Is your organization facing these challenges with files?

  • 01.Keeping files updated

    You have hundreds of devices and people working in different places and on the go. You need to ensure that everyone gets the most updated files.

  • 02.Inefficient file management

    You need an efficient way to regularly organize files and documents on remote devices before security and storage issues start to affect device health.

  • 03.Unsecure transfer

    As you go mobile, your company is sharing more important documents, and you're worried about compromising confidential information.

All-in-One File Management Solution for Greater Productivity


Your managers can send sensitive files to employees with advanced encryption. All data being transferred is safely protected against unauthorised access outside the company.


Sending files to hundreds of devices can be a headache. Use bulk file transfer and bulk file delete to save time from repetitive work.


You can organize your files on your devices, with handy features like copy & paste, creating & editing folders, or even installing APK files.


By putting devices in different groups based on your business needs, you can easily find a specific group of devices to send files to.

Key Features

  • Remote File Management

    Drag and drop files and documents between desktops and your Android devices.

  • Bulk Tasks

    With bulk file transfer, you can send or delete files and documents on multiple devices to save time.

  • Secure Connection and Data Encryption

    Remote connection and data transfer are secured with advanced encryption to give you peace-of-mind.

  • All-in-one File Management

    Remotely manage and organize files using one easy interface, including installing APK files, renaming, moving or deleting documents.

File Transfer for different industries and needs

With dynamic file management features, you'll be able to transfer files on remote devices flexibly and efficiently.

  • Advertising & Retail

    Businesses can use file transfer to upload the latest or remove outdated files on unattended Android devices. It's important to always have the right content for the right audience.

  • Telecommunications

    Secure your data privacy and communication channels for customers and business partners. You can manage files and monitor transfer status from one desktop client with ease.

  • Education

    Create a safe and dynamic learning environment for students through managing files on distributed tablets. Teachers can update study materials based on different classes or subjects. Make the switch to remote learning as seamlessly as possible.

Secure and simplify file transfer with AirDroid Business