Step-by-Step: How to Disable Wi-Fi on Android Devices?

You can apply several methods on Android to disable Wi-Fi quickly. If you’re new to the platform or wish to perform the activity on several devices simultaneously, follow this post.

What is Android Device Policy & Effective Implementation

Developed by Google, Android Device Policy is a tool that helps businesses manage company-issued devices powered by Android. Besides this, it also has another layer of meaning, which is that enterprises use MDM to configure Policy(rules) for the group of devices they manage

What are Wi-Fi Security Protocols: Detailed Comparison and Features

Do you want to stay protected and secure while using a Wi-Fi network? Check out these Wi-Fi security protocols and choose the best WPA version for your devices

How to Create a VPN on Android: A Step-by-Step Guide

Read this guide for a detailed guide on how to create a VPN on an Android device. We will also share the method to configure it on several devices simultaneously for businesses.

What is Power Saving Mode on Android & How to Turn It Off?

Power saving mode on Android is useful especially when you are running low on battery and you still want to extend battery life to complete the tasks. While Android battery-saver mode is useful in several instances, you might need to turn it off to improve your overall device performance. However, turning off Android power saving...

Comparing MDM and MAM in Cybersecurity [2024]

Understanding the roles of MAM and MDM in cybersecurity is crucial to identifying your specific security requirements. Apps are just one small part of everything that needs to be protected.

How to Find the Android Build Number of Your Device?

Android build number, a unique code, identifies the software version and latest update. Learn how to find it on various devices and understand its components.

Unlocking the Power of Mobile Geofencing for Businesses

Mobile geofencing allows businesses to monitor company-owned phones in real time. Follow this post to learn how AirDroid MDM solutions can help.

Everything You Need to Know about Google GMS

GMS (Google Mobile Services) is a specialized toolset for advanced Android device usage containing many applications and APIs for Android device manufacturers.

How to Auto Restart Android: A Step-by-Step Guide

You can perform an Android auto-restart with ease. Follow this post to learn the best way to complete this action without any hassle and how to schedule rebooting.

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