Focus on iOS & Android, 7 years experience
Elsa has worked on a number of iOS & Android solutions, she can always find her way around almost any application. She is an accomplished, skilled and versatile writer with more than 7 years of technical article writing experience.

Experience & Education

Working experience and education

Elsa's background is in marketing, but she is passionate about writing. She is great at creating standard user guides and helpful tips for iOS/Android/Windows/Mac Users.


Elsa enjoys cooking, reading, hiking, and playing with her pets.

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ISTG stands for "I Swear to God." It is commonly used on the social web. Besides knowing ISTG's meaning, it is also essential to know its use cases.

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The acronym "KYS" has different meanings, but the main one is "Kill Yourself." Teens may use it to tease, bully, express disappointment, or fend off someone.

KM Meaning & Use Cases in Messaging & Social App

KM is a truncation for the expression kiss me. It can be used in both funny and serious ways. Other meanings include keep mum, kill me, kilometer, etc.

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