Discount Vending(DV) Store is a reputable provider of a wide range of vending machines. Their offerings include combo, healthy, soda, snack, and candy gumball machines. Each machine is equipped with advanced features to enhance user experience and convenience, including touchscreens for easy selection, elevators for safe product delivery, guaranteed vend sensors to ensure successful transactions, and mobile payment systems for flexible payment options. With the automated systems, Discount Vending(DV) Store provides clients with a fully automated retail solution.

In their pursuit of operational excellence, Discount Vending(DV) Store faced a critical challenge: they needed to provide clients and internal teams with the most effective methods to remotely manage and access vending machines across countries and cities. They sought a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to streamline their processes, while also allowing for a personalized touch through white-label branding.


The Challenge

DV Store and its customers were trapped in a labor-intensive cycle:

Frequent need for Manual vending machines visit:

DV Store‘s clients were required to adjust price and content updates on the machines frequently by physical visits even it is only one machine or machines across the areas. Also, as they met tech issues, DV Store need to visit the machine while the error may occur already for times.

Unable to update content remotely:

Updating product information, images, and text manually in bulk was not only slow but also prone to errors, affecting operational efficiency. For DV Store's clients who operate across multiple countries and cities, and require frequent content updates, physically visiting machines is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Requirement of white labeling:

DV Store needed an MDM solution that could support white-labeling, which means the ability to customize the interface with their own branding. Finding such a solution could be challenging due to limited options in the market.

The manual approach limited DV Store and its clients' ability to respond quickly to market changes, posing challenges in a fast-paced industry.


The Solution

DV Store was determined to find tailored solutions for their unique challenges, prioritizing remote vending machine management with a white-label approach, which would maintain brand consistency in their provision of vending equipment and software solutions.

DV Store strategically decided to opt for AirDroid Business’s MDM solution to address their specific needs in managing Android devices efficiently. They were drawn to AirDroid Business due to its comprehensive offerings, including:

Bulk monitor & access vending machines on one dashboard

DV Store and its clients are able to monitor and access vending machines remotely no matter where the machines are. Also, the solution helps the IT team from DV Store to provide a better tech support experience in real time as system error happened without the need of physical presence.

Remote content update

DV Store‘s clients can now remotely update product information and images, eliminating the need for physical visits to vending machines. This allows every client to easily change and update the information on vending machines as needed. This has saved time and increased the convenience factor for DV Store and its customers.

White-label solution

DV Store is able to customize logo “CV Remote Access” and colours on the app. Discount Vending integrated a white-label MDM solution, reinforcing brand consistency in their vending equipment and software. This enhances brand identity and provides a unified user experience for clients.

More capabilities from control management

​Role management: Streamlined operations are achieved through the ability to allocate different machines to distinct permission groups. This level of control and customization has allowed DV Store to optimize their operations and provide tailored services to their clients.

Bulk Files Transfer: DV Store now offers their clients the ability to distribute bulk product image updates remotely in a efficient manner.


The Result

    AirDroid Business MDM Solution

    Remote vending machine management

  • Brand consistency
  • Operational efficiency
  • Enhanced technical support
  • Market responsiveness
AirDroid business solution

The integration of MDM Solution by AirDroid Business has had a profound impact on DV Store's operations:

Brand consistency:

The establishment of the rebranded AirDroid Business solution, “CV Remote Access,” has not only enhanced their brand image, but it has also likely contributed to revenue growth by attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

Operational efficiency:

The role management and remote control features have led to significant time savings and more efficient use of resources, reducing the need for manual, on-site updates.

Enhanced technical support:

The MDM solution allows for remote troubleshooting of technical issues, freeing up the IT team's time to focus on strategic initiatives rather than on-site maintenance, thereby improving overall productivity.

Market responsiveness:

The ability to quickly update and manage vending machines remotely allows DV Store to respond swiftly to market changes, offering an advantage in a dynamic industry.

The two-month implementation process proceeded without unexpected issues. During this period, DV Store worked closely with the AirDroid Business team to tailor the solution to their specific needs. AirDroid demostrated swift support whenever adjustments to the white-label application were required.

Customer Profile

The Discount Vending(DV) Store, is a reputable provider of cost-effective vending machines. Their product range encompasses a variety of vending solutions, including combo vending and healthy vending machines, as well as soda, snack, and candy gumball machines. Distinguished by their unwavering commitment to customer support, they offer invaluable benefits such as complimentary technical assistance, warranties, and advanced inventory tracking, ensuring a comprehensive and fully supported vending solution for their customers.


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