Managing multiple devices for exhibitions can be a daunting task, especially for organizations like Libera that aim to convey powerful social messages against organized crime. Libera, an anti-mafia association, needed an effective solution to manage their Android devices remotely for their exhibitions. This case study explores how AirDroid's mobile device management (MDM) solution helped Libera overcome their device management challenges, enhance their exhibition's impact, and support their mission against mafia influence and corruption.


The Challenge

Before adopting AirDroid's mobile device management (MDM) solution, Libera faced significant challenges:

  • Device Lock Down for Public Access: Required activation of kiosk mode on 50 Android devices to display stories of mafia victims.
  • Remote Management: Needed the ability to remotely manage devices for app installations.

The initial manual management of devices during exhibition setup was inefficient and time-consuming. The search for a robust remote management solution led Libera to AirDroid.


The Solution

Libera discovered AirDroid Business through an online search and selected it for its ease of device enrollment and management capabilities.

Easy Device Enrollment

“We're very impressed by how easy the device enrollment method that AirDroid Business provides to us," says Domenico, the IT manager from Libera. The 6-times-tap device owner enrollment allowed 50 devices to be enrolled simultaneously, saving time and reducing potential errors. "The provisioning template is also great for us to automate setup for device enrollment.”

Kiosk Mode Configuration

Libera configured the devices to operate in kiosk mode to display stories of mafia victims with audio. This setup ensured that the devices were locked into a single-app mode to prevent unauthorized usage.

Remote Management

Using AirDroid Business’s remote management features, Libera was able to install their custom apps on all devices in bulk. “AirDroid Business helps us make sure all the software is automatically remotely installed correctly without being on-site.”


The Result

This is the first time that Libera leverage MDM solution. AirDroid Business solution proved essential to Libera for reliable information delivery and visitor engagement that significantly improved Libera's exhibition activities:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Enabled remote updates and ensured devices were ready for visitor interactions, which would have been impossible with manual management.
  • Reliable Functionality: Ensured that installations remained functional and engaging for visitors.
  • Effective Message Delivery: Crucial for maintaining installations and effectively conveying anti-mafia messages.
Excellent solution for remote management of our Android devices. AirDroid Business is effective for our remote work, allowing us to be efficient and quick in managing devices at any time, ensuring they are ready for our visitors. Highly recommended!

Domenico, IT Manager

Libera's case study demonstrates how AirDroid Business's remote device management solution empowered the organization to manage their anti-mafia exhibitions efficiently. By leveraging AirDroid, Libera ensured that their powerful social messages reached and engaged the public effectively, thereby supporting their mission against organized crime and corruption.

Customer Profile

Libera, established in 1995, is dedicated to fostering communities free from mafia influence and corruption. The organization promotes cultural change and democratic participation to uphold social justice and protect individual rights. Recognized as a third sector organization and social promotion association, Libera is noted for its comprehensive efforts against organized crime. The organization has earned several accolades, including being listed among Italy's exemplary organizations by Eurispes in 2008 and ranked among the world's top 100 NGOs by The Global Journal in 2012.


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