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AirDroid Remote Support supports multiple languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian and Japanese.

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How is AirDroid Remote Support charged?
The pricing of AirDroid Remote Support's Basic, Standard, and Premium plans is based on the number of licenses purchased. The Basic plan includes 50 connection hours per license, while the Standard and Premium plans include unlimited connection hours.
How do I buy more Connection Hours?
A Basic plan license offers 50 connection hours for a single user. Organizations that purchase multiple licenses can share the connection hours among their users. The remaining hours can be checked in the Admin Console, and additional hours (from 10 to 50) can be purchased if needed. For unlimited connection hours, consider upgrading to the Standard or Premium plans.
Can I purchase additional licenses after I make the initial purchase? How will I be charged?
Yes, the difference will be calculated based on the upgraded plan as reference and proportionally to the remaining days.
Can I pay by installments?
Installments are not accepted at this time to facilitate customers' annual budget considerations.

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