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Application Management Made Simple for Your Business

Key Features

Staged Rollout

Update apps by device group, device type, location, and more to enhance availability and reduce risk.

Scheduled Release

Schedule automatic app updates that best fit you or your customers' needs.

Progress Monitoring

See the overall rollout progress, the adoption rate of different app versions, and active devices.

Force Installation

Carry out mandatory and instant app updates on unattended devices.

Custom App Library

Create your own private app store and customize the icon and name to reflect brand presence.

App management for different industries and needs

AirDroid Business Application Management Service (AMS) helps organizations and IT managers monitor apps performance on their deployed Android devices at all times through a flexible and centralized interface.

  • Healthcare

    Many healthcare organizations now equip patients with Android tablets and specialized medical apps to monitor daily status of their patients, especially during events like a pandemic where patients need to be isolated. With AMS, IT admins can push new features or security updates to the devices regardless of their locations. This gives healthcare organizations greater flexibility to allocate their medical resources while lowering operational costs at the same time.

  • Digital Signage

    Many industries are implementing digital signages to engage more with their consumers and grow brand awareness nowadays. However, apps or unexpected device errors may lead to malfunction in these signages and affect content display. With AMS “Force Installation” feature, IT admins are able to respond faster by remotely replacing the original app during busy business hours and lower the impact on customer experiences.

  • IT Services

    A company’s IT team plays an important role in securing all in-house apps and making sure support is provided in time. With the help of AirDroid Business Application Management Service (AMS), IT admins are able to remotely push app updates or releases to all devices by percentage, groups, countries, etc.

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