AirDroid Business empowers VisionFund in Kenya overcome their device management challenges and fulfill their missions more effectively. VisionFund Kenya dedicate to providing financial services and socio-economic development support. Their primary operations encompass microfinance services, socio-economic development, and child empowerment. They empower individuals and entrepreneurs from low-income backgrounds through microloans and financial services, support socio-economic development projects and programs, and focus on child welfare and development.


The Challenge: Meeting the Need of Limit Employees' Device Usage

VisionFund's mission is to alleviate poverty and promote sustainable development. To do this effectively, the VisionFund Kenya office relies heavily on its Samsung tablets for various tasks. With the help of company devices, employees can conduct meeting with clients, share information and collaborate on tasks, regardless of their location. However, managing these devices was a daunting task.

  • VisionFund Kenya needed a way to limit employees' device use for work-centered tasks, avoiding misuse for personal needs or entertainment.
  • Furthermore, they needed a solution that could help them install and update specific apps for work, like Gmail and Outlook etc., across a large scale of devices in different places.

That's why VisionFund Kenya needed a robust, reliable, and user-friendly Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. After comparing many solutions on the market, VisionFund Kenya found the perfect fit with AirDroid Business.


Solutions: Applying Kiosk, AMS and Remote Support Solution for Employees Devices across Kenya with AirDroid Business

Before implementing AirDroid Business, VisionFund Kenya researched different solutions (including Microsoft Intune, IBM MDM solutions). But None of them were a good fit.

We just so happened to run into AirDroid as we were acquiring the devices and it was our first choice after hunting for various options to use

Victor Muchiri, Cloud and System's Administrator of VisionFund Kenya

With AirDroid Business, VisionFund Kenya is able to:

All VisionFund Kenya employees are able to follow the strictly rule for using company's devices.

Kiosk Mode feature enabled VisionFund Kenya to lock down Android devices, ensuring that the devices were used strictly for work-related tasks. With the Kiosk browser and website whitelists, VisionFund Kenya could enforce more stringent device usage policies, promoting focused and productive device usage.

Implement an all-around apps installed and updated.

The App Management feature of AirDroid Business extended VisionFund Kenya the ability to simplify the process of application updates and maintenance in bulk on remote devices. The feature facilitated the easy installation and updating of work-related apps across VisionFund Kenya's fleet of devices, ensuring their employees always had the necessary tools at their disposal.

Enable the IT admins to quickly provide remote support to any device.

This enables VisionFund IT department in Kenya to have full remote support to all employees' devices. IT adminds can easily provide an all-around remote assistance and troubleshoot from a distance, giving real-time support for employees.


Kiosk Mode




App Management


Remote Support

AirDroid Business solutions for visonfund
The Result: an Affordable and Comprehensive MDM Solution with the Best Customer Support

VisionFund Kenya chose AirDroid Business because it offered a comprehensive solution that met all their needs. The Kiosk Mode feature was a game-changer, allowing them to control and limit device usage effectively. Additionally, the App Management and Remote Support feature simplify the remotely device access & management significantly.

VisionFund Kenya is satisfied with the round-the-clock support and proactive response to client needs provided by the AirDroid Business support team. The support and technical team has been key in resolving issues, optimizing solutions and enhancing customer satisfaction. The team's problem-solving capabilities has positioned AirDroid Business as an essential partner for VisionFund Kenya.

Airdroid has helped us configure and deploy over 150 mobile devices, with excellent support on issues as well as being open to taking in some nitpicks that we as the clients have had. Overall amazing support and an Amazing System.

Victor Muchiri, Cloud and System's Administrator of VisionFund Kenya

Customer Profile

VisionFund in Kenya offers microloans, microsavings, and microinsurance services. These financial solutions enable families and communities to establish a reliable income source and enhance their livelihoods. Since its establishment in 2003 as a separate microfinance arm of World Vision, VisionFund has grown to include 28 microfinance institutions worldwide. Its ultimate goal is to uplift families and children from poverty permanently.






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