2022 Best 8 AirDrop Alternatives For Windows/Android/Online

Discover the 8 best AirDrop alternatives in the blog and a lot more information about file transferring across devices. Whether at home or office, you often need to share and transfer files, photos, videos, information, etc., across devices and platforms. There are many file transfer apps, but AirDrop of Apple is unrivaled. If you’re a Mac user iPhone/iPad user, you can benefit from the seamless file transferring features of AirDrop.

But unfortunately, AirDrop is not available for platforms like Android, Windows, Linux, and other operating systems. Therefore, we have found the best 8 AirDrop alternatives for Windows, Android, and Online users to share files across different platforms without any hassle. So let’s get into it.

Part 1: Know the Benefits and Disadvantages Of AirDrop

Apple launched a new compatibility software on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion for sharing and transferring files across Apple devices. After successfully working on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, it has been made available for iPods, iPads, and iPhone OS as well.

However, the software cannot be used on other OS like Windows and Android. The reason is a dependency of the software on WiFi and Bluetooth connection, making it impossible to work on other devices. Therefore, you would need a Windows AirDrop alternative or an Airdrop Android alternative to working across these devices.


The key features of AirDrop are as follows:

  • Easy File Transfer across Apple devices without internet
  • You can transfer photos, Contacts, Camera videos, web pages, Map points, and directions, passbook cards, and Evernote notes.
  • Option of saving or rejecting incoming files
  • Several files can be sent simultaneously
  • It’s fast, and you don’t lose the quality of your multimedia files, unlike Email, Whatsapp, etc.
  • You can change your privacy settings to prevent unauthorized users from sharing files with you.

Nothing in the world comes without flaws, and the same is the case with Airdrop. Here is a review of the benefits and disadvantages of this software:


  • Easy and convenient to set up, use, and transfer files for Apple users
  • Point-to-point WiFi and Bluetooth technology for encrypted transfer
  • A great collaboration tool for Apple users
  • Files are not compressed when transferring


  • Limited OS is compatible with the software
  • You cannot share audio, music, and video files from your Apple devices
  • App compatibility is also limited

Part 2: 8 Best AirDrop Alternatives 2022

If you’re not an Apple user, don’t worry. We have got you covered with some best AirDrop alternative Windows, AirDrop android alternatives, and a lot more.

Best AirDrop Alternatives For Across All Platforms

Regardless of what OS or device you are using, the two tools we are going to share will do wonders for you.

1. Airdroid Personal

Airdroid Personal is a mobile management tool that lets you share files across different devices. Besides, you can manage SMS & notification through your computer, screen mirroring, and controlling your Android devices remotely. The features of Airdroid Personal are almost unlimited, and you should choose Airdroid Personal because:


  • It’s an all-in-one app to do a lot of things
  • The app is designed for safe, lossless, and wireless file transfer across devices.
  • You can manage your files and documents remotely across different devices
  • Hyper-fast file transfer across platforms and devices
  • Files can be shared with nearby devices without internet

There are many other features as well, like screen mirroring, remote control, remote monitoring, and SMS management.

Whether you want to transfer files from your computer to Android or vice versa, AirDroid Personal is easy to use. All you have to do is follow the following steps:

From Computer to Phone:

Step 1. Go to AirDroid Personal Dekstop Client and tap on File Transfer
Step 2. Choose the device(your phone), and start dragging/dropping your files. Once done, hit the send icon.


When using AirDroid for transferring files to your Windows:

Step 1.Open the app on your phone and choose your computer name from the devices.
Step 2.Add the files from the attachment sections. Alternatively, you can choose photos, videos, apps, etc., once done, hit the Send, and you’re good to go


Supported OS: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Web Online.

2. SendAnywhere

It’s another AirDrop Windows alternative as well as Android that lets you transfer files to apps across different devices. What’s different about SendAnywhere is that you don’t have to be nearby of the destination device for file transferring.

Key Features

  • The software uses the internet for file transfer
  • doesn’t compress actual files
  • Cloud Storage is used
  • It’s a paid service

For transferring files using SendAnywhere, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1. Visit the Website of SendAnywhere and choose files you want to send.

Step 2. Tap on Direct and then Send; you’ll receive an authentication code.

Step 3. You have to enter the code on the destination device. It expires after 10 minutes. You will require to initiate a new request in that case.

Step 4. Your files have been transferred.

Supported OS: A web-based platform accessible across different devices and OS

Best AirDrop Alternatives For Windows: For Windows users looking for sustainable AirDrop alternative Windows, here are two options to try:

3. Windows Nearby

A developed-by-Microsoft service, Windows Nearby Sharing is the simplest way of transferring multimedia, files, documents, website links, and a lot more. It’s a Windows version of AirDrop and uses the same technology(Bluetooth and WiFi). However, it’s available on only Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Here is how to transfer files using Windows Nearby:

Step 1. Search for Nearby Sharing in Settings > System. Select the devices you want to send files to or add the new devices.


