ATM Meaning: What Does ATM Mean On TikTok?

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TikTok has arguably become the most used social media platform nowadays, alongside the likes of Instagram. And so due to this, many slangs have popped up, and ATM slang is one of them. But the question is; Do you know ATM meaning? Or What does the atm abbreviation stand for?

ATM meaning

If not, don't worry; we will explain everything you need to know about this slang in this article.

Slang terms and abbreviations are evolving and become a common theme and a way of communicating nowadays, all thanks to the internet and social media. They make communication fun and effective. Seeing slang terms such as OMG, WTF, TF, and many others being used frequently is no longer surprising. Therefore, to stay tuned and not be left in the dark, you will need to know the meanings of these terms.

That said, let's now start with the ATM definition.

What Does ATM Stand For?

Automated Teller Machine.

ATM usually stands for automated teller machine. This machine is an electronic banking device that allows customers to perform basic banking transactions. You can use this machine to do withdrawals, deposits, and account inquiries without needing a bank teller or branch.

atm meaning

ATMs are usually operational 24/7, and to access them, you will need a debit or credit card and enter a personal identification number (PIN).

Overall, these two meanings are what this abbreviation stands for in most cases, but is that all? Well, no, that's not all. Read on to discover other definitions.

ATM meaning changes depending on the context of a conversation. So, let's start with the primary meaning and then move to the alternative meanings:

At the Moment:

As slang, ATM stands for "At the Moment." This slang is frequently used in informal communication, such as texting or social media. It is used to indicate what someone is currently doing or feeling. For example, someone might say, "I'm busy with work ATM," suggesting they are occupied with work.

at the moment

However, when not used as slang but rather just an abbreviation, this term mainly refers to:

What Does ATM Mean Sexually?

When it comes to the sexual part of life, ATM is used as an abbreviation of 'Ass to Mouth.' It isn't the best term to use in almost every environment since most people consider it a fetish and nasty thing. So, it is better to be cautious when using such a term and only use it with someone you know won't get startled.

This is a fetish thing that only very few indulge in. That means it doesn't appear pleasant to most people as they view it as a nasty act.

What Does ATM Mean in A Relationship?

Alternatively, this abbreviation can also be used as slang to indicate a 'rich boyfriend.' This ATM definition is very rare, but at some point, it can be used by a few individuals, for example, a friend, to indicate a rich dude.

How Is ATM Used in Conversation?

Since we have noted that atm has several meanings, we will now determine how this abbreviation or a slang term is used in conversation based on those meanings:

a) At the Moment

In casual conversations, people often use ATM slang term to indicate that they are currently occupied. It can be that they're doing something or experiencing a certain feeling.

For example:

  • "Sorry, I can't talk right now; I'm at the gym ATM."
  • "I'm feeling pretty tired, ATM; maybe we can chat later."

b) Automated Teller Machine

This is the primary meaning of ATM that most people associate this abbreviation with. It refers to the electronic banking machine that allows customers to perform basic banking transactions.

And so when it comes to conversations, people might use ATMs to refer to withdrawing or depositing money from a bank account.

For example:

  • "I need to go to the ATM to get some cash."
  • "Can you Venmo me instead? I don't have any cash on me, and there's no ATM nearby."

c) Ass to Mouth

This vulgar slang refers to a sexual act, and it is not appropriate to use it in polite conversation. If you're a parent, this is the term you might be worried about if you happen to see your kids using it. That is why knowing such terms is essential in enabling you to note what your kids are about or doing when hanging out with their friends.

d) Rich Boyfriend

This is another not-so-common ATM meaning, but it is worth noting and adding to your list of emerging slang. Girls mainly use this slang, and it primarily refers to rich dudes as ATMs. For example, when two girls are chatting, they can say:

  • Ann: "Hey Liz, 've you seen Jane's, new man?"
  • Liz: "No, what about him?"
  • Ann: "What I can say is he is ATM!!"

How Can You Find out If Your Kid Is Using ATM Slang?

As noted, abbreviations and slang terms have become the norm of modern-day communication. It's not only the young people thing; even boomers are rocking on them. This is simply because it makes communication easy and fun.

For example, you can quickly type ATM instead of 'at the moment' or OMG instead of 'Oh My God' and conveniently communicate with your peers.

However, there are similar abbreviations that aren't cool if your kid is using them. Or Your kid might not differentiate that using such terms in their studies and exams will lead them to problems. And so, to avoid this, you will need to know if they're using such words and discuss with them the right time to use them.

So, to find out, you can use any or all of these ways:

  • Ask your kid: This is the simplest but less effective way to determine if your kids use slang terms such as ATM and several others. However, using this way, you can utilize that moment to have an honest conversation with your kid about slang terms.
  • Check their mobile devices: This method is way better than the first one due to its effectiveness. However, you might not be 100% sure about the results you will get, but the good thing is you will have some level of certainty. For more conclusive results, this next way is the ideal option.
  • Use the Parental Control app: This method is ideally the best option to give you 100% of the results you are looking for. Parental control apps such as AirDroid Parental Control will help you conveniently and effectively track your kid's conversations on different devices without noticing something.

AirDroid Parental Monitoring

Why Choose AirDroid Parental Control App?

AirDroid is an ideal option if you are looking to get detailed reports about your kid's activities on their devices. Some of the key benefits of the AirDroid Parental control app include:

  • Daily Usage Report: With AirDroid, you can get a daily and weekly usage report of your child's device, including all notifications, most used apps, statistics on screen time usage, and cellular data usage. This allows you to stay informed about your child's device usage and make any necessary adjustments.
  • App & Screen Time Management: On the kids' devices, you may effectively manage the available time or period, set the overall screen time limit, or establish limits for particular apps. You may even instantly disable every app.
  • Location Tracker: Additionally, you can examine the location history and track the current location of your child's device with this software. When your children enter or depart the geofenced locations you've set, you'll get immediate warnings.
  • Remote Monitor: With the help of your children's mobile devices, you can remotely observe and hear what's going on around them thanks to the Remote Camera and One-Way Audio. You can view the child's device's current screen by using Screen Mirroring as well.
  • Sync App Notifications: To be informed about your child's app usage, sync your app notifications. You will simultaneously receive the notification content whenever an app on your child's device sends out a notification. Social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others can be viewed by parents.

Download the AirDroid Parental Control app Now, and update about your kids' online and mobile devices activities at all times.

To wrap it up!

After knowing what ATM stands for, it is essential that you note that you need to know more than just ATM meaning only. Knowing how it's used in a conversation is crucial in helping fully utilize this slang term.

Overall, what does atm mean in text is, in most cases, the same, which is at the moment.' For example, atm meaning on Snapchat, Tik Tok or any other social platform is mainly at the moment. But this is when it is used as a slang term.

However, it might be different in some contexts, and we have shown that in this article by highlighting some of the common atm acronym meanings.

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