Transtira is an innovative transportation and logistics company that provides Android devices to its drivers to track the location of vehicles and to assist the drivers in dealing with customer and technical issues when making deliveries.


The Challenge

Transtira quickly discovered that equipping drivers with mobile devices comes with its own set of challenges, which include:

  • Technical support
  • Data usage
  • Driver distraction
  • Device maintenance

Among Transtira's 2,000+ employees, more than 1,500 are drivers. Given such a scale of field workers who are always on the move, it was very difficult to provide timely technical support on-site or even on the phone. Remote assistance is thus required when drivers encounter problems with their devices.

Furthermore, as deliveries are made across multiple European countries, Transtira needed to monitor device data usage to avoid incurring huge mobile data roaming costs.

The company is also concerned that the presence of mobile devices may result in distractions for drivers in the course of performing their duties.

Worse of all is the possibility that drivers may attempt to meddle with the devices intentionally or cause the devices to malfunction unwittingly (e.g. by interrupting software updates), making it harder to maintain the devices in functional condition.


The Solution

To deal with these pain points, Transtira needed a secure and reliable way to control device usage and keep devices, apps and services updated. The company chose AirDroid Business, a powerful mobile device management (MDM) solution that provides easy and secure remote control and management of Android devices.

  • Efficient technical support

  • Data usage monitoring

  • Reducing driver distractions

  • Remote device maintenance

AirDroid Business logistic and transportation customer story-Transtira
Efficient technical support

With our MDM solution, Transtira's IT team can gain access to devices in real-time through remote control to troubleshoot technical issues or fix app usage problems. In this way, the IT team can prevent drivers who are not particularly tech-savvy from losing valuable time and energy trying to fix the issues themselves.

Data usage monitoring

One of Transtira's key usages of roaming mobile data is for internal communications such as notifications and file transfers (e.g. tax documents) between HQ and the drivers. To avoid overspending its budget on this, the company needs to keep a close tab on usage patterns. By monitoring data usage of devices and receiving alerts of high usage rates, Transtira is able to take preventive actions against errant drivers before the situation gets out of control.

Reducing driver distractions

With AirDroid Business, Transtira is able to set up custom usage policies and restrictions for its devices, such as data roaming limits, app whitelisting, and more. This allowed the company to keep its devices and drivers secure, and minimize distractions that can lead to reduced efficiency and productivity. To further lower the risk of distracted driving, Transtira can even lock down devices in Kiosk Mode to restrict the use of certain apps when the drivers are on the road.

Remote device maintenance

Pushing software updates to its devices is quick and easy too. With our Application Management Service (AMS), Transtira's IT team can install and update apps on the devices remotely and in bulk, rather than manually updating each device. It can also perform the maintenance by device group, device type, and location to mitigate the risks of unexpected update failures.

Best of all, by activating the Black Screen Mode during a remote control session, drivers will be notified that their devices are undergoing maintenance. This ensures that they will not be able to view the device settings or interfere with the maintenance process.

Customer Profile

As one of the largest company in Lithuania, Transtira is a key partner in international supply chains and plays an important role in transportation logistic accross Europe since 1993.

With an experienced team, Transtira provide professional services using their own vehicles for full and partial cargoes to meet all the logistic needs. Transtira focuses on growth through unique and innovative solutions that benefit partners and society.


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