settings, WINN Solutions required a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to set the device to Kiosk Mode, limiting access to other application settings. Furthermore, they needed the ability to remotely update, control, and monitor the device’s screen for remote support. Before adopting AirDroid Business, WINN Solutions tried 2 different MDM solutions, both of which led to compatibility issues and operational delays.


How Does AirDroid Business Help?

AirDroid Business was the only MDM solution that met all of WINN’s requirements and provide the best all-around support at an affordable price. WINN has resolved the challenges they have met with AirDroid Business solutions including Kiosk mode, Unattended remote access, black screen mode and other remote management features.

We required a cost-effective solution to remotely manage and control Android Kiosks used with our Intelligent Locker solution. We found AirDroid Business to be the best solution. It is affordable and met our requirements of unattended access with the ability to black out the screen when performing maintenance.

Jason Elder, Vice President, WINN Solutions

Kiosk Mode

The Kiosk function of AirDroid Business was a key feature that appealed to WINN Solutions, enabling remote management of devices set to Kiosk mode. It allows WINN to limit Android devices to one single system they provided for business use and restrict the user's access in public areas to reset the device's settings. With the Kiosk mode, WINN has been able to ensure the security and the smooth running process of the Intelligent Locker Solution, reducing the risk of system disruptions or security breaches.

Kiosk Mode for WINN Solutions

Unattended remote access

AirDroid Business also allows WINN to remotely access, control, and manage their Android Kiosks Locker, even when the Intelligent Locker Solution is unattended. With unattended access, WINN can perform regular system/software updates, troubleshoot issues, and monitor device performance without the need for physical access to the Kiosks. This has significantly reduced Locker downtime and allowed for proactive maintenance, which helps WINN improve its service quality, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Black Screen Mode

More, the ability to turn the screen to black screen mode while remotely controlling devices, is a unique feature offered by AirDroid Business. This is particularly useful as the locker devices are often located in public areas. By blacking out the screen during remote maintenance or control, WINN can ensure the privacy and security of its operations, preventing unauthorized viewing of sensitive information or actions. AirDroid Business has not only improved the security of its operations but also built trust between WINN and its clients.

Black Screen Mode for WINN Solutions

Since implementing AirDroid Business, WINN Solutions has achieved significant cost and time savings. AirDroid Business not only resolved all compatibility issues but also provided prompt solutions as well. Their customers have also benefited from a secure and efficient Kiosk experience. WINN Solutions highly recommend AirDroid Business to anyone seeking an MDM solution with Kiosk-specific features for Android devices.

Customer Profile

Winn Solutions is the leading provider of cloud-based barcode tracking technology and smart locker solution. WINN provides Winn Item Tracking System (WITS) to track any accountable item’s movement within an organization throughout its lifecycle using barcodes and scanning devices. WITS is designed to simplify the overwhelming process of organizing, delivering, and tracking mail, packages, supplies, records, inter-departmental transfers, and all manner of high-value assets.


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