Low key Meaning – Learn Definition, Usages, and Examples

Explore the subtle world of "low key" slang - from its subtle meaning of understatement to its roots. Discover common usage and real-life examples.

What Does BMS Mean? Decoding Its Meaning and Usages

BMS, short for Broke My Scale, is used online to express approval or admiration. It signifies that something or someone is impressively attractive or off-the-charts.

Simp Meaning: What Does Simp Mean

There are dedicated Facebook groups solely focused on simping and simps, while simp hashtags flood Instagram and TikTok. But what is simp menaing? Check here.

What Does WTF Mean? Discover WTF Meaning and Usage Here

WTF stands for "What The Fuck", which is a slang term commonly used to express surprise, confusion, shock, disbelief, or frustration.

BTS Meaning: What Does BTS Stand For

BTS has meanings in different contexts, such as Bulletproof Boy Scouts, Behind the Scenes, and Burn That Shit. Learn more in this post about BTS meaning.

Dope Meaning: Definition, Origin, Use Cases, and More

Dope is slang people use to say something is very good or excellent or one considers favorable. It can also describe someone smart or even talented.

NP Meaning, Origin, Use Cases, & More

NP stands for "no problem." It is commonly used in informal text chats to show that something is not an issue or to express that there's no need for thanks or apologies.

RT Meaning: A Guide to the Popular Abbreviation

Learn the meaning of RT in texting & social media. It stands for "retweet," "real talk," "retyped," or "round table." Please find out how to use it.

Based Meaning: Definition, Origin, Use Examples, and More

Based is a commonly used slang, changes based on the context in which this term is used, and here are some of the common meanings of this slang. Check it now!

The Secret Language of Texting: What Does 143 Really Mean

143 stands for "I Love You" due to its letter count: I (1), love (4), you (3). People use it to express their love to peers, family, and partners.