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What Is a Body Count? – Body Count Meaning in Relationship

Elsa Updated on Dec 15, 2022 Filed to: Teen Slang

Body count slang phrase is currently among the most trending and most used phrases on social platforms, especially when it comes to dating stories. People care too much about other people's body count, more so the ones they are into (have a crash on).

For men, having a relatively high body count might be good as it shows your sexual prowess. For ladies, that isn't the same. Ladies with a high body count will be seen to be of less value as they are perceived to be easy and "h**s."

With that said, here is everything you need to know about body count, including body count meaning in a relationship and whether it is a good thing.

Part 1: Body Count Meaning in Relationship

In relationships, body count can refer to the number of people each person has had sex with.

The body count is a term often used for sexual encounters. It generally refers to the number of people with whom a person has had sexual intercourse. The term is often used about men and is often seen as a way to measure a man's sexual prowess in recent years.

Of course, there is no right or wrong answer regarding how many sexual partners a person should have. Some people are comfortable with having many partners, while others prefer to keep their number low. Ultimately, the most vital thing is that you are happy and safe with your sexual activity.

Body Count meaning

Part 2: Benefits of Knowing Someone's Body Count Before Dating Them

In a relationship, it is important to know your partner's "body count", or how many people they have slept with. It can help you gauge their level of sexual experience and help you make informed decisions about your sexual activity with them.

Additionally, knowing your partner's body count can help you better understand their sexual health history and ensure that you are on the same page about sexual safety.

Besides that, here are other benefits of knowing someone's body count:

  • It helps you gauge whether your relationship is moving too fast.
  • It Helps you identify red flags early on.
  • It Helps you avoid getting attached to someone who is not right for you.
  • To protect yourself from heartbreak since some people say that – "I'm here for fun, not for a long time." This kind of person is dangerous; they will get you to fall in love, then bail on you when you need them the most as they have found the next interesting thing (person).
  • You make better decisions about whom you date and enter relationships with.

Part 3: What Is the Body Count for Men and Women?

The body count meaning for both genders is the same. However, the difference is how either group thinks of it.

For men, the preferred option between low and high body counts is low. Men don't care too much about the experience; instead, they associate value with women with a low body count. A 23-year-old woman that has only slept with, let's say, 2-4 men in her is considered more valuable than a 20-year-old who has slept with 10+ different guys.

Now, when it comes to women, a man that has slept with, let's say, 2-3 girls will be seen as less attractive sexually than a same-age man that has slept with over 10+ different girls. It is because women value experience more than men, as they associate it with maturity. Also, most women don't like a guy who isn't good at bed, which comes with experience in most cases. Essentially, they want to be dominated in bed.

Body Count for men and women

Part 4: Body Count FAQs

1Is Someone with a High Body Count in a Relationship Good for You?

No, someone with a high body count is not good for you.


As noted, a high body count indicates that someone has had a lot of sexual partners. It could mean they are less likely to be monogamous, which is not good for a relationship. Additionally, someone with a high body count may be more likely to have STDs, which would not be good for your health.

In addition, people with high body counts don't take dating seriously or fear commitment. Therefore, if you choose to indulge with such people, they will leave you standard and heartbroken. Furthermore, they are not worth investing in; they will waste your time.

2How Will You Know Someone's Body Count in a Relationship?

There is no sure way to know someone's body count in a relationship, but some things may give clues. For example, suppose someone is reluctant to discuss their sexual history or is evasive about past partners. In that case, they may be trying to hide something.

Additionally, people with many partners may be more likely to be promiscuous in future relationships. Ultimately, however, it is impossible to know definitively what someone's body count is unless they choose to tell you.

The other way you can use o get their body count is by doing your research. Reach out to their close friend but in an indirect way. Also, if you know people that know that person, ask them about their dating history.

3Does Someone's Body Count in a Relationship Matter?

No, someone's body count doesn't matter in a relationship, but it still carries significant importance.


Well, if someone's body count is high, it could mean that they're more experienced and might be able to teach their partner new things and be excited in bed. However, on the flip side, a high body count might be a red flag as it might show that person isn't good with commitment.

Also, if someone's body count is low, it could mean they're less experienced and might need their partner to be more patient. Or it could mean they hold some value; all her past relationships were long-term and full of commitment, thus proving they are a keeper.

Ultimately, it's up to the individuals in the relationship to decide what experience is comfortable for them.

4Does Low Body Count Sexually Mean That Person is Good?

No, not necessarily.


A low body count can mean several things. It could mean that a person is picky and has high standards, which is a positive thing – and this is good for you. It could also mean a person is not very sexual or good at sex. It can be taken either positively or negatively depending on other aspects. Low body count could also mean that a person has had few opportunities for sex, which would be a good sign of the right partner to be with for many, mostly men.

It can also signify that a person is more interested in quality than quantity. This person is likely to be more concerned with finding a partner that they have a real connection rather than just collecting as many sexual partners as possible.

5Why Does Everyone Seem to Care About Someone's Body Count?

The idea of a body count is often seen as a way to judge someone's sexual worthiness. Still, it's just a personal preference. There is no right or wrong answer regarding how many sexual partners someone has had, so ultimately, it's up to the individual to decide what they're comfortable with.

For men looking to settle, the body count of their potential partners will be among the top key points they will focus on. It is why most men looking to settle mainly focus on a lady with a low body count. However, this isn't conclusive that a woman with a high body count won't get the same privilege. It's someone's preference that defines it, after all.

Part 5: How to Monitor If Your Kid Is Using "Body Count" Slang Word

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Bottom Line

There are a lot of different interpretations of what body count means. Still, it comes down to how many sexual partners someone has had. Some people see it as a bragging right, while others see it as a way to judge someone's worthiness. However, it's just a personal preference, and there is no right or wrong answer.

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