In Malaysia's dynamic retail industry, Emart24 has emerged as a symbol of innovation and growth, with a presence across cities in 7 states. The extensive network of Emart24 convenience stores marks an ambitious venture aimed at transforming the Malaysian shopping experience. However, with business expansion comes technological challenges. These were primarily about efficiently deployment, management and content updating content of numbers of Point Of Sale (POS) devices across numerous store locations.

As the first Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for Emart24, AirDroid Business has adeptly addressed these obstacles, bolstering the company's business growth.


The Challenge

Emart24 started expanding its convenience stores within Malaysia's competitive retail landscape. However, during the journey of business growth, it faced substantial operational challenges that had the potential to hinder its growth.

  • Managing a growing array of POS devices in stores across 50 cities, posing difficulties in ensuring all devices are up-to-date with the latest applications.
  • Ensuring consistent marketing of Emart24's offerings or latest promotional content across all stores.

The company's initial approach to device management was labor-intensive and manual. Technicians had to physically visit each store location for individual device updates. This method was not just inefficient but also left room for inconsistencies and errors.


The Solution

The partnership between Emart24 and AirDroid Business exemplifies a targeted approach to overcoming operational hurdles through technology. By focusing on Emart24's specific challenges, AirDroid Business crafted a set of solutions that not only addressed immediate issues but also aligned with the company's growth trajectory and operational ethos.

The solution of AirDroid Business
APP Management in Bulks to POS Devices Across Malaysia

One of Emart24's primary challenges was the efficient management and deployment of apps across its expanding fleet of POS devices. AirDroid Business, with its automated deployment and configuration workflow, enables Emart24 to remotely install and update apps on all POS devices within 5 minutes. This eliminates the need for manual updates and significantly reduces downtime.

Streamlined Content Distribution to Devices

The need to dynamically update promotional content on POS devices was another critical requirement for Emart24. AirDroid Business responded with a bulk file transfer solution, enabling the mass distribution of high-resolution advertising images to more than 100 devices at the same time. This ensured that all Emart24 locations displayed consistent marketing messages, enhancing brand cohesion and improving the customer experience during checkout idle times.

Consultation Support

AirDroid Business also provided specialized consultation services to Emart24 about their network stability inquiry. This involved a thorough analysis of Emart24's existing network infrastructure and the implementation of optimized configurations to enhance connectivity and stability. This proactive approach minimized disruptions and ensured that POS devices remained operational, even in high-traffic conditions.

Additionally, as Emart24 was a first-time user of Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, AirDroid Business offered detailed guidance on best practices for MDM solution based on their scenarios. This included providing timely issue resolution and options for solution upgrades, among other services, to ensure a smooth and efficient deployment of their MDM system.


The Result

The implementation of AirDroid Business significantly streamlined Emart24’s operational processes, reducing the time and resources previously required for manual updates and checks. By adopting AirDroid Business’s solutions, Emart24 successfully addressed its operational challenges, laying a strong foundation for future growth. The move underscored the brand’s commitment to innovation and excellence in customer service, ensuring that each store remained a welcoming hub of Korean and Malaysian cultural harmony.

Customer Profile

Emart24, initiated in Malaysia in 2021, represents Korea's rapidly expanding convenience store chain. Emart24's mission revolves around being more than just a convenience store; it aims to serve as a local gathering spot. It provides an array of offerings including fresh food, coffee, and diverse Korean snacks, thus inviting community members to experience a blend of convenience and cultural enrichment​.






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