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Bluestacks Reviews and 5 Best Its Alternative in 2023

Charudatta Updated on Aug 14, 2023 Filed to: Remote Control

With many Android emulators being introduced, being able to play Android games on PC was always going to be a matter of time.If you talk about the most reliable Android emulators, BlueStacks has gained remarkable popularity citing the features it offers to its users.

However, when you've got many options up in your sleeves, exploring multiple options makes sense, which is what happened in this case. Many people tend to ask about BlueStack alternatives, and guess what? This post comes with some of the great alternatives of BlueStacks.

Let's start it.

Full Review of Bluestack in 2023: Is It Necessary to Look for Alternatives?

Despite a lot of improvements in the latest versions of Windows 11, it is still behind the gaming experience provided on Android and iOS. And people who love to play games on Windows and Mac look for a solution that gives a competitive experience on their devices.
It’s where the Android Emulator comes in, and Bluestacks is the most popular one in use.

Bluestacks emulator is as simple as running an EXE file on your device and running the program. You can play games and use messengers and other Android apps with Bluestacks conveniently. The lightweight application does not threaten your system’s speed or security.

bluestacks for windows 10 1111 1

Supported OS

Bluestacks emulator is available for both Windows and Mac users. You can download and run it on the latest versions of Windows and Mac.

Bluestack Requirements

The minimum requirements to run Bluestacks on your device are as follows:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or above
  • Intel or AMD Processor
  • At least 2GB RAM on your Pc
  • Free Disk Space of at least 5GB
  • Up-to-date graphic s drivers
  • Administrator permissions on the PC

Legality and Security

Apparently, Bluestacks is neither illegal software nor a threat to your device’s security. Bluestacks is a 100% legitimate source to download and use Android apps on your computers or laptops running on Windows or Mac systems.
When the question arises:

Is Bluestacks safe? The answer is that it is neither Malware nor does it threaten your Google account. Therefore, don’t get worried if your malware software like Avast or McAfee shows it as a threat because it is a false positive alarm.


When we say gaming emulator, Bluestacks is the name that tops the list. It says a lot about the performance of the software for running Android apps and games. It is lightweight software that has a faster setup time and doesn’t take much of your RAM storage. According to estimates, Bluestacks is 50% faster than its alternatives and takes 50% less space on your RAM to run the applications.

You enjoy a seamless and lag-free gaming experience with the latest version of Bluestacks on your Windows or Mac PC. However, in concrete conclusion, the exact performance will vary depending on the hardware you own. But, the gamers will be happy with the performance in general.


Bluestack Pros and Cons


  • A great emulator for a decent gaming experience on Windows or Mac
  • Very easy to download and run; as simple as running an EXE file
  • It gives a good performance with reasonable speed and space optimization
  • Customized keymapping allows you to use your keyboard keys at your convenience
  • The freemium model is for everyone


  • Lags and performance hiccups are there
  • Not available for Linux users; you will need Bluestacks Linux alternative
  • Not a full Android interface as there is less control over home screen apps
  • You must pay $2 per month to upgrade and avoid random app installations

Editor’s Suggestion

Several users complain about the laggy performance and hiccups when using the Android emulator. So, here is what you should do to improve the performance and speed:

Turn on/Enable the virtualization option on your PC or laptop to improve the performance and speed of the Bluestacks. Or you need to find other alternatives. –Reviewed by Hendrik, Netherlands

Features Comparisons Between Bluestack And Its Alternatives




Additional Features

Supported OS

Ease of Use


Best gaming emulator

Freemium, Or $2 per month

Eco-Mode for optimized performance

Win 10/11 and Mac

Easiest to run and use


Complete Android experience


Screen recording and screenshot

Win & Mac

Yes, easy to use


Integration with Eclipse and Android Studio

Free or yearly package at $13

Widgets and sensors for a better experience on the large screen

Win & Mac & Linux

Yes, easy to use and a fast startup


Play, record, and share gameplay


Keyboard mapping

Win & Mac

High minimum requirements make it less convenient for all devices

Game Loop

Developed by Tencent for its own games like PUBG, AutoChess, Call of Duty Mobile


Best for all mobile games

Wind 7/8/10 & Mac


MEmu Play

Smart controls and macro keymapping


Screen recording, GPS Simulation, etc

Windows XP/7/8/8.10/11

No, it has sophisticated controls and UI that can be trickier to use

AirDroid Personal

Control your Android or iOS from Web, Win, or Mac


A complete device management software

Win, Mac, Web

Very easy to install and use

5 Best BlueStack Alternative Software

1. Nox player

If you're looking for a BlueStacks alternative, the Nox player won't be a bad option. Its brilliant Android emulator makes downloading and playing Android games on your PC and Mac simple. Since NoxPlayer is lightweight, it doesn't affect the functioning of your PC.



