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All You Need to Know about Screen Mirroring

Elsa Updated on Feb 10, 2023 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring is a technology that lets the users replicate their mobile, Windows, or Apple devices to the big screen. If you want to know what is screen mirroring and how it works, keep reading this article.

what is screen mirroring

1 What is Screen Mirroring?

Screen mirroring is the process of sharing your tiny device screen to any other big screen like a Windows computer, Mac, TV, etc. through this process, the users can easily share their photos, videos, games, vlogs, and music to another device.

Additionally, screen mirroring lets the user enjoy watching these movie matches on a bigger screen. Through this feature, the user can easily stream content from the internet like Netflix series, seasons, movies, YouTube vlogs, live sessions, etc.

2 How Does Screen Mirroring Work?

The whole screen mirroring process depends on two major components, one screen sending device and a screen receiving device. Every device can be mirrored, but the process of screen mirroring for each device may differ.

how does screen mirroring work

There are few hardware devices that help in screencasting, like Chromecast, and various software support screen mirroring, such as AirDroid Cast, Reflector, etc. Screen mirroring is possible wirelessly and with cables. No matter which process you are choosing, it will replicate your screen to another screen.

3Casting vs Mirroring

There is a misconception that casting and screen mirroring are the same things, but the two processes are totally different. In screen mirroring, you mirror your phone to other devices, and you can see the real-time replica of your screen on other devices. But still you can see the content on both devices (sender and receiver).

If you mirror your Android screen to a laptop to watch a movie, you can watch a movie on both devices. But in casting, you can see shared content on the receiver device only. You can’t access it from the sender's device.

Additionally, in screen mirroring, you can see everything on your phone, but in screen casting, the only content becomes you can’t control anything else. Moreover, many not apps support screen casting, but you can view and mirror the content of almost all apps in screen mirroring.

4 Why Do We Need to Use Screen Mirroring?

Do you know how to use screen mirroring? Screen mirroring is a useful method; we badly want to share our tiny mobile screens in different situations.

  1. Mostly the small device users use screen mirroring at the time of presentation. When in college or university they have to present their project and idea in front of a class of teachers, the small mobile screen is not enough to explain things that's why they mirror their mobile screen to the PC.
  2. The online tutor also utilizes the screen mirroring feature to monitor students' screens and check their work on their devices.
  3. In gatherings or parties, when everyone makes a plan for movies, people prefer screen mirroring small devices to the big screen like PC or TV to enjoy movies peacefully.
  4. Small screen users also use the screen mirroring option when they want to watch old memorable photos or play games with family or friends.

5How to Use Screen Mirroring?

There are different ways to mirror your devices such as:

1. Screen Mirroring Phone to A TV with Chromecast

  1. Plug your Chromecast into your TV’s HDMI port.
  2. Download the Google Home application from the Google Play Store, and install it on your mobile device.

  3. Now select your Chromecast device which you want to mirror .
  4. Mirror to TV is success! Open a video or website on your mobile device, play videos and enjoy on your smart TV.

Note : If you don't have a Chromecast device on your home, you can also mirror the screen of your mobile phone to the TV using AirDroid Cast Web. Download AirDroid Cast on your phone and open webcast. airdroid. com website on your Smart-TV. Then you can start mirroring within 2 minutes.

2. Screen Mirroring Android to Win/Mac

Screen mirroring of Android devices to Windows PC or Mac with AirDroid Cast is an easy and timeless process. There are two ways of screen mirroring: Wireless method and mirroring via USB cable; here are the steps which you have to follow to start screen mirroring.

Step 1.Download AirDroid Cast on both your devices
Click “Try It Free” button below to download AirDroid Cast on both your Android phone and Windows PC/Mac. You can also download this app through Google Play Store or App Store.
Step 2.Connect Android to PC/Mac
Connect your Android phone to computer using USB cable or choosing wireless connection method.


  • Go to Windows PC or Mac, tap on the Wireless option, you will see two options cast by cast code and cast by QR code. Choose one option for initiating a casting request.
  • Note down the nine-digit code that is visible on the PC screen and add it to your mobile device for casting Or scan the QR code with the AirDroid Cast scanner.
  • Now you will receive a casting request on your PC, accept the request and give permission for screen mirroring.
  • A pop-up will be visible on your mobile screen about casting permission to PC. Enable it. Now you successfully mirror your Android to Windows PC or Mac.
  • USB cable:

  • Connect your phone and PC/Mac by using a USB cable. Then go to PC, open AirDroid Cast, and tap on the USB cable option.
  • Tap on your Android devices from the available list. Then you will see your Android device screen on your PC/Mac.
  • 3. Screen Mirroring Win/Mac to another PC

    1. First of all, download and install AirDroid Cast on your Win/Mac and another PC.
    2. Go to Win/Mac screen, open your AirDroid Cast application and click on WLAN.
    3. Now tap on the bottom option "share this computer screen”.

