Aura Futures, a comprehensive service solutions company, provides Android media device-centric connected workspace solutions to help their clients enhance efficiency, productivity, and agility in today's competitive business across industries. By partnering with AirDroid Business, Aura Futures not only empowers their clients with cutting-edge connected workspace solutions but also leverages AirDroid Business to achieve efficient Android device management.


The Challenge

Aura serves customers in industries covering Education, Financial Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Legal, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Retail, Transportation, etc. Given the scale of its operations and its service offerings, it is hardly surprising that one of the key priorities for Aura is keeping its smart signage displays and digital TV signages up to date for customers.

However, with customers scattered across many geographic locations, it is increasingly difficult for Aura to manage the devices out in the field , especially when it comes to application updates and pushing new digital content to these devices.

Aura manages a global fleet of Android media players for our customers. As such, we needed the ability to centrally manage the fleet remotely, including pushing application updates. AirDroid Business speeds up the support time for our customers and keeps their devices up-to-date all the time, saving time and costs of having our support personnel travel to the site to troubleshoot issues.

Andy Smith, Product Specialist, Aura Futures

After deploying their devices, Aura's customers need to regularly maintain and monitor the digital content that is displayed on the screens of these devices. Whenever customers encounter technical issues with the playback of the digital content, Aura's support team will have to help them troubleshoot the devices.

Furthermore, customers need to install Aura's digital signage and digital TV applications on the TV boxes, and these applications have to be updated from time to time. Performing frequent onsite maintenance is both time-consuming and costly to Aura.

With its growing customer base, Aura needed to find a better way to help customers monitor and manage their devices, while maintaining the same high level of service and support.

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The Solution

Enter AirDroid Business. With our MDM solution , Aura can now quickly configure and deploy devices for its customers without having to send its support team all over the place. Once deployed, Aura's customers can even remotely control the devices to adjust system and application settings.

Remote Access

Using the Remote Access feature, Aura's support team is able to remotely assist customers to resolve technical issues and, when necessary, reboot devices. This helps to minimize device downtime while reducing travel costs.

For example, during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Aura was able to continue to serve its customers. Using Remote Access, the company's support team implemented and solved the technical problems encountered by customers without having to be on-site. This helped to keep maintenance cost low while ensuring that customer support was carried out in a timely manner.

Device Wall

The intuitive Device Wall not only enables Aura to view the details of all enrolled devices in one unified dashboard, it also allows the support team to perform real-time screen capture to ensure that the device's playback function is operating normally. The team can even test out the playback effect of the device in real-time.

For example, one of Aura's customers in the financial industry has very stringent requirements for device management due to financial regulations. At the same time, it is also necessary to simplify the use of devices for the financial institution's customers and employees. Through the Device Wall, Aura's customer was able to enjoy seamless operation while ensuring compliance with regulations.

Application Management System (AMS)

More importantly, through the Application Management Service (AMS) , Aura can now schedule the installation or updating of apps on remote devices simultaneously without needing to send multiple teams to various customer locations.

This flexibility allows Aura to easily manage and update the apps for one of its customers' digital signage systems, helping the customer to minimize downtime of devices and enhance the end user experience.

Customer Profile

Aura Futures is focused on workspace solutions that deliver integrated technology and first-class service, underpinned by a professionally designed blueprint. It enables organizations to create differentiation in their marketplace by helping them to adapt to changing generational attitudes in the workplace.



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