What Is A Furry? Parents Need to Know

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Have you ever heard someone refer to themselves as a furry and wondered what that means? At first, glance, describing an affinity for cute and cuddly animals might seem playful.

But the truth is that the furry subculture goes much deeper than that. This subculture comprises people who happen to share a similar passion for anthropomorphic figures, art and culture.

But what exactly does Furry mean? Is there something more to it, or is it simply just a cuddly animal?

The truth is that the term Furry is confusing if you aren't well familiar with the term and the community at large. It is also important to note that in recent years there has been a surge in the popularity of this term. It is even being used in different contexts.

That is why we have written this article to help explain what this term is and how people use it. We will try and explore this colourful community and what it represents. With that said, let's dive right in!

What Is A Furry?

The term "furry" describes a subculture of people who happen to be captivated by animals that resemble humans in some way or anthropomorphic animals or creatures. This can include fictional creatures like werewolves and dragons as well as cartoon or comic book characters that resemble animals but have human traits like talking, standing on two legs, or dressing up.

what is a furry

The furry community is well known for its artistic expression, which frequently entails the development of distinctive and elaborate fursonas, animal alters personalities, and works of literature, music, film, and costume design that demonstrate their interest in anthropomorphic animals.

The furry subculture is also known for its inclusive and welcoming nature, emphasizing mutual respect and acceptance regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.

Overall, "Furry slang" basically represents the terminology used within or by the furry subculture. Remember that Furry-related slang might include phrases such as fursonas, species, and fandoms. Most Furries simply use these phrases to denote something within their subculture context.

What Is A Furry Person?

An individual that is a furry is basically referred to as a fursona.

But what is fursona? Well, a simple term, a fursona, is a compilation of two terms, a furry & persona.

Have you ever wished you could be someone else for a day? Furries have found a way to do just that by creating their fursona.

Basically, a fursona is a character, typically an animal with human-like qualities, created by a furry to represent themselves within the community. Think of it as a personalized avatar that showcases their unique identity and creative expression. But why?

Well, the beauty of a fursona is that it can be any species, whether it's a combination of multiple animals or a completely invented creature like a gryphon or unicorn. The possibilities are endless! Fursonas are a way to express oneself creatively and allow furries to connect with others who share similar interests and passions.

Whether a fursona is highly anthropomorphized or closely resembles an animal, it reflects the furry who created it and serves as a means of self-expression within the furry subculture.

What Is A Furry Kid?

This term is simple; I know you've probably already guessed it. A furry kid is a kid that identifies as a furry or, in simple terms, a kid that is into furry subculture. The furry kid isn't commonly used within this subculture simply because there is a general term, fursona. People in this community commonly use this term, so the furry kid isn't that popular.

what is a furry kid

This isn't the only uncommon term within this subculture; others like Furry teen or furry woman exist. And just like furry kids, their meaning is simply straightforward. For example, a Furry teen refers to a teen that identifies with or is into the furry subculture.

That said, let's now discuss what Fursuit is:

What Is A Fursuit?

A fursuit is simply a costume that most fursona wear. These suits are usually designed in an animal style. Typically, they are made with fake fur, plastic, and foam rubber. Inspiration for these furry creations comes from various sources, such as sports mascots, Disneyland characters, and theatrical costumes.

what is a fursuit

Fursuits can range from realistic to whimsical, from naturalistic wolves to colourful cartoon cats. While not all furries own a full fursuit, many express their furry interests through accessories like ears, tails, or even collars.

These suits are typically reserved for special occasions, such as conventions, meetups, or parades, much like sports fans wearing their team's jersey to a game or music fans sporting their favourite band's T-shirt at a concert.

While owning a fursuit is not a requirement to be a furry, only a small percentage of furries own them due to their high cost. Nonetheless, some fursuits are incredibly impressive, featuring built-in fans, cooling packs, and LED lights.

Whether you're donning a full fursuit or expressing your interests through accessories, the furry community provides a way to embody the magic of anthropomorphic animals and connect with others who share the same passion for creativity and self-expression.

Is Furry A Sexual Orientation?

While the furry community is a safe space for LGBTQIA-identifying people, it's important to note that being a furry is not a sexual orientation.

While most furries identify with a sexual orientation other than hetero, and a significant portion also identifies as transgender, being a furry is primarily about an interest in anthropomorphic animals and creative expression.

And so, while there exists an overlap between the furry community and LGBTQIA spaces, it's essential to recognize that being a furry does not indicate one's sexual orientation or gender identity.

In summary, furry is not about sex; it's about identity unless it is a fetish desire more associated with furry sex.

When it comes to furry sex, it is essential to note that this is simply a fetish thing. It is inaccurate, and a few individuals only explore it online through fursonas and roleplaying.

Some use Furry culture to explore their popularity. So that is just being furry and not furry in general. This is simply because some Fursonas don't actually do such things.

How Can You Identify If Your Kid Is A Furry Kid?

It is pretty easy to determine whether your kid is a fursona. However, we must note that being a fursona isn't a medical condition but rather a personal identity. With that said, here are some of the ways you can use to tell if your kid is a fursona:

Observe Your Kid's Behaviours

One possible sign is a fascination with anthropomorphic animals, such as talking animals in movies or TV shows, or an interest in animals with human-like characteristics.

Another sign could be an interest in drawing or creating art featuring anthropomorphic animals or a desire to create or wear costumes or outfits inspired by these characters.

Keep Track of Their Conversation

Some kids might keep things secret simply because they fear you. After all, you are a very strict parent. However, while they keep the secret against you, they will probably talk about it with their friends or interact with furry content.

In such cases, you can opt for a handy tool such as parental control app like AirDroid Parental Control. It can track your kids' conversations and activities on their mobile devices.

AirDroid Parental Monitoring

Have a transparent and honest conversation with your kid if you happen to suspect or identify that they are into the furry subculture.

For you, it will be better to take more time to learn more about furry. Furthermore, allow them to express their interests as well as themselves without judgment or ridicule. This can help you to understand your child's interests better and provide them with the support they need to explore their creativity and identity.

To Wrap It Up

In conclusion, the furry community is a fascinating and complex subculture that has gained significant attention recently. Outsiders often misunderstand them. However, furries are diverse individuals who share a passion for anthropomorphic animals. They are also a group with creative expression that comes with them. Therefore, learning beyond just the furry meaning is ideal for understanding this community.

Furry fandom is viewed differently by each fursona or outside individuals. Some see it as merely a hobby or interest. However, for many, it is an integral part of their identity. It offers them that much-needed sense of belonging and community.

In summary, furry is a subculture, not a cult or fetish group. But as time passes, some of these misconceptions start creeping into their beautiful culture. Therefore, it is essential to note that things change for good or bad with time.

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