Step 2. Find the files you want to share and choose Share by right-clicking on the file/folder. Tap on the device you want to share the file with and enter.


Step 3. Once file sharing is complete, you can view the files on other devices.


Supported OS: Windows, Chrome, Android,

4. Retroshare

Retroshare is also an open-source AirDrop Windows alternative that uses encrypted and decentralized communication for file sharing.

The main features of Retroshare are:

  • Sharing photos, texts, smileys, etc., across different users simultaneously.
  • Secure calling and encrypted messaging across the network.
  • You can share files with one person, two, many, or all people on the network.


How does it work?

  • You can create a network of computers called nodes, and each user on the network has a unique node.
  • You can send files, images, text, links, emojis, video calls, etc., to all people on the network with complete freedom.

Supported OS: Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Haiku

Best AirDrop Alternatives For Android: There are some good Android AirDrop alternatives that you would love to use for Android users.

5. WeTransfer

The first Airdrop alternative android for Android is WeTransfer. It’s a free app that lets you do file transferring, as an office suite, cloud storage, etc. The app doesn’t need the presence of the devices in physical proximity. Instead, it can easily send files up to 2 GB. There are several free and paid plans of the WeTransfer.

You can transfer files by using the official webpage from your browser. However, the application doesn’t come with a PC or mobile application. Here is how to transfer files using this Android AirDrop alternative:

Step 1. Open the webpage of WeTransfer and signup.

Step 2. Choose the email address you want to send the file to and add files. Tap on transfer, and file sending will start.

6. ShareMe

ShareMe is an app developed by Xiaomi that makes the file transferring and sharing very convenient across different devices from your Android phone. However, the sending and receiving devices must have the app installed. For PC, you must open the web browser and use an FTP server for file transferring.


Here is what you need to do:

Step 1. Open your ShareMe app on the sending and receiving devices. The sending device will tap on Send and select the files to share. Receiving device will tap on Receive to get the files. The Bluetooth of both devices should be turned on.
Step 2. Once files have been chosen by sending device, you will need to scan the QR code appearing on the receiving device.
Step 3. After scanning, the file transfer will start, and that’s it.

Supported OS: Android, Windows(For file transfer)

Best AirDrop Alternatives Online

7. ShareDrop

For people not into Android or Windows applications, you can try out ShareDrop, an online alternative to AirDrop. You can transfer files between devices without installing any application or software. It’s a secure and encrypted platform.


Follow the given steps to transfer files:

Step 1. Visit the official webpage of ShareDrop on sending and receiving ends.

Step 2. To select files, simply use the drag-and-drop feature. You will drag files on the receiving device’s avatar.

Step 3. As soon as the receiving side accepts, the file transfer begins.

Supported OS: Web-Based

8. Snapdrop

For people looking for AirDrop alternatives that work online, Snapdrop is also a great choice. The open-source software lets you share files with multiple devices across the same network. However, you can also install it on your Windows devices.

Here is all you need to do for file transfer:

  1. Go to Snapdrop webpage from your Android, PC, OR iPhone. Make sure that both devices intended for file transfer have the Snapdrop webpage open.
  2. Click on the icon showing phone and choose files you want to transfer. For PC, choose the Computer icon and choose files.
  3. Accept the files on your desired device. Simple!

Supported OS: Web-based Software can be used on all OS.

Part 3: Comparison Between These AirDrop Alternatives

AirDroid Personal SendAnywhere Nearby Sharing Retroshare WeTransfer ShareMe ShareDrop SnapDrop
Easy To Use Yes Yes Yes A Bit Complicated Yes Easy to Use No Yes
File Transfer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Requires Internet Connection No Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Best For All Platforms, Personal or Professional Purposes For All Platforms, Personal or Professional Purposes Windows, Personal or Professional Purposes For Networks and Collaboration Android to PC, Laptop Android to Android, Android to PC Windows to Android, Android to Windows Windows to Android, Android to Windows
Price Free Free & Paid Free Free Free Free Free Free
Supported OS Windows, Android, Mac, iOS Web-Based Windows, Android Web-Based Web-Based Android Web-Based Web-Based
Additional Features Yes No No No Yes No Yes No


Is there any alternative to AirDrop in Android?
There are many alternatives to AirDrop in Android. We have shared AirDroid Personal, ShareMe, and WeTransfer as the Android AirDrop alternatives. You can try them to transfer your files.
What is the Microsoft equivalent of AirDrop?
Microsoft has software called Nearby Sharing for Windows 10 and higher. It offers the same functionality as AirDrop and can be used to transfer all kinds of files and multimedia from Windows to Windows or Android.
Is Snapdrop safe?
Snapdrop is an open-source, web-based platform. It’s safe to transfer files because the platform uses a Local network to establish a connection, and nothing is shared over the internet.
What is Samsung’s equivalent AirDrop?
Quick Shareit is the Galaxy phone’s AirDrop alternative, and it can be used to transfer files from your Samsung phone to PC and vice versa. However, you can also use AirDroid Personal for secure, encrypted, and fast file transfer across your devices.
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