AFAQY, a respected company in the Arab region, has earned its reputation by delivering customized IT solutions designed for transportation, logistics and supply chain management. However, it encountered a series of challenges along the way.


The Challenges from Traditional Device Management

Despite the success of their logistics technology solutions and a holistic approach to supply chain management, AFAQY recognized an urgent need to address proper device usage and low efficiency of Android device management caused from traditional manual management.

Challenge 1: Drivers Misusing Corporate Devices

Before adopting AirDroid Business, AFAQY grappled with the absence of an efficient system to regulate the use of Android devices on their vehicles. This led to challenges in overseeing device usage by their fleet, preventing misuse, and enforcing restrictions against non-work-related activities.

Challenge 2: Complex Fleet Management Across Multiple Locations

Manual management made it tough for AFAQY to handle, monitor, and update Android devices on their vehicles in different places. This led to slow, labor-intensive processes and difficulties in tracking device data and ensuring proper functioning.


The Solution: Streamlining Device Management with Kiosk Mode in AirDroid Business

After facing the complexity of managing numbers of vehicle on-board Android devices across locations, AFAQY decided to turn to AirDroid Business. Impressed with its seamless compatibility with AFAQY's existing management systems and platforms, comprehensive features, and secure platform, AFAQY integrated AirDroid Business into their operations. It also improved the efficiency of workflow which was previously hampered by manual device management.

Key benefits of AirDroid Business include:

1. Regulated Device Usage and Operation with Kiosk Mode

One of AFAQY's struggles was monitoring and controlling the usage of corporate devices to prevent misuse. With AirDroid Business’s Kiosk Mode, AFAQY could effectively lock down a device to limit its use to specific apps so that drivers can be restricted on using work only operations on devices. By restricting drivers' activities, Kiosk Mode helps AFAQY improve productivity, data security, and control over device usage.

2. Simplified Device Management with Comprehensive Features

Before using AirDroid Business, AFAQY faced a slow and tedious workflow due to manual management and monitoring of devices. With AirDroid Business, AFAQY could easily and efficiently manage a large number of Android devices for drivers across multiple locations.


AFAQY was able to impose usage restrictions like disable reset on devices, ensuring a secure and controlled environment.

Role Management:

This feature provided careful control of role permissions for internal personnel, resulting in enhanced data security and operational efficiency.

Real-Time Monitoring with Device Wall:

This feature provided AFAQY with live screenshots for screen monitoring needs, ensuring devices were being used appropriately and enhancing transparency.

App Management Service (AMS):

This service met AFAQY's requirements for app usage on devices, improving operational efficiency for app deployment and updates.

Centralized Remote Device Control:

Finding a solution for remotely rebooting devices was crucial for AFAQY to increase operational efficiency and minimize potential downtime.

My experience with the performance and results of AirDroid Business has been exceptionally positive. AirDroid Business is a reliable and easy-to-use solution that I highly recommend.

Abdul Ghaffar Mohammed of AFAQY IT Co.

3. Customer-centric Customer Support

AirDroid Business provides AFAQY a dedicated account manager to ensure their personalized attention and quick resolution of any issues. The account manager works closely with AFAQY to understand their specific requirements and provides customized solutions & product improvement updates to meet those needs.

In addition, AirDroid Business played an key role in helping AFAQY meet regulatory requirements for device monitoring from the local government, ensuring peace-of-mind and compliance assurance.

AirDroid Business 24/7 customer support is invaluable. Whenever I've encountered an issue, they've been quick to respond and assist me.

Abdul Ghaffar Mohammed of AFAQY IT Co.

The Outcome: A Streamlined MDM Workflow Achieved

With AirDroid Business, AFAQY managed to transform their workflow, save time, and enhance security. By streamlining device management, AFAQY could focus more on their core business, providing top-tier services for logistics and supply chain management.

AirDroid Business was proud to partner with AFAQY in their digital transformation journey, providing them with a reliable and efficient solution that met their unique business needs. The success of this partnership underscores AirDroid Business's commitment to harnessing technology to deliver tailored solutions for businesses, thereby enabling them to overcome their challenges and achieve their objectives.

Customer Profile

AFAQY, established in 2005, is dedicated to offering cutting-edge Automatic Vehicle Location and Fleet Management solutions. AFAQY's mission is to enable organizations to maximize the utility of their vehicles and maintain operational agility and efficiency. With a vision to transcend regional boundaries, AFAQY aspires to establish its footprint globally.


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