  • Screen recording and screenshots
  • Different shortcut keys
  • Multiple search tools


  • High RAM usage
  • Lagging and slowing
  • It doesn't support Apple Pay and Google Pay

Availability: Windows and Mac

Price: Free

2. Genymotion

Genymotion, a strong contender to be a BlueStacks alternative, is an Android emulator designed to help developers check Android applications on Windows PC and Mac.

However, suppose you want to run Android apps on Genymotion. In that case, you'll need to maintain a strong internet connection; otherwise, you won't be able to play Android games on a PC efficiently.

genymotion11 1


  • Integrated with Eclipse and Android Studio
  • Supports Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • Faster than Android device


  • The premium package is expensive.
  • Requires a fast-running internet connection

Availability: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Pricing: Free, paid yearly package starts at $13

3. KoPlayer

If you're impressed by the best BlueStacks settings for performance and are looking for BlueStacks alternatives to find the same facilities, KoPlayer can be a befitting idea.

It is a reliable Android emulator for PC and Mac that stimulates playing fascinating Android games on the big screen. Apart from playing games, KoPlayer also allows you to explore other Android features.

word image 71650 1


  • Allows you to control your games through a mouse and keyboard
  • Easy to use
  • Explore other Android features
  • Rapid access to volume control


  • Lagging issues
  • Needs a healthy internet connection
  • Heavy load emulator

Availability: Mac and Windows

Pricing: Free

4. Game Loop

Do you want to play Android games on a PC?

If you're searching BlueStacks alternative only to play games on PC, not playing anything else, you can consider opting for Game Loop.

It is a smooth Android emulator that makes installing and playing interesting Android games easy.

Many PUBG lovers have loved the idea of playing games on this emulator and have suggested that people try it.



  • Allows you to play fascinating games
  • Simple interface
  • Lightweight Android emulator
  • Free to use
  • Offers prolific Android features


  • It doesn't support anything other than gaming
  • Lagging issues

Availability: Windows

Pricing: Free

5. MEmu Play

Another BlueStacks alternative that can leave you surprised is MEmu Play. It has several brilliant features that stimulate playing high-profile Android games on PC. One of the fascinating things about this tool is that it supports both AMD CPUs and Intel.

Moreover, you can also run multiple instances simultaneously on this remarkable Android emulator.

2 memu play


  • Supports multiple apps and Android versions simultaneously
  • Works smoothly
  • Easy to use
  • Play any Android game


  • It doesn't support low memory or old computers
  • Takes a lot of memory on your PC.

Availability: Windows

Price: Free

Best Alternative Way to Remote Control Your Android

Wondering about the best BlueStacks alternative? The emergence of AirDroid Personal hasn't only forced the file sharing tools to take a back step, but it also poses a threat to Android emulators, used to play Android games on PC, to a great extent. Opting for an Android emulator like BlueStacks, you'll only play Android games on your PC.

Surprisingly, AirDroid Personal empowers you to play Android games and control your Android through a PC. It means you don't need an emulator to play Android games on a PC, as AirDroid Personal can handle this process. AirDroid Personal offers mind-blowing services for free, with a free trial version that does your job effortlessly.

Unlike BlueStacks, you don't need too much to play Android games, as all you need to do is install the AirDroid Personal on PC and mobile devices, and that's all you need to do.


1. Remote Control

The best thing that happened to AirDroid Personal is that you can take control of your mobile sitting far from your device with the help of a PC. This way, you can control your mobile from a PC with ease.

2. File Transfer

AirDroid Personal being a fabulous file-sharing tool stimulates transferring files across several devices. It means you can share files from iPhone to Android and vice versa. Moreover, you can easily share files from PC to mobile devices or mobile devices to PC.

3. Screen Mirroring

Now, you can watch fantastic movies on your PC as AirDroid Personal allows you to easily mirror your mobile device to your PC. After mirroring your device, you can watch anything on the big screen.

4. Sync Notifications and SMS

Another thing that makes AirDroid Personal the better BlueStacks alternative is that you can manage your mobile notifications on your PC. You can also read text messages and then reply to those messages without any issues.

5. Handle phone calls

Being able to handle calls from a PC when you're far from your mobile device for various reasons is a moment to sit back and praise the credibility of AirDroid Personal. It allows you to receive or make phone calls with minimal effort.

