Digis Squared's team share their deep domain expertise and experience, and use their independent AI tools to deliver managed services, system integration and consulting for mobile network operators (MNOs), communications service providers (CSPs) and regulators. The company is focused on resolving gaps between clients’ objectives and vendor solutions to enable smarter networks.


The Challenge

With team members spread across 25 countries, it quickly became apparent to Digis Squared that supporting field work can be a tricky issue. Before using AirDroid Business, remote support of its independent telecom experts meant calling them in the field to resolve issues over the phone.

At the same time, it needed to access this phone in the field to test mobile network using its in-house software, INOS AI tool. This tool is a vendor agnostic, multi-network-technology solution that delivers automated assessment, testing, benchmarking and optimization of networks, and is an essential part of the service Digis Squared provides to its customers.

As such, the company needed a solution to help its team to easily manage and control devices remotely, in order to save time and effort in their field work.


The Solution

With these challenges in mind, Digis Squared decided to enhance the remote support of its team by using AirDroid Business to remotely control its fleet of mobile phones in the field. The company also integrated the remote control function of AirDroid Business with its INOS platform to further enhance the process of testing mobile network. This allows it to remotely gain access to devices in real-time to troubleshoot technical issues or fix app usage problems.

With AirDroid Business, we are able to easily manage and control all of the company's devices remotely, which saves us a lot of time and effort.

Amr Ashraf, RAN and Software Solution Architect and Trainer

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Simplified device management

Digis Squared uses AirDroid Business to organize the mobile phones into different groups to simplify the remote management and remote control of these devices.

Through the Application Management Service (AMS) feature, Digis Squared is able to install and update apps remotely and use Bulk Transfer to send large files to multiple devices quickly and securely.

After using AirDroid Business for a number of years, Digis Squared has nothing but praise for the solution. In particular, the company likes the fact that the software is very stable and is regularly updated with new features. It also cites the very good support by the AirDroid Business team for its satisfaction with the solution.

Customer Profile

Digis Squared was founded in 2016 to deliver independent expertise and tools, manage full end-to-end solutions, and to bridge the gap between clients’ objectives and vendor solutions. The company is headquartered in the UK, with a technology and support centre in Egypt, plus regional offices in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Angola, and teams embedded with clients.


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