Benefits of remote camera

  • Be there with customers

  • Save on travel spending

  • Collaborate with experts

  • Help your customers and employees troubleshoot a device or equipment remotely using their device camera. Use voice chat to avoid any miscommunication so issues can be fixed instantly.

  • Simple issues can be fixed right away without being on-site. Before sending your technicians, you can examine the situation first so that everything can be set up in one go.

  • Provide accurate consultation to managers or technicians on-site and use remote camera and voice chat to work on complex issues together.

Expand your support for the physical world

Remote support with AR camera in your industry

  • Retail

    Troubleshoot digital signage, POS, or kiosk to minimize any service downtime without impacting business operations.

  • IT support

    Provide support and instructions for any piece of equipment or hardware to customers and employees without going on site.

  • Off-road rescue

    Walk the customer through examining and fixing a car issue to help them get back on the road.

Looking for remote support with screen sharing & voice chat?

AirDroid Remote Support also offers robust features for remotely troubleshooting software issues, including real-time screen sharing, voice chat, remote control, gestures, markup, and more.

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Guide customers on the scene in real-time with Remote Camera & AR