[2022 Updated] Does iPhone Support Miracast?

Q Does iPhone Support Miracast?

Miracast software itself does not support iOS devices.

However, Apple has the "iPhone Miracast" - Airplay. With this technology, it is possible to wirelessly transfer the data such as images and videos on a larger screen. All you need for this is to have an iPhone with iOS 8 or higher.

Miracast is a screen mirroring tool that gives the possibility to share the mobile phone screen to large-screen devices such as PC or Mac. Since you came across this article, you must be wondering,how to mirror iPhone screen? We will discuss in the following.

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1. Mirroring iPhone to Windows PC with "iPhone Miracast"

AirDroid Cast is one of the iPhone Miracast tools. It makes it possible to wirelessly connect iPhone/iPad/Mac to another computer. With this app, not only you can share the device screen or large display but also gives you direct, remote control on the mobile device from a PC.

Mirror iPhone to PC/Mac

To Mirror the iPhone screen to a PC or Mac, your will have to download the AirDroid Cast from its official website on the computer and from the Apple Store on the mobile phone. After the download process, there are simple installation procedures that need to be followed.

Launch AirDroid Cast on both your devices. To share the screen from iPhone to PC/Mac, you can use one of those methods:

  1. One of the methods of screen sharing is the WLAN method. With the use of this particular one, you can either scan the QR code shown on the PC screen or type in the numbered code that is presented underneath the QR code. This method even supports remote connetion.

  2. The second method is AirPlay, it is possible to mirror iPhone to PC via AirDroid Cast. Connect your iPhone and PC under the same Wi-Fi network. Scrolling down your iPhone screen and tap on “Screen mirroring”, choose “AirDroid Cast -XXX” from the list.

  3. The third method is to share the screen with the use of a regular USB Cable. Connect iPone to a PC or Mac with the USB cable. From the available devices list, choose your iPhone and you will be able to see the mobile phone screen on your PC.

Note : If you want to control your iPhone screen on PC/Mac, you need to set up a Bluetooth 5.0 adapter on your computer

2. Mirror PC/Mac to another Computer

With AirDroid Cast, it is possible to mirror the PC/ Mac to another computer. This can be done simply by following those steps provided below:

  1. Download the AirDroid Cast by click the download button below or from the official website both on sender and receiver devices.

  2. Go to the application of AirDroid Cast on your Win/Mac which as sender and tap on WLAN.
  3. In the bottom middle side of the AirDroid Cast tool, you will see a little computer sign and text “ Share this computer screen”- Click on it.

  4. Enter the nine-digit code that is displayed on the receiver AirDroid Cast
  5. Then you will see the cast request on the receiver computer. Click to allow the screen sharing, give the permission and start screen mirroring.

2. Miracast for iPhone - AirPlay

There are several Miracast technologies that are used in the screen mirroring and sharing process. Therefore, one of the most used Miracast for iPhone is AirPlay. Let’s discuss what is AirPlay and its usage steps.

What is AirPlay?

AirPlay is a streaming tool that is designed for Apple’s devices. It gives a possibility to share mobile phone screens with large screen devices. The sharing can be done on the PC, Mac, or even smart TV. The tool is only available for iOS devices.

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What Can AirPlay Do? (Attached Detailed Guide )

With the AirPlay tool, you can stream videos, images, music, and any other type of media between the apple devices. It is possible to share content from iPhone, iPad, or Mac ro large screen gadgets such as TV.

Mirror iPhone to Mac/AppleTV/Airplay 2 Compatible TV

  1. Connect the sharing and receiver devices on the same Wi-Fi.
  2. Make sure AirPlay supports your devices.
  3. Scrolling down your iPhone screen, you can see an icon that looks like a rectangle. In some cases, it may also be shown in the right corner of the screen too.

  4. how to turn off airplay

  5. If the rectangular icon is not shown, go to “AirPlay & Bluetooth Devices” and find it there.
  6. Select the device to which you want to connect and enter the code that will be shown on the screen.

Mirror Mac to AppleTV/Airplay 2 Compatible TV

With the use of AirPlay, it is also possible to share the Mac Screen with an Apple TV. This can be done in simple steps:

  1. Connect your Mac and Apple TV to the same network.
  2. In the control center of your Mac, find the Screen mirroring icon and click on it. After it shows the options, choose an Apple TV.

  3. mirror mac to tv

  4. Accept the Mirroring invitation by typing in the Code shown on the screen.
  5. During the use of AirPlay Mirroring, the small status icon that is located in the menu bar turns blue.

3. Bonus: AirDroid Cast Web - Mirroring Anytime &Anywhere

AirDroid Cast Web makes the casting experience much easier. It gives the possibility to share your screen to any device including phones, computers, tablets, and smart TV. This tool makes it possible to do the screen mirroring via the web browser.

This application does not require download or installation in the receiver device. Additionally, there is no need for cable or network password sharing. In order to establish the connection between devices, you will have to only go to webcast.airdroid.com. After you get in, the QR code and cast numbered code will appear which you will have to scan or type in your device. That is all, the content will be ready to show on the browser.

4. Airplay vs Miracast vs AirDroid Cast

  • With the use of AirPlay, you can stream videos, music, images, and media only from and to apple devices. Therefore, this particular tool is only designed for iOS gadgets.
  • Miracast allows sharing multimedia in high resolution wirelessly. The connection gets established with the devices that support Wi-Fi. However, The Miracast tool is not supported by Apple, iOS X, or iOS.
  • The most universal way of screen sharing is the use of AirDroid Cast. AirDroid Cast works on any device and can be connected in many different ways such as USB, WLAN, and AirPlay. The tools also offer two-way audio and remote control.

  • 5. Miracast Enabled Devices

    The majority of modern devices are supporting the Miracast. This mainly includes Windows and Android Devices. Microsoft has Miracast on the devices that come with Windows 8.1/10 and newer versions. The majority of Androids, with the version of 4.2 and above have also a built-in Micacast tool. Miracast-enabled devices are not OS X and iOS. Therefore, instead of standard Miracast, they come with their own screening tool which is known as AirPlay.

    6. Bottom Line

    Now you already know how to share the iPhone screen with larger devices. Even though the Miracast is not supported by iOS devices, There are several different ways to share your mobile phone or other smaller size gadget screen with larger displays. We discussed three major mirroring tools, which are AirPlay, Miracast, and AirDroid Cast. If you are still not sure which method to choose, here is a little reminder:

  • AirPlay gives the possibility to share mobile phone screens from a larger distance. You can stream videos, images, music, and any other type of media.
  • Miracast offers multimedia sharing in high resolution wirelessly. For the connection, the device must be supporting Wi-Fi. Apple does not support the Miracast tool.
  • Even though the Miracast is not available for iOS devices. One of the most popular and used “iPhone Miracast” is AirDroid Cast. This particular one gives the possibility to share the screen in various different ways and make the process much easier.

  • References: https://support.microsoft.com/

    7. You May Want to Know about Miracast

    How to Use Miracast on Windows 10?
    1. Open the action center that can be found on the lower-right side of the screen.
    2. Click the “Connect” option and Select the projection of the particular PC.
    3. From the pull-down menu, select “Available Everywhere”.
    4. Decide whether you want to use the Pin for pairing or not.
    5. Click yes, when the connection request from another device appears.

    How to Use Miracast on TV?
    1. Go to your TV settings and click on “Display”.
    2. Select the Wireless display and at the top, mark “On”.
    3. This will make your TV ready for sharing and you can connect your Miracast device to it.

    Is Miracast App Free to Use?

    Yes! Miracast application is free to download and use.

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