    4. A pop-up screen will be shown on the screen to add a nine-digit code. (Next time you can connect from the previous history).
    5. You will receive a casting request on your Computer, tap on allow and give permission for r screen mirroring.
    6. Now you can see your Mac or Win screen on other PC.

    Tips: AirDroid Cast also support remote screen mirroring. Whether you’re using a remote network or cellular network, this app lets you share the phone’s screen in real time. To do this, you just need to sign up an AirDroid account and log in before starting the connection.

    4. Screen Mirroring Phone to a Browser

    AirDroid Cast Web client makes mirroring easy for their users. Any airdroid, iOS, Mac, or Win user can instantly mirror their devices to any browser without downloading extra applications on received device.

    1. First of all, go to on your mobile or PC (received device).
    2. You will see two options, the first is a 9-digit casting code, and the second is a QR code scanner.

    3. cast to browser

    4. Go to your Android or iOS, open the AirDroid Cast application and add this casting code or for scanning code.
    5. After adding code, accept the request on give permission to a web browser.
    6. Now the screen is successfully mirrored to a browser.

    5. AirPlay from iPhone/iPad to Windows PC

    1. Download AirDroid Cast on your iPhone/iPad and PC.
    2. Open AirDroid Cast on your PC and tap on the AirPlay option.
    3. Connect both devices with the same Wi-Fi network.
    4. Now go to your iPhone, go to control center, and click on “screen mirroring”.
    5. Select “AirDroid Cast- XXX” from the list.
    6. After a successful connection, your iPhone or iPad will be visible on PC.

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    6. AirPlay from iPhone/iPad to Mac

    You can mirror your iPhone to Mac with inbuilt iOS features. Make sure both devices are using the same Wi-Fi network. On your iPhone or iPad, Find the AirPlay button in the Control Center, tap the Screen Mirroring toggle in the Control Center.Then select your Mac from the AirPlay list. Your iPhone/iPad screen can be displayed successfully on Mac.

    airplay to mac

    6 Advantages of AirDroid Cast - Not Only for Screen Mirroring

    AirDroid Cast not only helps in screen mirroring, but it also has various advantages such as:

    Remote control phone on PC

    AirDroid Cast made it possible for users to fully control the mobile phone remotely. The users can use all applications of the phone on the laptop or PC screen, then use all media files like pictures, videos, downloaded movies, music, etc.

    Two-way Audio

    AirDroid Cast supports audio sharing; the user can easily hear both sides’ audios during online meetings and classes.

    Multi screens on One Computer

    The multi screen option is a major beneficial feature. Through this feature, the user can access up to 5 screens on one Computer. This feature makes the work of the tutor and head of office easier .They can keep an eye on various things at the same time.

    Screen Mirroring Using Tips

    Here are some tips for users who want to mirror their screen:

  • Always Turn on Wi-Fi on both devices before starting screen mirroring.
  • Keep the Bluetooth off of both receiver and sender device.
  • If your internet connection is not good, use the HDMI port method.
  • Peer to peer AirPlay option is best for iOS users.
  • 7 Closing

    Screen mirroring allows the users to share their device screen with another device screen. A lot of software and tools assist in screen mirroring. But AirDroid Cast is better than others because through AirDroid Cast, you can screen share Android devices to Windows, MacOS, website, etc. This application is easy to use, and gives you permission to control the targeted phone. It provides differing mirroring ways for both Android and iOS users, so you can pick any method which looks easy to use.

    FAQs about Screen Mirroring

    Can I Screen Mirror Remotely?
    Yes. AirDroid Cast is a great option that you can choose. It allows you to mirror screen to another device remotely. No matter where you are and what device you use - phone, tablet, computer or smart TV.
    Is There A Free App for Screen Mirroring?
    There are many free apps you can use for screen mirroring. We recommend AirDroid Cast (local screen mirroring).. However, some alternatives include TeamViewer, Google Home, Mirroring360, AirbeamTV and AnyDesk.
    What is Screen Mirroring?
    As mentioned earlier, Screen Mirroring is a convenient way to project content from a smartphone onto a computer or TV. A connection is established between the two devices and data can be viewed in real time on a larger screen.
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