How to Play Android apps on a PC without an Android emulator through AirDroid Personal?

Step 1: Install AirDroid Personal and AirDroid Personal Desktop Client on your mobile and computer, respectively. Next, sign in with both devices using the same AirDroid account.


Step 2: After launching the AirDroid Personal, you'll need to follow the on-screen instructions to grant the AirDroid Personal permission to control your device.

airdroid desktop open permission airdroid

Step 3: On your PC, tap on Telescope and then select the Android device you'd want to control.

After selecting the device, tap on the ''Remote Control'' icon.

airdroid desktop remote control

Step 4: Now, you'll be able to see the Android screen on your PC, and you can download any app after visiting the Playstore.

airdroid desktop remote control android from pc

Key Points to Evaluate When Selecting Bluestack Alternatives

When you decide to go for a Bluestacks alternative for Mac or Windows, there is a criterion or critical point you need to evaluate and choose the right solution. The main factors to consider when selecting any Android emulator are as follows:

User Interface

The user interface of any application program greatly impacts its overall experience. Therefore, when you switch from Bluestacks, make sure you go for a user interface that doesn’t come in the way of your Android device experience.

Value For Money

The price of any application is another key point when comparing two or more solutions. Bluestacks is free to use. So, you should make sure that if you choose a pricier option over Bluestacks, it should deliver value in the form of no ads, additional features, or whatsoever,


Bluestacks is a popular choice for gamers; similarly, each market emulator serves its specific usability. Therefore, you should ensure that when choosing an alternative to Bluestacks, it should also be best for the gaming experience and running Android games.


Beware of malware or programs that compromise your device’s security, online accounts, and sensitive information.

Low RAM usage

As Bluestacks is faster and lighter, the good alternative of Bluestacks should also be the one that uses low RAM and offers better speed.

Final Words

Finding the BlueStacks alternative isn't a hectic task, but getting reliable BlueStack alternatives would always be too much to ask for. Thus, we were keen to reveal mind-blowing BlueStacks alternative tools to help you play Android games on your PC.

Surprisingly, there is a tool in the shape of AirDroid Personal that allows you to play Android games on a PC without any emulator and empowers you to control your mobile device from a PC. It is the most recommended tool, and you must consider it when looking for a BlueStacks alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BlueStacks safe?
Although BlueStacks can create a massive load for your RAM, there is nothing to worry about your computer's safety when using BlueStacks. It doesn't pose any threat to your computer and information
Is BlueStacks free to use?
You can use BlueStacks for free, but if you intend to install particular apps on your computer, you'll need to make in-app purchases to get your job done.
Can I Play Android games on a computer without BlueStacks?
BlueStacks is a great Android platform emulator that stimulates playing multiple Android games on PC. But, you've got a massive BlueStacks alternative in the shape of AirDroid Personal that enables you to play any game on PC. Using AirDroid Personal, you can control your mobile device through a PC.
How to set up a controller for BlueStacks?

Using a controller with BlueStacks is pretty easy as you'll only need to connect the controller to the PC through Bluetooth or a USB cable. Next, you'll need to enable '' Native Gamepad Support."

After visiting the BlueStacks settings and enabling Gamepad detection, you'll be able to use the controller when playing games.

What is the best BlueStacks alternative?

You can assess the features of all the BlueStack alternatives we've revealed in this post but using AirDroid Personal is the best way to go.

Apart from helping you play Android games, it also enables you to manage your mobile phone operations on a PC.

What Bluestacks should I download?
The debate of what Bluestacks to download is always on. In the question of Bluestacks 5, 10, or 4, you can choose either depending on your use case. If you like to download and play Android games, Bluestacks 5 is the best one. However, if you like to play Android games using Hybrid Cloud technology, Bluestacks 10 will offer a better experience.
Will Bluestacks harm my PC?
No, Bluestacks will not harm your PC or any other online account. It is a legitimate software you can run on your PC for playing games or using Android apps.
What is the alternative to Bluestacks for low-end PC?
If your PC is not swift to run Bluestacks due to low-end features, you can go for Airdroid as an alternative to Bluestacks. AirDroid Personal’s remote control feature doesn’t require you to download any emulator to run apps or games.
Is NOX better than Bluestacks?
In the debate of Bluestacks Vs Nox, it is hard to say which one is better. In aspects like performance capabilities and power to run games, Bluestacks is an unarguable winner. However, when you want a fuller Android experience, NoxPlayer is a better option.
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