SFS Meaning, Use Cases & Examples, and More

The term SFS most often stands for "Shoutout For Shoutout." It is "commonly used by Instagrammers to cross-promote posts on the platform to get more followers.

NSFW Meaning, Use Cases & Examples, and More

NSFW stands for ''Not Safe for Work'' and describes content generally considered too explicit or offensive to be viewed professionally.

What Does SB Mean? SB Meaning, Use Cases & More

Not sure what SB means? No problem! Read this guide to learn what SB means and why you should ensure your kid's not using it.

What Does SOS Mean? SOS Meaning, Use Cases & More

SOS usually stands for "Save Our Ship", which can be joking or serious. It can also mean "Someone Over Shoulder" to tell that someone can see the messages.

What Is Anime and Why It Is Popular Among Teens

"Anime" refers to animated content from Japan. It technically refers to any animation regardless of its origin but is most associated with animation from Japan.

GTFO Meaning, Use Cases & Groups, and More

"GTFO" stands for "Get the fuck out" and is often used to tell someone to leave or go away. It conveys a strong annoyance or frustration with the recipient. 

What Does FML Stand for? FML Meaning, Origin, Use Cases, & More

The meaning of the slang FML is "fuck my life." Let's see how it is used in conversation to understand the phrase better!

What Does STFU Mean?STFU Meaning, Use Cases & More

Are you tired of seeing "STFU" popping up everywhere and wondering what it means? Well, we're to help define 'what does STFU mean' and how it is used.

What Is Pansexual? All Parents Need to Know

If someone is attracted to all genders, he is pansexuality. Find out what a pansexual is and how it differs from bisexuality and embrace love and diversity.

AFK Meaning: Definition, Origin, Use Examples, and More

AFK is one of the most commonly used acronyms in texting. It stands for "Away From Keyboard," and it is commonly used among gamers!